Sir Alam

Sir Alam


Sir Alam is the most competent IELTS instructor in Karachi with more than 13 years experience who has prepared hundreds of IELTS candidates locally in internationally getting their desired band.He has accurate idea of writing and speaking marking scheme. His specialization in reading and listening skills makes him unique which is why students recommend him for.

He has created many speaking complete exam pattern tests which have helped students achieve their targeted band score. He also has written many exam related task 2 essays which as a practice encouraged candidates be confident in going for real exams.

His teaching methods make him unique when he identifies problems and gives instant solutions to his students.

If you are looking for the best IELTS teacher in Karachi, it’s worth paying him a visit.


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500 Responses so far.

  1. Asif Ali says:

    Dear sir i love your British Accent and also like your Grammar i will come soon to you Inshaallah

  2. Akram says:

    Thank you sir i got 7 over all …will visit you soon with my results

  3. Rozina says:

    Sir Alam is bestie…. i would recommend him to all who want professional and dedicated teacher … helps you all the way

  4. Arsalan says:

    Hi Sir, I want to take admission in IELTS. kindly dvice me about fee. And i want to participate in class which is held around 9 o’clock.

  5. Muhammad says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please provide your skype id for online class.

  6. Majid says:

    Dear Sir Assalamoalaikum
    I am interested in Australian Immigration and need 8 Bands to complete my required points score. I am currently in the UK and living here since 2006. In 2005 my test score was 6.5 in Academic test. Would it be possible to get 8 score if I get my self prepared with your help and how long it might take as I only have few months probably otherwise I lose my points for age? Your expert advice and guidance shall be most appreciated. Thanks and Regards

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Majid, there is always possibility of 9 band even which requires expert guideline and practice. Please check your email.

      • Rasul says:

        Hello Sir,i want to get 7 band score in writing,can you help me ?I want to be checked my essays,can you give me your hand please ?

      • marian.GreatBritain says:

        Sir Alam,

        I will be sitting for academic module TOMORROW. i just came across on this website, literally just 5 minutes ago. I think you could help me in a span of 10 hours. please. 🙁 this is my 8th sitting, running out of finances. i need some proper guidelines in writing. though i recently got 7 which is the only thing i needed YET i got 6.5 in reading this time which really broke my heart and soul. please help me. thank you.

  7. mohammed says:

    Hello sir Alam. My name is mohammed am a sudanese doctor working in KSA. I saw your advertising in ieltsexp I really like your posts. Am I really desprit to get 8 . just wanna ask if you offer any online ielts teaching/preparing class?? If yes how much it cost?? And what is the time table available for it?? Thx in advance. ?

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  10. m akif jawed says:

    sir i want to join ur institute what is the process and where is ur institute..
    thanx sir

  11. Muhammad Shoeb says:

    Please provide me fee schedule and class timings. i am planning to take test on 8 March 2014. please guide me the best way to achieve 5.5 or 6.

    Muhammad shoeb

  12. faisal says:

    i its my aim to complete ielts please send me some details about your institute please

  13. Alam Alam says:

    Dear Rehan, you may join Sir Alam’s class on Thursday at 6:30 if you wish to. Anyways you will be contacted in next working day.

  14. Hi Sir, I want to take admission in IELTS. kindly advice me about fee..

  15. talha aziz says:

    Please provide me fee schedule and class and timings and also the location where i will come to take your classes . i am planning to take test in march

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Aziz,
      Sure, you may join classes from Monday. Fee is 10,000. Its main shahrah-e-faisal near Gora kabristan famous building AIsha Bawany Academy. Just enter in the building and ask guards to take you to reception.

  16. saima says:

    Hi Sir, I want to take admission in IELTS. kindly advice me about fee. And i want to participate in class which is held around 18:30 o’clock

    Best Regards
    saima sajid

  17. Fahed Ahmed says:

    Slam sir.
    i am in jhelum and want ielts guidence from you.
    What should i do.


  18. Raheem says:

    Does Sir Alam take IELTS classes in Clifton?

