listening part is sometimes challenging for some candidates because they get confused, do not go with questions and recordings or do not show interaction. In order to get top band individual must get to know the pattern of the test by practicing at least 5 test and then adopt the following three tips.


  1. Don’t get confused
  2. Follow listening and questions
  3. Make notes of what you listen

Don’t get confused , get control and make most of the listening test.

Some candidates simply get confused for various reasons.

(1) when you miss one question and leave the rest of the questions.
(2) When you write the answer and speaker changes mind. At the end you need to write the correct answer.
(3) When the speaker uses similar words or phrases for the questions and it becomes difficult to match it with the question.
(4) when you do not look at the instructions that makes you write your answers sometimes in wrong way.
(5) when you do not use your time wisely which is given to look at the questions or check your answers.

Control your nerves and make listening interactive for you by looking at questions and guessing their answers. Also read further questions in advance as much as possible so that you read them twice to in order to get used to them , as a result, you would not miss answers and would do well.

Follow questions and listening

To be better in listening skills it is important to follow both listening and questions simultaneously.

You should read questions when you get some time to look at questions. Unless you do not know what exactly your questions are , you can not pick answers from the listening. So always try to make time useful either it is for checking answers or looking at question by looking at next set of questions. One of my student today read set of question in section three where he corrected questions which he read in detail but the questions he didn’t read carefully he put guesses and they were wrong.

It is good to make a map of what is in the listening section. in other words make a story of what you hear so you do not forget it , also it can help you predict further information. Make your listening interactive by paying more attention to it. Once you understand what main topic of the listening is and details, you can answer all question easily.

Make notes of what you listen 

Today i am going to share very important tip that i learnt from my student while observing him in his listening test today. he wasn’t answering questions and writing possible details next to question and at the end he would get possible answers. He did this with only questions which seemed difficult for him.

When you have multiple choice , classification or other type question and it becomes difficult to get the main idea of the question and at the same time find perfect answer. This time what you need to do is write main topic of the listening and write details for every question, you should continue this for all question and keep moving to other questions. Once listening finishes and you are given some time to check your answers meanwhile work out which details best answer your question.

This tip does not only help section two or three but also last section specially i would say as it becomes difficult to get answer for every question there. Anyways keep writing  possible 2-3 answers.  At the end or meanwhile work out which best suits the question.

Wish you good luck


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