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why ielts result delayed?

why are IELTS result delayed?


The question “Why are IELTS results delayed or held ?” is common among many candidates when their IELTS results are not announced in 13 calendar days. There are two main reasons for it.



One of the the reason is normal quality control procedures which are done by Cambridge examination to make sure that exam level is as per their expectations.

Second reason is when paper is out before examination or when wrong practice is done. Like candidates are helped to pass their exams.

I have uploaded image of 8 October exam which is a letter received by my student. Luckily she got result today so it means her result delayed only for a week.

But same time, British Council hasn’t announced its result for 8 October. I hope it comes in a day or two. As it can help many candidates. Specially those who have limited time to submit their applications for student visas, immigration or urgent purposes.

Recently, one of my student who appeared 2 times already. This time he appeared on 8 October exam which is held , the examination center is British Council Karachi. He has to submit the result very soon but he doesn’t have result with him. He doesn’t know what to do either attempt the 7 November or wait for this one. If he waits and meanwhile his result comes , that money will be wasted. I understand if he doesn’t mind paying for exam then it is ok , but if it is troublesome for him to arrange such amount and spare time for practice , it should be challenging for him.

Now the question how long it takes for the result to come? It may be a week , ten days or 3 months depending on situation. But normally it takes about 3 weeks.

Another questions i have is from one candidate that if the result is shown on website but he doesn’t have printed copy of it, will his result be same?  It depends , if Cambridge examination find your test normal , there won’t be any changes.


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  1. Muhammad Naeem says:

    I appeared in IELTS general training exam on 08th OCT’15 and still waiting
    for some quality analysis by Cambridge. My all docs are ready for applying
    immigration and only waiting for result. If I reappeared and results of previous
    exam will declared than whole practice will aimless.
    My id is BA9958042 and candidate number is 7086.
    I emailed lot of time to British Council but only apologies message received.

  2. S M Zohair Abbas says:

    conditate no #00266
    I have taken my ielts examinatin on 08/10/2015, since than i knocked on different door but I didn’t get any proper response. Can some one tell me, how long it gonna be more to get my result ?
    Normaly, it’s take about two weeks. Why it took too long this time ?
    Can some one help me,to get my result soon , please ?
    zohair Abbas

  3. nayab says:

    ielts rezult of 5march 2016 is held………..i have been waiting for my rezult. anyonne know about when the rezult will b given?

  4. Purvi Patel says:

    IELTS exam delayed for me too. I have given exam on 5th of March and from 18th of March getting messages from bc that due to security reasons my result is on hold. Don’t know why my result is kept on hold. For how long it will be withheld?

    Can anyone help?

  5. krishna says:

    i have written exam on 20th feb,still didnt get result

  6. EA says:

    Is there any chance to get permanent withheld IELTS Score with out any reason????????

  7. Lavanya Ravula says:

    Hello sir/madam, I wrote my ielts exam on 16th April,2016 , my result was withheld and I got a message from British council stating that I would receive my result via sms on May 12th,2016. My question is as they have mentioned the date ..will I get my result on the mentioned date itself or will it be delayed more ???? Someone pls reply to me….

  8. N says:

    Me too! Still didnt recieve my result and they didnt tell me when i’m getting it, did you get it

  9. Adriana says:

    Hello everyone. I also experienced result delay. So took ielts exam on june 25th in london, which was really hard. After the exam i felt really diffident and anxious, because i haven’t thought that exam could be that hard. So the only option for me was waiting for results. I had to get an answer on july 8th at 10 am. At the same time that day, they sent me a letter that my results were delayed. I was shocked and freaked out. So i just remained waiting and waiting. After 2 weeks i had hope for at least 6.0 points, but today – 1 month after holding my exam i’ve got my results. So overall what i’ve got is 7.5. I’m so so happy about that and i wasn’t expecting results to be like that at all. I assume that the main reason why they delayed my results was that there was 2 point difference between listening and writing parts. I’ve got 8.5 in listening and 6.5 in writing. So don’t worry guys i wish you all good luck and good results!!!

  10. Mohsin says:

    My 5 march ielts
    result still withheld.. can i give exam again..????

  11. furqan says:

    i have appeared ielts test which was held on 16th july2016.but after 13 days when result was announced british council withheld my reult.my queston is that now this situation when my result was announced?i am much worried about this.

  12. Nayyab says:

    I appeared for IELTS test on 16 July 2016 and today is 16 august , its been more than 15 days that I am waiting for my result. Whereas they always reply with holding result due to quality procedure control mail.
    How long it can take more ?
    Is it possible that they just don’t announce result at all.

  13. Kashif says:

    I have appeared IELTS exam on 30th July from Lahore centre AEO, result expected to announced on 12th August but there are 125 candidates along with me are still waiting for their result. Can anybody explain me the reason and expected date of response.

  14. aima says:

    Hey sir,
    If they witheld our results do they that we might have cheated? On what grounds do they think so? On what basis actually?

  15. Taha ali says:

    I gave IELTS on 30 July 2016. I think i did pretty good . Listening was bad but writing and reading was easy and i did pretty well. If some one cheated than why should i suffer . This is so unfair as it costs 25 K for the exam and its not cheap at all. We should not be punished for what others do.