  19. Rabiga says:

    Hello Sir, could you help me please? I have IELTS on 1st march. In the British Council, I’m from the Republic of Kazakhstan, could you predict topics on writing and speaking? Thank you!

  20. khubaib khan says:

    sir i khubaib khan kindly access me my father for band 5.5

  21. khubaib khan says:

    kindy access me and my father to achieve 5.5 or 6 bands

  22. Hassan Asjad says:

    Assalam o alaikum Sir, I want to take classes for IELTS . I would like to know fee and class schedule. reply please.

  23. Iftakhar Ahmad says:

    Dear sir,
    I am too weak in English.My big problem is that, i forget spelling and i have some grammatical problem. I want to prepare IELTS but before preparing ielts, i want to improve my grammar. i want to take class long duration (6 month). Can you Guide me? What would be fee for me with special concession. I am waiting your kind reply.

    Iftakhar Ahmad

  24. Noman Ullah says:

    Hi Sir, I want to take admission in IELTS. kindly advice me about fee.

  25. Payal Patel says:

    Hello Sir, could you help me please? I have IELTS on 24 April. In the British Council, I’m from the Republic of india, could you predict topics on writing and speaking? Please help me . i want to 6 band on each module ..Thank you!

  26. BILAL AHMED AWAN says:

    hi sir my wife wants to get admission for IELETS language course is any possibility she can get
    lesson on line please guide me and send me your fee plz

  27. Hubbatul Aleem says:

    I can not attend IELTS class can you provide a tutor for home. I live in Tariq Road Karachi

  28. Muhammad Arman says:

    Dear Sir Alam,

    Kindly email me complete IELTS preparation procedure and fees.

  29. Salman says:

    Hello Alam,

    Any Class/Batch for Sunday only ?

    Please email me fee and further details.


  30. Mustafa says:

    Sir kindly send me details of Ielts i.e fee structure, certificate expiration, faculity and etc.
    Send the details as soon as possible.
    Mustafa Ratlamwala

  31. Omer says:

    Kindly email me complete IELTS preparation procedure and fees.

  32. Omer says:

    Dear Sir Alam,
    Kindly email me complete IELTS preparation procedure, Fees and Timings .

  33. Aun Rizvi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have made my mind to take IELTS general test scheduled on July 10, 2014, please provide complete procedure and fee. I have to get 7 band in each skill.


  34. Media says:

    Dear Sir Alam

    please provide complete procedure and fee, i want to increase my writing and speaking skill

    Warmly Regards

  35. Faisal says:

    I want to have IELTS classes on weekends, near malir cantt. in short durantion

  36. imtiaz ali says:

    dear sir.
    i am planing for Canada immigration ,,kindly guide for ielts , need band 7.5,,,,,,thnx

  37. Ovais says:

    Dear Sir,
    Hope you will be fine.
    I want to take admission in IELTS preparation for Canadian Immigration but my schedule is so tough. I work in Iraq as Geologist and always come to pakistan for one month vacation. Could you please send me a detail email for any crash classes with fee.

  38. Ahmad says:

    Dear Sir Alam
    Do U know, why the results of British Council IELTS of Dubai is not online yet?


  39. Aamir says:

    Hello sir
    I am planning for IELTS test on 9-Aug, i require minimum 7band in all areas, are 2 months enough for prepration.
    When will you start new batch.

    One more question, will i have to do foundation as well as regular, or i can start directly regular program.

  40. Abdul Haq says:

    Can i get 7 band in each ?

  41. Muhammad Bilal says:

    Dear Sir Alam,

    Kindly email me complete IELTS preparation procedure and fees.

  42. Mansoor says:

    I want to take IELTS classes to achieve 7 band in each section. I can only take classes on saturday and sunday in afternoon. Location which I preferred should be near Malir Halt- Karachi.

    Kindly e-mail me details about fee and location.

  43. Ling says:

    Dear Sir Alam,
    It’s been a great pleasure to discover your website and read your comments on students written works. I’m just wondering if I can post my work and get you comments too?
    I will be taking my IELTS in mid July, aiming for band 8 in each module, but a bit concerned about writing.
    Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

    Many thanks!

