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Work on your mistakes

Work on your mistakes


ieltes mistakesIdentifying areas where you lack is great way to bring improvement in reading module. What generally candidates in Karachi do when we give them reading test for practice or mock test, they just try their best to complete all questions. It is ok to do so in mock test to check what level you have but not when you practice. Practice means to improve areas you are weak in. So when you finish any passage or complete reading test, go back to reading passage and find out why you make certain mistake. What you should do in fact is solve it again so it can help you in real exam as you may get such questions there.

I have worked on it with many student s and it certainly improved their reading skills. They got improvement up to 2 band which isn’t bad to be honest like goin from 6 band score to 8 band score. It is a massive change. So start practicing now and bring this change.

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