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Some facts about IELTS exam

Some facts about IELTS exam

some facts about IELTS exam

Today I had a short unofficial meeting with AEO officials in Karachi Pakistan, where I came to know about some facts of IELTS exam. My question to them  was whether the test level is easy in developing  countries specially  Asia like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc which was correct.  This is done so that the candidate can get some relaxation in marking scheme.

 The basic reason for this is that such countries have low English level so candidates can not cope up with difficult tests. In English speaking countries people tend to be fluent , as a result, they get 100 percent marks even. In such cases tests patterns are revised regularly to make them more difficult so that they can check individuals English proficiency at certain level.

IELTS examiners can not favour you or be against you. They are monitored through cameras and recordings. For weak students they try to encourage them so that they can come up with most of their potentials and show good skills which contribute in overall band score. Sometimes students get nervous , in such cases examiners encourage them and relax them, many other practices are followed by them to ease student to perform in the best way. But at the end it is candidates response how good or bad they deliver specially in speaking. If content is to the point and organized with good grammar and vocabulary , surely good marking will be given.

As per survey and figures, AEO has 400 percent more candidates registering for IELTS exam. In fact they are asked whether they can open further branches in other cities of Pakistan which is difficult because of some reasons. It is very difficult to get IELTS examiner in Pakistan, as most candidates applying to be IELTS examiners do not come up to the expectations of Cambridge examination. They need certain qualification with several teaching experiences from English speaking countries. Further IELTS based training and certifications are required to be IELTS examiner.Even AEO has to get examiners from Islmabad if they are short of or have too much burden. Such reasons stop AEO to open more centers in other cities of Pakistan.

I have heard today from AEO officials that British Council Quetta test center has closed for some unknown reasons. I believe that would be of similar situations that  AEO has.

There are about four zones for IELTS Cambridge examination. Surely Pakistan , Nepal , Bangladesh, Iran and some other countries come in one of their zone. So similar paper is given to all candidates of one zone at same time but of course time is different zone wise. This is all done to make examination more confidential.

I hope these facts will help you in IELTS.


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  1. sami says:

    i dont think that British council examiners are lenient.. they dont have a choice in marking the listening and reading scores coz there are fixed answers .. but they are hitlers when it comes to writing, i have taken IELTS twice from BC but cudnt go above 6.5 in writing … other modules’ scores were above 7

  2. sami says:

    i need help in writing only … 🙁

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