  44. ihtisham ali says:

    sir i send it to you skype request please accept it and also tell me sir which time you available to contact online for IELTS preparation classes??

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  46. Raja Abdul Wahid says:

    Dear Sir Kindly Tell me is there in class running right now for the ielts preparation. I only have 21 day to prepare for this. I already attempted the ielts and got 6 over all by self study kindly tell send me the fees structure and class timings

  47. Raja Abdul Wahid says:

    My cell Number 03462766176 please Call me Back

  48. Raja Abdul Wahid says:

    i want to join from today, is there any demo class?

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  50. SIr Alam, I want 7.0 band in GT IELTS. Kindly advise your valuable tips and guidance.

  51. princess says:

    sir wanna take ur online classes plz tell me about fee

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  53. Saqib Hussain says:

    Please advise shortest session is for how many days and fees?

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  55. Danish says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am not based in Pakistan. I scored overall 7.0 bands a year ago. I need to develop my speaking skills in particular. I texted you at Skype. Please respond me there or email me. Thnx

  56. RAK says:

    Dear sir i want to improve my english specially spoken, is there any english learning program at your institute for me. Also let me tell the fee .Thank you

  57. HAMZA says:

    Can a Metric Student go for IELTS Classes and how can IELTS will help him for abroad studies. Can he apply for college in U,K or U.S.A immediately after Metric exam.

  58. Shahid says:

    Dear Sir Alam,

    I appeared for IELTS GT last year ( 2013 ) and scored R7 W7 S7.5 , but in listening I scored 6.5 which was disappointing. I need overall above 7 , and 7 atleast in each. I am fluent and comfortable in English , but need the tricks to score the required band in IELTS. please advice. Look forward to a response on Email.

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  60. Anjum says:

    Dear Sir Alam,
    I have taken an IELTS test twice both time i got 6.0, On first test I scored (L6.5, R5.5 W5.5, S6.0) and on test I scored (L6.5,R5.0,w5.5,S6.5). My target score is 6.5. Kindly advice me as I need to achieve 6.5 on my next attempt.

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  62. sami says:

    hello sir,
    i wanted to ask if i can have 1-2 sessions from u only on academic writing , or u can give a guideline on how to get more score in writing
    i took the test without prep .. i solved 3-4 IELTS cambridge ESOL books.
    L= 8
    Writing= 6.5
    S= 7

    can i just get a couple of sessions or guidelines for writing ? what do i have to pay?

  63. Ali Irfan says:

    Sir me and other 3 friends are interested in ielts course. when can we meet you in Aisha Bawany?

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  65. saba says:

    Dear sir,
    i am interested to get admission in IELTS preparation,but i don’t have much knowledge regarding this preparation. dear sir i don’t know about the fee structure so please let me know about admission & monthly Fees and total time duration for this preparation. sir,sir it would be kind enough to you if you let me know about fees with concession,i can not afford high fees,you kind concern in this regard will be highly appreciated.

  66. saba says:

    kindly reply me sir, i m waiting for your kind and sympathetic response

  67. Alam Alam says:

    Dear Saba, kindly contact us on 03325213838 ..

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  69. Muhammad Ali says:

    AOA sir

    I am from hyderabad , I want to get 6.5 band , I want to study by you .


  70. salal imtiaz says:

    sir i want to do IELTS i am in 2nd year can u plz guide me about it thanks

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  72. umair waseem says:

    sir alaam plz send me detail of prep nd study structure plus fee. i need to get 7 in each previoulsy i achieved 6.5 over all 2 times

    • Alam Alam says:


      18,000 are the charges for preparation

      classes are online one to one.

      If you wish to proceed i can send you bank details.

      Sir Alam

  73. Asad Khalid says:

    Is there a particular date for new intakes? If there is, i would like to know the next date for regular IELTS classes.

  74. Abbas Raza says:

    I need at least 7 band in each module. I am in Islamabad. I have to take exam on 18th Oct, 2014. Can you please share the following.

