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Understanding IELTS writing task 1

Task one comes as a first part in writing module and i believe it should be answered firstly than task two. You have 20 minutes and should write minimum 150 words. Writing task 1 requires your ability to interpret graphs effectively, coherently and logically.

Answering three points – summarizing / Reporting / comparing
Mostly questions have three points summarizing, reporting and comparing. Summarize information select and report main features and make comparison where relevant. Make sure you do not write less than 150 words. You should have practice of writing more than 150 words.

Understanding and reporting main features in graphs – task 1
You should look for main features in graphs. Some students straight away start describing graphs from left to write or bottom to top etc without thinkingĀ  what the main data in the graph is. It is not what examiner is looking for, you are expected to present your skills by pickingĀ  main features, categorizing them with less or more important and making comparisons. You are allowed to mark or circle important trends or any data if that helps you focus more.

Comparing and contrasting – task 1
Read question and check whether you are asked to compare relevant data if so look for data which shows comparison and compare accordingly. Examiner is looking for your skills in comparison, better not to compare where not relevant. Search well what needs to be compared and see if you can compare in mature way by not repeating or comparing individual figures.

Summarize main features – task 1
Do not describe in detail if you are asked to summarize main features. Mostly they ask to summarize main data which means do not explain every part of the graph as it will take long and you will not have enough time to compare relevantly. You had better pick main features and write in short words. Normally you have 2-3 main features which require same numbers of paragraphs.

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