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the best IELTS institute in karachi

The best IELTS institute in Karachi

the best ielts institute in karachiEvery resident in Karachi who plans to go abroad for study, immigration, business or family purposes thinks of the best IELTS institute in Karachi, which can help them provide complete IELTS preparation. Though there are many IELTS institutes but for some reasons they lack in targeting individual’s desired band but IELTSExpert gives complete solution by providing higher success rate training. We are known for the best in the market because of several reasons.


Our Instructor Sir Alam the most experienced in Karachi from UK guides candidates all the way till they get their desired band.

We do not have competitors in the market as we have proved ourselves  as the best one for providing IELTS preparation in Karachi. It is all because of our research on identifying candidates weaknesses and what new changes are coming in all modules so keeping an eye on that. Further more, Sir Alam makes his own speaking and writing test according to Cambridge pattern which are considered up to date and sometimes they come in exam. These all research based activities are not carried in other institutes.

We maintain progress report on daily basis.  All candidates test scores from reading, listening, writing and speaking are entered on daily basis. On weekly basis average is taken out, on basis of which candidates can know whether they are ready for their test of desired band or not, if not they further proceed with practice and work on weak area.

Special facility of checking essays, graphs and letters by Sir Alam really encourages candidates and they improved a lot. So if you are the one , you will surely benefit from it.

Sir Alam on regular basis publishes his own CD, Books and Notes to help students bring dramatic improvements. Those who are not Sir Alam’s students may avail them by ordering for details on 0300-9298573.

Our lab which has open listening facility gives students more confidence in listening test. Listening tests are played openly for group of students on daily basis.

Our classrooms which are well organized and equipped with necessary gadgets and standby generator and IELTS charts to help candidates learn more interactively. They  are setup to ease professional after their tiring routine at office by giving them comfortable chairs and round table which can be seen in the picture.

IELTSExpert is based in Aisha Bawany which is in top 10 monuments of Karachi, Fresh air after class or during the break gives extra edge to focus more to lectures.

We do not believe on testing centers but believe in our competent preparatory training by Sir Alam. As most of candidates prefer to go for AEO and think that they will secure better band but if they give same test in the British Council they may get poor score. Simply join IELTSExpert and clear your concepts and you may appear in any and get your desired band.

Why not visiting Sir Alam make a better choice.

For more information please cal  on 00923009298573








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