    1. Fees for ielts preparation.
    2. Preparation material.
    3. Duration of online class
    4. Contact number to discuss my case

  75. Umair says:

    I took the Academic Test back in 2011 after self-preparation of 4 weeks. I got L8.0R7.5W7.0S6.5.
    I need 8 band each at the moment. How much time would you suggest I need. What’s the cost of preparation?

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  77. Fida says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a medical doctor and need to achieve ielts band 7 overall and in each module. I want to attend online classes. can u plz share schedule to look for feasibility as i am working, course duration and fee structure.
    Best regards

  78. Fida says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a medical doctor and need to achieve ielts band 7 overall and in each module. I want to attend online classes. can u plz share schedule and timings to look for feasibility as i am working, course duration and fee structure.plz share on my email
    Best regards

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  81. as salam o allaikum. sir i want to go for higher studies in australia and i want know that how much bands are required for it, will you please tell me that how much time will it take for getting me prepared for the exams, tbh i my english language skill aren’t that good so i am personally confused please guide me.

    • Alam Alam says:

      It depends what course you want to go for. I think consultant is the better option who can let you know your desired band. About course info or other details about IETLS please call us on 03009298573

  82. ali shakir says:

    sir i have written the easy but i forgot the question from where i taken the question wheather from book 9,book8 what will i do??

  83. anila says:

    i need to just take class for writing separately is it possible and if possible give me your email id

  84. anila says:

    i want to take class just in writing if it would be possible and secondly i need your email id

  85. pritpal singh says:

    hlo sir.

    i got 5 bands in writing (British council )
    and expected 6…but its OK if i ll get 5.5
    so. ..plz tell me is there any chance for increasing band from 5 to 5.5 or 6 and how much time it will take ……for revaluation result..

  86. DR.JAHANZAIB says:

    Dear Mr.Alam
    Sir, can I call you to discuss about IELTS and English language classes for night time…around 930pm or for sundays

  87. Adnan Khan says:

    I appeared in ielts before 2 year and i got 6 band . but my target to get 6.5 in each ,
    I want to general test for immigration .. I hope you will provide me guidance.what time i can come basically i do job so i can be free at 7 to 9 .

  88. Usman says:

    Sir, I will have an IELTS test in the first week of January, can you help me in writing module?
    kindly suggest me some appropriate training procedure to achieve 7+ band, I would be thankful.
    As I am in Rawalpindi, I can’t attend your classes….

  89. Junaid says:

    Hi Sir Alam,
    I will be sitting for Academic ielts on 17th January. I am willing to take ielts classes from you online on skype. If you can provide me your email on the specific email i provide above. I will provide further details about myself.

  90. Shehroz says:

    Do you offer free essay checking service?

  91. komal says:

    I need online classes please give information.

  92. sultan says:

    I am interested to take Sir Alamz classes only, possible?

  93. Sabeen Khan says:

    Can i come for practice only sir.. i need to do speaking practice

  94. Hasnain Rabbani says:

    Hasnain Rabbani ! Plz tell me where i stand in bands!

    some people enjoy change and they look forward to new experience.Other like thier to stay the same and they dont change thier usual habits ..?

    As the life is updating day by day so as everybody wants to experience new things which can be anything as well as there are people who still Lives accordind to their way and do not revamp their habits.One doesnot have a curiousity to do something new would never adop[t anything different from his or her previous point.

    Firstly when it comes ton talk about the people who enjoy changes are those who belongs from the new generation.The changes can be anything such as mObiles,computer,cars and so on.These kind of invention attract others towards it however niowadays the young children from the begining of their student life has been experiencing several things till now.The big reason behind i is the concept of using these kind of inventions and experiencing the new staff quit well ..

    FurtherMore the people who are enjoying the new experiments from their childhood are familiar with it and niow they are now looking ahead for some new taste which would they face another time..

    seconsdaly ,who are not facing or embracing the new experience are still existing in the world.These are the people who do not any interes towards it because in simple way they have not a will to do this and do not want to change their usual and traditional lifestyle and by using the new experiences would be worthless for them..

    To sum up all the above statement people should be upgraded according to the situation and should face the new discovries which would be fruitful for them and those who are not use to from it must change themselves..

