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Writing task 1 Table with sample answer

IELTS Writing task 1 Table with sample answer


You should spend about 20 minutes on this task

The table below gives information about rail transport in four countries in 2007.

Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make

comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words



Follow plan below


 Write introduction

* Rephrase the introduction given above already. (paragraph one)

Group information

* Write about America which is  (second paragraph)

– having least rail users 0.3

–  travel lesser   80

– but carry the most Cargo.

* Write about Japan compare figures with America in the same paragraph (second paragraph continued)

– better in rail using and kilometers

–  bit below than America in cargo

* Write about UK and Italy (third paragraph)

– similarities between UK and Italy

–  have almost same figure in all.

Write short summary

– USA use least transport

– USA transport most cargo


Sample Answer :

The table shows details for four countries concerning the percentage of the population who use the railways, how many kilometers each person travels on average, and the number of tons of cargo the railways carry.

What is surprising is that very few Americans use rail – less than half of one percent – and they do not travel far(just 80 kilometers). However, the USA carries by far the most cargo, nearly 3 thousand billions tons. This contrasts greatly with Japan, where 27% of the population use rail, and they each travel further (1,980 kilometers) than any of the other countries. On the other hand, less than 25 billion tons of freight is carried.

The two countries which are most similar are the UK and Italy. Both have between 5 and 6 % of people who use trains, they travel between 770 and 780 kilometers and the amount of freight is approximately the same (22.2 and 21.9 billion tons respectively).

In general it can be seen that while citizens of the USA use rail transport the least, they transport they transport the most amount of cargo by rail.


 Try it now …….

One Response so far.

  1. Sara Umer says:

    The chart gives comparison of four different countries about the railway transport such as total number of people that use railway, passenger km/of population and cargo carried in rail, following from the year 2007.

    It has seen the number of people that use rail as means of their transport is much lower i.e. 0.3 similarly passenger km/head of population is also the least among rest of the countries, that is 80 km, whereas in USA number of cargo carried is higher that is 2,820 billion of tons, as compared to UK, Japan and Italy.

    One similarity been observed between UK and Italy. Result numbers are almost same of these two countries. There is only 0.4 difference of the number of people that use rail, difference of 10 for passenger km/head of population and similarly 0.3 for cargo carried result.

    In conclusion we can say Japan has the highest number of people that use rail and passenger km/ head of population. Whereas USA has the lowest.

    Sara Umer
    North Nazimabad
    Karachi, Pakistan

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