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Why is IELTS reading module difficult to solve?

              Why is IELTS reading difficult for weak students?

why is ielts reading difficultThere are many candidates who do not show their skills and wait for the teacher to find answers which result in poor band score in actual exam.

Let me share my experience of students how do not get good IELTS band score that they require for future planning, like, for studies, immigration purposes or etc.

Being IELTS instructor,  the observations that i have about majority of students with weak English is that they depend on the teachers to guide them all they way till the exam. They would not read passages given to them by teachers in detail, instead they expect teachers to give them answers and think that same passage or similar pattern would come in exam. They even try to memorize lots of words from the passages and think they they would come in exam which is wrong. in IELTS exam, there is no repetition of any passages.

My recent students who thought that after finishing their classes , they would get 7  Band which they require for their future plans, which i think is wrong. I gave them some tips for reading which could help them locate exact paragraph where answer lie and then through keywords they could even identify exact sentence where they could find answers and match with the questions. I mean it was sort of concept which was not clear to them before but i thought them. Despite taking so many tips , they commented  “it too much time taking.”  I told them that answers would not come out on front which they could take and place them in answer sheets.

What these students should do, is get hints from the teacher just to start off, like what to passages look like , whether similar pattern passages com in real exam or how many words and questions do all passages have ? where to find answers in the passages?  What strategies they should follow all 8 types of questions for passages? How long to spend and how to manage time and possible suggestions that they want teachers to give them? such questions make sense and as a result they can bring improvement.

There could be further instructions from teachers but that does not mean students do not work hard themselves. They should come with their natural talent and efforts to do the best and should identify their problems and improve them.

By Mohammad Alam






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  1. Saira says:

    Plz advise tips for reading

  2. Naila says:

    Any tips for Reading ????

  3. Asma says:

    Nice tips ……

  4. Ibrahim Khan says:

    Thank you very much Sir, really helpful reading tips.

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