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which book is best for ielts preparation?

Which book is best for IELTS preparation ?

best ielts bookFirs step before after IELTS candidates decide to prepare for IETLS is choosing the best book. They search in Google, ask friends or teacher and choose the one which is most recommended. If you ask me it really depends where your weak areas. If these are in writing module , you need to go for good writing book. If they are in reading, you need to improve comprehension, skimming and scanning. other areas like speaking and listening , you need environment or listen to English radio, dramas or mature conversations.

To improve writing skills, there are many writing books which can guide you in producing error free sentence, develop effective paragraph. You can simply Google how to develop paragraph in an essay. There would be plenty resources and you can browse them and get a good idea from them. Similarly , some candidates have problems with introduction, do not know how to introduce essay and build theses statement or they later on do not elaborate in body paragraph. Sometimes they discuss topic in different directions which is sometimes completely not related to the the thesis statement in the introduction. Writing good conclusion is also effective for healthy IELTS band score in writing. It should be linked to the body by  concluding the points discussed there. Any of these problems you have simply put keywords in any search engine , there would be many explanations with examples.

Cambridge IELTS books are more similar to exam pattern so would recommend them for practice. Simply go trough each passage in every test at a time and improve searching (skimming and scanning) skills. To know what is going on in each paragraph , you should read it with intention to get central idea. This process is called skimming.  There is normally one or two sentences in each paragraph containing it , we term them as topic sentences. For example , if you read a paragraph and get a central , it will be easy for you to follow details. On other hand, if you just read and read not logically, you can not answer any questions. This is because you can not follow details so focus details to get general idea of a paragraph than just going through words.

Get used to questions patterns which sometimes you have not come across in your academic or work place trainings. They are about 9 types of questions which requires focus for every question. Questions like matching paragraphs with headings require your skills to get central idea of a paragraph. Apart from this , others assess scanning skills like going for details. So in turn by turn look at the question , memorize question or keywords go to the passage look for similar information, once you find it read again and match it 100 percent if it does , fit the answer in it. Keep doing it with all questions.

I do not find other better as books as Cambridge for IELTS listening. Because they have accurate time which is given to look at the questions or time given to check your answers. Further , patterns are almost similar to exams. If you practice other books  they are quite different from exams. When my students practice others and go to exam , they don’t find similar pattern. So always go for Cambridge , they are more reliable and authentic.

For speaking there aren’t any targeted books to pick and solve your problems. But i would give you one suggestion , as you do listening , reading and writing practice from Cambridge, do speaking practice as well. You can do it with any friend, family member or if you don’t find anybody to practice with simply look at the questions, read them and answer . Make sure to record the whole interview. Once you record it listen it and check if you are not hesitating or if are taking breaks avoid them. Just be natural in speaking to get highest band.

So finally go for the Cambridge books 5 to book 9 for complete preparation. But if your English is not average or you require higher band which is above 6+ , it is better to hire a tutor to look into your weak areas. Because appearing plenty times like 3-9 times, it is better to pay one test fee to the experienced tutor to work on your weak areas and boost your band.

By Mohammad Alam

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  1. Muhammad Hasib says:

    I admit it that you don’t hide information, which you have in you. 🙂 Keep it up Sir,

    Can you share me about the running class for IELTS preparation either in evening or at weekend.


    • Alam Alam says:

      HI Hasib,

      Hope you are doing well health, work and social wise.

      i have classes 15:00 to 17:00 hours and 18:00 to 20:00 hours. Apart from this weekend classes are only on Saturday 15:00 to 18:00 hours.

      For details please call.

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