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Hasnain,

      – use of “as well as” is not appropriate because you are not adding information here. next sentence should be starting simply without any linking word.
      – verb “lives” should be “live” as it is not third person singular.

      Body para 1
      – watch singular and plural.

      Body para 2
      – meed to place comma after the word “furthermore,”

      Body para 3
      – use of word “secondly” is not appropriate as you used “furthermore ” already.

      – it is fine.

  95. Mehmood Ghulam says:

    Dear Sir Alam,

    Good Day, I am here to join your classes for IELTS preparation as a foundation student. Kindly send detail about joining via email.

  96. Hasnain Rabbani says:

    Some people thinks that parents should teach children how to be good member of society.
    others however believe that school is the place to learn this.
    Discuss both and give your own opinion

    As the child borns responsibilities of parents begin.Parents are the first teacher
    for their children because whatever children do there is a background of good or bad deeds
    which play a vital role to showgood behaviour in society.While some people claims that school is the only place
    where these kind of stuff can be learned.
    Firstly when it comes to discuss about children’s behaviour,its a first priorty of their parents to teach them
    initially because when a new born baby born openes his eyes he looks towards parents,so in this way they are responsible for each and every act of
    their child.They should emphasize this mater seriously so the juviniles will not
    face any sort of inconvinience related to their physical doings and will make their good name
    in society.By learning the lessons of parents children will have the ability to compete with difficulties..

    Secondly it is a believe of some people that,for learning there is a specific place in
    the face of schools where children can learn easily about some deeds which would led them to be a good member of a society.Furhtermore they also thinks that in
    schools various kind of knowledge can be get so parents teachings are worthless for their
    children if the institutes are available to teach their offsprings properly.

    to sum up all the above statement my opinion is that the parents are the first teachers
    for their children to guide each and everthing which will be fruitful for them in the future
    and becomes the respectful personality among the society ..

  97. Hasnain Rabbani says:

    plz tell me what are the mistakes and out of 6 how much band i will get for this

  98. Hasnain Rabbani says:

    some people enjoy change and they look forward to new experience.Others like their lives to stay the same and they do not change their usual habits. Discuss both and give ur opinino

    As the life is upgrading day by day so as everybody wants to experience the new things and also there are people who still lives according to their way and do not revamp their habits.Once doesnot have a curosity to do something new will never adopt anything different from his previous point of view..
    On first hand when it comes to discuss about the people who enjoy changes are those who belongs from the new generation .The changes could be anything such as mobiles,computers,cars and so on.These kind of inventions attract others towards itself ,however nowadays the young children from the begining of their student life has been experiencing several things till now.The big reason behind it is that the concept using these kinds of inventions are quit well.
    Furthermore, people who are enjoying the new experinces from their childhood are familiar with it and now they are looking ahead for some new taste which they would experience next time

  99. Hasnain Rabbani says:

    secondly who are not facing or embracing new development are still existing in this world.These are the people who do not take any interes towards it because in simple way they do not have a curiousituy to do this and do not want to revamp their usual and traditional lifestyle and by using the new expereinces will be worthless to them.

  100. Hasnain Rabbani says:

    To sum Up all the above statement people should be upgraded according to the situation and smust face the new experiences which would be fritful for them

  101. Shiekh Talha says:

    Em interested in IELTS. detail plzzz

  102. sajid says:

    please tell me the fee structure and the duration of the course.

  103. Muhammad Essa says:

    AOA,,,Sir i want to attend online classes with u and i want to take atleaast 6.5 bands..,please send me procedure

  104. amna khan says:

    Sir Alam,
    My name is amna, I am a qualified doctor from Karachi. I am in London and want to get 7.5 in IELTS… Can I take online classes or online correction for writing. Please contact me.

  105. Arsalan says:


    IELTS Preparation:

    When you are available in Aisha Bawany, timings please.


  106. zubair malik says:

    sir plz tell me IRELAND k liay kon sa test acceptable ha AEO or British Council???
    plz tell me..according to new polices.plz sir which one is acceptable for IRELAND AEO or British Council???