  16. REEMA says:

    My IELTS result has been withheld as well. I read in different websites that if there is more than 2 bands in any 2 components they will withhold the result , but I still don’t know if that because they want to recheck the result by giving it to more than one examiner or they doubt that a candidate cheated??????. It is really fact that there are lots of candidates all around the world sometimes get big difference in 2 components of the test.

    can you explain that for me please??

    • Alam Alam says:

      One possibility is cheating and other is they have doubt or following standard procedures…

      What you said, to some extend i agree because. How come such improve come in 2 modules which is natural process of sometime.

  17. sukhpinder says:

    Hello sir,
    I have given the exam with idp in dubai uae and had got the result but after 1 day i got an email stating that post released result is getting checked again . I don’t know what does that mean. I want apply for a uni but i have this doubt whether the result is valid to submit. Sir please reply as this may clear my doubts.

  18. Faheem sadiq says:

    Dear sir,
    I have appeared in IELTS test (general) conducted on 19th November 2016.
    I was expecting my result as per routine. I also managed to see my result couple of times on IELTS web .
    It is L=7, W=7, S=7, R=6
    I was very happy over the result .
    Later as I tried to access the web, I got the message of result not found and a mail subsequently from IELTS test centre that result is withheld.

    I am extremely surprised over this.
    Why is my result with held and what should I .

    It is really strange and seems in- sane on part of IELTS management.
    If a person secures reasonable marks , it seems that they try to create hindrance.

    I think that they should abolish their testing systems if they are not sure and confident about them.More over it seems extremely Un-ethical

    A really strange and pathetic situation I have come across .

    For what they charge a huge amount if they are not capable enough to manage.

    Please suggest what should I do.

    If I appear for 2nd time and in the same manner the results are with held , what May be the solution because these organizations seem to be Racist and Monopolized by indecent managements.

    Kindly advise


    • Alam Alam says:

      it is frequent practice carried these days from IDP, British council…… simply do not give up ..work on weak areas and keep appearing until you get your required score…

    • Hassan says:

      Same here. Same date, same case got 7 bands but later the result was gone with the wind.

  19. Hassan Tariq Sabeeh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have appeared in IELTS test (general) conducted on 19th November 2016.
    Early morning on that day when i logged in my result was visible on the British Council website. But i received an email around 3.45pm stating that my result had been with held.
    I have called the British Council and they have told me about 90% of candidates are facing the same problem which I am.
    My scores were:
    L=7, W=6.5, S=8, R=7.
    Sir please guide me what should i do because i have to submit my documents with in this week as I have applied aboard.
    Looking forward for a positive response.
    Thank you

  20. Adnan anjum says:

    Hello sir i appear on 26 nov ielts , but my result os withheld i dont kniw why , i have not given any negative feedback in test i m really worried , how long they took time to resolved my result plz tell me sir

  21. Anjum Pervaiz says:

    These are very bad practices to withheld the results. My result also has been withheld. I have given it on 19th of November 2016. Candidates are affecting very badly and loosing points, who is responsible for all these?
    I have lost 5 points for the immigration just due to their miss management and delayed result.
    Is there any way to complaint against these organizations?

  22. Ahmad says:

    please advise me what should I do since I have received a permanent withhold. Can I appear again for the test or they will withhold it again?

  23. Mustafa says:


    My past result was 6.0 Overall but 5.5 in Listening.I re-appeared in IELTS @ Karachi Center on April 08,17. My results has been withheld by British Council (BC). What should I do? BC is only giving me hope. The TWO unusual things that happened to me during the test were:
    1:SPEAKING TEST:My Cue Card was on WILD ANIMAL.I spoke on Rat as a wild animal. Is BC is evaluating that can a Rat be a WILD ANIMAL???
    2: During my LISTENING TEST, I had to write the word museum, but unfortunately I forgot how to spell it.Eventually, I left the blank as it is and move to READING TEST. After half an hour, I came across the word museum in my READING TEST.I just turned the answer sheet and wrote the correct spelling of this word. Will BC consider this as cheating or what??

    Please do reply me.


  24. palvi says:

    I had given the ielts test on 8july 2017 but my result is on withheld till now nd today is 21 august but can i do ..how much i have need to wait morw

  25. palvi says:

    Pls reply me how much time i have need to wait i gave the test on 8 july

  26. Harsha says:

    Instead of giving a re-sit for the IELTS exam i would suggest that people could wait a little longer to get the results. And if it is urgent for you to get the results, enquire about it with the people in the BRITISH COUNCIL OFFICE, whose phone number you would have got at the time of registration in the mail.

    but let em warn you people may pick up the phone only after a few minutes, so just don’t hang your phone up.

  27. SYED SAMI says:

    Sir I took my exam on 14 of october 2017 and I did not get my result yet. I called BC I was told that in my center I am the only who result is held what will be the reason according to you.
    Last time I got over all 6 band due to some tension but this time I was expecting more as I did good in exam.

    • Alam Alam says:


      your result withhed because there is a change in your band most likely. anyways explain them that last time you were not well so didn’t do well. this way they would not doubt and release your result

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