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Writing essay general topics

Writing essay general topics


essaytopicsIELTS candidates look for topics that come in recent exam. What they do is sometimes follow currentĀ  events so that they can help them, but it is wrong approach. IELTS essay questions are already made by examiner a way back like months or a year. Essay topics are basically based on general like crime, animal, technology, education, culture, environment, society, media or health.

So what you need to do is find essays related to them from internet or Cambridge books and find their samples answers. Once you find samples, learn vocabulary from them. What you can do is pick up good words and categorize them to aboveĀ  general topics. Apart from this, you can make points for each essay and them practice writing them.

To be more effective in these topics , search each essay with key words in google and find most effective essay grammar, vocabulary, task response and coherence/cohesion wise. But keep in mind to use your own thoughts and ideas. As you can give your ideas best order than anybody else. This practice may seem difficult but not impossible.


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