  107. Syed Arsalan says:

    Dear MR. Alam,
    I need your advice, I gave two tests recently, in the first one i got 6.5 in writing and 7.0 in speaking but the second time it was vice versa, i got 7 in writing and 6.5 in speaking. should i go for Remarking my latest result as i nedd 7 in each?

  108. Zamir Alam says:

    I want to be appear in IELTS GT and my desire score is 7.5. i already appeared in IELTS GT and get L=5.5 R=5.0 W=6.5 S=7.0. can you help me to get my desire score. kindly send me your complete fee schedule and class timing.


  109. Muhammad Asif says:

    Dear Sir,

    is there any classes for spoken you are taking ??????

  110. owais khan says:

    Assalamu-aliakum sir alam sir want to go italy i have submited my all documents in torinito universty in italy but dont have ielts exam prepration i need 5.5 bends for italy but i cant give ielts exam so plz guide me i have only 15 to 20 days left for addmision plz help me this is my cell num 03242524316 sir plz give me miss call i my self call back i hope u will give me replay thank you

  111. Muhammad Jawaid says:

    I want to get IELTS course with 7 bands but my english is poor can i get this ???

  112. KHALED ALI says:

    HI.I am planning appear in IELTS exam next month,I should take 7.5. Could you help me.
    best regards

  113. Mustafa Amin says:

    dear sir,
    I’m a dentist, just started my house job. which type of ielts is suitable for me? further plz email any tips and guideline brochure.
    plz guide JAZAKALLAH

  114. Furqan Ali says:

    Sir, I want to achieve 7 bands in all modules of ielts GT.Kindly send me all the details of timings,fee structure, plan of teaching.I want to prepare myself for ielts with best teacher in karachi, as i am quit new in this city.How can i choose best teacher in karachi among many
    In addition to this plz tell me do you conducting classes in Gulshan or North Nizamabad?

  115. nirmal says:

    Hello sir,i have need score 7 band overall and my English is not so good I got 6 band in academic in 2005 so sir I want to know that U only give the tips for ielts or enhance English with same time. Sir I am free on the morning time 9 to 12.

  116. prove says:


    I want to ask about the online class how does it work ?

    Also the proceedure of registration and fees and in what currency it is

    Thank you

  117. SYED SALIM UZ ZAMAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    ving in I am living in dubai, I have recently given IELTS General Module for Canadian immigration with following results

    Listening : 6.00
    Reading : 5.5
    Writing : 5.5
    Speaking: 6.5
    Over All: 6.00

    As per Canadian express entry program minimum score should be 6.00 in every category. Please send me procedure how to enroll in online classes and the fees structure

  118. Shafat Ali says:

    Kindly email me complete IELTS preparation procedure and fees. i need 8 band for immigration

  119. Naveed Akram says:

    Assalam o alaikum Sir,

    I did IELTS in 2011 with 5.5 bands overall, I need 7 / 7.5 bands with no band less than 6 / 6.5 in each category can you please guide me.

  120. Anwar Mehmood Sohail says:

    Assalam o alaikum Sir,

    Sir i am a graduate student, I want to appear in IELTS on 19 sep, 2015. Sir can i do self preparation by practicing practice tests with out joining any IELTS preparation acadmy for getting 6.5 bands.?

  121. kashif says:

    sir my english is weak can i get 7 band in ielts if i take tuition from you please sir email me also about fees structure and ielts preparation material i will be thankful to you.

  122. Uzma says:

    Do you offer extensive writing classes for writing module as i am weak in it…

  123. Kamran says:

    Can i meet you sir?

  124. Muhammad Saqib Husasin Khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    My ielts examination test date is 08/10/2015, and righ now i am out of town and will be back on 22/09/2015.I need your supervision to clear my general ielts test with the score of 7.0 .

    Kindly do let me know about your availability and details.

    Kind regards,

  125. waqas anwar says:

    Dear sir ! , i want to know your fee structure please so kindly mail me the free structure .Kindly email me complete IELTS preparation

  126. Muhammad Ayoub says:

    Assalam O Alikum

    Sir my English is weak and i want 7.5 band at least is this possible. and sir please send me your classes schedule and fee structure

  127. Muhammad Imran Akram says:

    I m waiting your kind regards

  128. Mohsin says:

    Kindly email me complete IELTS preparation test procedure, class timing and fees. i need 8 band for immigration.


