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Task 1 Table for practice

Task 1 Table for practice

task 1 table for practice

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The tables below give information about the amount of beer and fruit juice consumed per person per year in different countries.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

 Country  Amount*
 1 Ireland  155 litres
 2 Germany  119 litres
 3 Austria  106 litres
 4 Belgium  98 litres
 5 Denmark  98 litres
 6 United Kingdom  97 litres
 7 Australia  89 litres
 8 United States  85 litres
 9 Netherlands  80 litres
 10 Finland  79 litres
Fruit juice
 Country  Amount*
 1 Canada  52.6 litres
 2 United States  42.8 litres
 3 Germany  38.6 litres
 4 Austria  37.3 litres
 5 Sweden  35.5 litres
 6 Australia  34.4 litres
 7 Finland  33 litres
 8 United Kingdom  29.3 litres
 9 Netherlands  28.1 litres
 10 New Zealand  24.8 litres
*Litres per person per year

Please write your answers and paste below.

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  1. Tam says:

    There is an omission in the topic: no indication on beer or juice

  2. Uzair ahmed mahar says:

    The table chart is providing details about beer and fruit juice consumption per person yearly in different countries of the world.Overall, more and more litres of beer drunk by individuals rather than fruit juice .

    Beer in three different countries namely, Belgium, Denmark And United Kingdom are slightly same as individual there are drinking 97-98 litres per year. Between 80 to 90 litres of it is using by a single person throughout the year in Australia , United States and Netherlands.In Finland, least amount like 79 litres of beer consumed yearly per person Where in Ireland and Germany more than 100 litres of beer is consumed , nevertheless individual are buying approximately 155 litres in Irriland.

    Fruit juice consumption in Canada and United states is on top, as individual drinking 52.6 and 42.8 litres respectively. Above 33 litres of juice is been yearly consumed by individual of Germany ,Austria ,Irriland, Sweden and Australia.In New zealand,Netherlands and United kingdom 24.8,28.1 and 29.3 litres of fruit juice consumed per person per year.

  3. RABAIL says:

    The two tables describe yearly intake of different beverages by an individual of foreign countries.
    The first table illustrates beer intake in which maximum amount is consumed by Ireland and then Germany as 155 litres and 119 litres, respectively. This is then followed by Austria, where 106 litres are yearly taken by per person. In addition, Belgium, Denmark and U.K show similar rate of 98 litres consumption. Finland, in contrast, is consuming only 79 litres which is comparatively half than Ireland and other European states.
    In the other table, Canada is the highest in consumption of 52.6 litres fruit juices, yearly. USA is the second biggest user with 42.8 litres which is comparatively on 8th position in the beer consuming table. Also, Germany and Austria are good in juice as well as beer intake. Moreover, Sweden, Australia and Finland show similar amount of near 35 litres, while least amount of 24.8 litres juice consumed in Newzealand.
    Overall, Beer is highly liked by people, whereas, demand of fresh juices also increased in many countries.

  4. reeta says:

    The two tables illustrate facts about quantity of beverages like beer and fruit juices intake by individual of different countries of world.
    The greatest amount of beer consumed by people of Ireland, Germany and Austria that is 155L, 119L and 106L respectively, it seemed that individual of Belgium and Denmark consumed similar quantity of bear followed by United Kingdom with difference 1L, while there were not so much change in volume of beer drunk by person per year of Australia and USA, in addition to people of Netherlands and Finland used comparatively lowest amount of beer, perhaps it might be dislike by most of people
    On the other hand second table showed that fruit juice liked by people of Canada in largest amount that is 52.6L followed by united state 42.8L, approximately similar amount 38.6L and 37.6L yearly has taken by individual of Germany and Austria respectively, it also illustrated that people of Sweden, Australia and Finland round about consumed similar volume of fruit juice with only difference of 1 or 2L, USA individual used 29.3L followed by Netherlands 28.1L with difference of 2L consumed by people of New Zealand.

  5. rabail says:

    sir please check my work

  6. Ashwath says:

    The tables show the information of beer and fruit juice consumed in Litres per person per year in different countries, ranked in order respectively. First table shows the beer consumption, and the second depicting the fruit juice consumption. Average consumption for beer from the table is 100 per person per year, while the fruit juice stands at an average of 36 Litres per person per year.
    Interestingly, Ireland, Germany and Austria top’s the beer consumption above 100 Litres per person per year and the other countries below the average consumption. On the other hand, Canada, United States, Germany and Austria dominate in fruit juice consumption above the average of 36 Litres per person per year, and the other countries below the average consumption.
    By looking at the data from the tables, it is clearly evident that beer is the most preferred beverage in terms of consumption outclassing the fruit juices.

    Please evaluate…

  7. Brendon Mark says:

    can u please give an example of a 7.5 band essay on this topic, sir alam?

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