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why students are unable to pass ielts exam?

why students are unable to pass IELTS exam?


ielts fail studentsI find many students who want to pass IELTS exam with required bandscore but unfortunately they¬† can’t. There are few reasons behind it.

One of the reason is they don’t attempt naturally. In IELTS exam your real interaction is needed to attempt well. In writing, for example, if you are not addressing the question but focusing on word choice or grammatical range , this gives you very low bandscore. Because you neither perform well in structural and lexical resource side nor get 100 marks for other 50 percent criteria.

Apart from not being natural , there is one more trend in which students copy ideas and place them inappropriately in their essays. This exam is theoretical and so they focus more on quality ideas but don’t bother to explain in their on way, which they can’t organize well. But when they produce ideas according to their experiences , they tend to organize them well with out efforts as they are sure about ideas. It is integral part of discussion to maintain flow in ideas, no matter how lengthy your discussion is or contains high level word choice but if it lacks flow which distracts reader and he can’t get what you are trying to explain , examiner terms it as clarity is missing.


Same concept applies in other modules to show interaction in them. For listening module follow all the details in recording by focusing them and in reading , read and follow so you pick details and becomes easy to answer questions.


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