  129. Shazia azhar says:

    sir Alam is the best instructor in Karachi. Join him. With amazing results.

  130. Shazia azhar says:

    sir Alam is the best instructor in Karachi. Join him. With amazing results. Sir Alam the most respectful person. Results u won’t even believe they r your own results

  131. ZAINAB says:


  132. Atif says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need 7 band in each module of IELTS, please tell me about your fee structure and evening class timing and weekend class timing


    • Alam Alam says:

      morning 11-1 evening 3-5,6-8,7-9
      weekend classes are only in North Nazimabad
      fee 10,000 (regular and weekend classes)
      Course material 2,000
      further details please call on 0300928573

  133. Shahmir says:

    Sir, i want to do ielts from you in aisha bawany academy. So can you plz tell recent schedule of classes and about the fee procedure?

  134. Naeem ur Rehman says:

    Sir,’I have received 6.5 band and I want to reach atleast 7. Are there any classes available online as I am in Multan and on job

  135. VIVEK RATHI says:


  136. Fiza Yasir says:

    Assalam o alikum Sir,
    I want to appear in IELTS exam in coming month for this purpose, I need your valuable help. Please give me some details regarding the timing of your classes and fees structure. And last but not least, also mention that my english grammar, I thing is not good enough to score higher band in exam. Could you work on this my weakness during IELTS preparation.
    Best Regards,
    Fiza Yasir

  137. lubnahina says:

    Respected sir
    i want to get band 8 but i am confused ….?
    kindly tell me how to get highest score at home .i can not come to take regular classes.
    looking for positive reply.

  138. Imran Ali says:

    Hello Sir,

    I need to talk to you in person or over the phone on this ILETS thing. Can You please send me your cell number, fee structure and other details on email below. Many thanks.


    Imran Ali

  139. Dear Alam
    I would like to know about class timings and total fees for IELTS preparation under your kind supervision.

    Thank you

  140. Rashid Mustafeez Chishti says:

    sir I am 51 years n mjhe puchna tha k ielts k liye koi age limit tou nhi haina or sir is course ki validation hoti hai k nahi and what about fee structure?
    and classes kahan hongi ya online k liye kia procedure hai?

  141. Muhammad says:

    I found Sir Alam one of the best teacher in town. I was weak in Reading module, due to his guiding technique I was able to score band 7. I would recommend all weak candidate to attach with Sir Alam in order to get desired score. Best of Luck!

  142. Tariq Mughal says:

    sir i am week in english and i want to do ielts and apply for aborad visa so please let me do i learn better english and get ielts best band to apply for abroad

  143. aneeqa says:

    Sir kindly guide me how to get 7 band in gen IELTS thnks

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Anneqa,

      Getting 7 band depends on what you are doing it to get it. You should follow right pattern of exam , strategies. Find experienced teacher around you to help you with it…

  144. Asad Faraz Khan says:

    I have been studying English for many years and I found IELTS quite hard to deal with at first. I didn’t get desired band at first attempt and after that i approached Sir Alam,I’d like to thank Sir Alam for his special efforts which intensely benefited me during my journey to passing the ielts test. At first, I was struggling with writing and speaking and I actually had no idea about how I should prepare myself to sort out all of the involved speaking or writing tasks. After about one month of practice with Sir Alam, I greatly improved my speaking & writing which were the toughest parts of the test for me.. My ielts test result is as follows : L:9 , R:7, W:6.5, S:6.

  145. maham says:

    its an awesome experience taking classes online..its an ease in a exremiliy busy schedule u can prepare for ielts easy..sir alam is very cooperative teacher all the times ans for our queries..very thankfull to him

  146. iq says:

    Hi Alam
    gerat to read about you. this is IQ

  147. Adnan says:

    Slam Sir Alam I’m a Student of Software Engineer and I want to preparation for IELTS please tell me how can i join your classes i’m free just in morning and my wish just study with you so tell me please Sir

  148. Junaid Rashid says:

    Sir i need 7.5 bands overall and minimum 7 in each…. Can i meet u for guidance and admission ….your cellphone is off ….
    my no. 03212025152

  149. Faisal Razzaq says:

    I have scored 7 above in allove modules except for writing which was 6.5. I’m looking fwd to get mine 7 in each. Kindly let me your availability over Skype. I’m not in Pakistan.

