his post helps you improve your IELTS speaking band.  It  teaches you how to organize your information, speak much and not to repeat question.


  1. Do not repeat the question
  2. Answer all questions in an organized way
  3. Do not wait for the next question


1. Do not repeat the question

To increase your chances of higher band in speaking you should not repeat the question in your answer. Use similar words the for key words of a question.

For example:

What do you do in your free time?

I fancy reading novels.

As you see “FANCY” word has been used instead like. This will give examiner good impression

2. Answer all question in an organized way.

Whatever question examiner asks you , you should speak all sentences giving them good order.

For example examiner asks you the question below:

What do you do in your free time?

sample answer one:

Well i enjoy doing many things in my leisure time. for example swimming which is my favorite one. Secondly i love walking in the evening specially in a park which makes us fresh and i do it at weekends. In last i read novels, books or feature articles as i call this activity food for mind.

sample answer two:

In my free time i like walking. and i also like reading novels and books. i like walking too. i like these all hobbies in my free time.

As you see (sample answer one) where all sentences are in good order and logically connected as well while (sample answer two) nothing is in order or logically connected.

so follow sample answer one when examiner asks you any question.

3. Do not wait for the next question

when examiner asks you a question, do not reply it in short words or simply say “no” or “yes”. As examiner wants to check your English not information or knowledge so have good content and speak in an organized way.

You should make your answers long so examiner can check your English and don’t have to ask you too many questions.

See the example with long answer:

Question: What’s your name?

Sample Answer One: My name is Mohammad Alam

Sample Answer Two: Well, It is Mohammad Alam. People call me Alam in Pakistan while in UK they call me with first name Which is Mohammad. I don’t have a nick name so family and friends call me with last name in Pakistan.

So always stretch your answer like in sample answer two.

I hope this helps you

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