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What is IELTS writing task 1?

In academic IELTS writing task one, students are required to describe pictorial information in words. You have 20 minutes to write 150 words minimum. It assess students’ ability describing graphs in detail, summarizing main features, comparing data, presenting overall trends.

Writing task one gives you pictorial information in bar graph, line graph, pie chart, table, process or a map. To describe them you need to know better wordings, recognize main features, make good introductions.


In introduction, you must only introduce what vertical and horizontal sides present and overall trends of data. For example , the bar graph represents/shows/illustrates/tells/demonstrates distribution of milk in liters in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar from 2000 to 2005. Distribution in Karachi and Lahore was at the high level while Peshawar distributed the least milk.

Bar graph and line graph

They generally come with data describing trends yearly or in periods , on horizontal sides show years and vertical sides present nos, percentages, km, tons etc. You need words like below

trends: at high level, stood at peak
verbs:  increase, go up, shoot up, jump, rise , decrease, fall, come down,
verb + adjective:  remain stable, steady, the same, fluctuate
adjectives : constant, stable, rapid, dramatic, sharp, quick, slow, gradual
Noun  : stability, fluctuation, a decrease, an increase, a fall, a rise
Adjective + Noun:  gradual decrease, sudden increase, dramatic fall

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