  150. Ali says:

    Dear sir, i got 5 bands in my last attempt Paper now i want to get 7 bands so please give me some tips Specially In Listening i am weak i shall be thankful to you.

    Ali From Karachi

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Ali,

      Please be informed that to lift your bandscore, you need to work on your weak areas like listening and other modules.

      i think you are simply practicing but not working on right directions…

      come and take our classes for that.

  151. J Ahmed says:

    I have appeared for IELTS exam and scored L: 8.0 R 8.5 W 6.5 S :7.0
    I need 7.5 band in each module. Hence, I need guidance pertaining to writing.
    Please let me know about the best solution to fix writing module, and how long it is going to take to upgrade me band in writing from 6.5 to 7.5 ?

  152. aneeka says:

    Salam…I am from hyderabad so I cannot attend classes. I have given IELTS once but I got band 6. I need 7 band. I hope I can get ready by myself at home. I just need preparation material that I searched on this site cost 2000 ruppes. Can I have those books please?

  153. aneeka says:

    My first IELTS score was overall 6.
    speaking 6.5
    listening 6
    writing 5.5
    reading 5
    I want band 7 in each. I want to know more about online classes. Will it be perefct if I take online classes? I am from hyderabad so physical absence is demotivating me….

  154. ali says:

    hi sir i want to ask how long your course will go on one month or two let me know please and what is timing

  155. Muhammad Owais says:

    Asalam Alikum Sir,

    Sir i am doing 6 Months speaking course from Berlitz. i will take IElts Exam InshAllah n but my initial Requirement minimum 7.0 Bands kindly suggest me about IElts preparation. is it possible after my speaking course or during.

  156. Abbas Farooqi says:

    I attempted General Test. My score was

    How can I improve to 7 each? thanks

  157. Alam Alam says:

    yes…. Aisha we have 6-9 class

  158. NR says:

    Salam Sir Alam,

    I appeared in IELTS(general) scoring 7.5 each except speaking which was 6.5.

    My requirement is to achieve 8 at least in speaking. I am also aware of the mistakes I made during the speaking session.

    Need your expert guidance to cover the gaps. Would appreciate having a call with you at your earliest.

    Kind Regards,

  159. sir asalam-o-alykum .
    sir want improve my English language .i m studying graduation now but i cant speak English properly so plz help me i want to take regular class .plz help me

  160. Osama says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Osama,I am Prepairing for ielts with you before 5 Month,I was not attend your class Before 2 month because i am ill,so i will start regular classes today and i take exam month of august in last 10 days.

  161. AbdulRab says:

    Sir can you please tell me the procedure? And fees structure? I want to prepare ielts and want to get 7.5 in each . Please reply

  162. Musab Kabir says:

    Dear sir,Alam i have to ask about books for ielts preparation,fees structure,your permanent location and some helpful websites.
    Your reply on time will be appreciated.Thanks.

  163. Muhammad Shafi says:

    Dear sir
    I am much weak in English Language i want to learn proper Englsih Conversation kindly tell me the insitute timing and fee structure

  164. Umair says:




  165. junaid says:

    Hi Sir,
    Can you please tell me the procedure? And fees structure? I want to prepare ielts and want to get 7 in each .
    Please reply

  166. Muhammad Junaid Tahir says:


    Please help me out I had given the IELTS General Module Test on 24th September 2016. I have got 7 in Speaking and 6 in Reading(means 31/40) but I am shocked after looking at my Listening and Writing bands.

    * Listening 5.5 (means 20/40)
    I did more than 50 practice tests before giving my IELTS(the lowest I scored in 2 or 3 tests were 6.5 bands and the rests were above 7/ 8 bands). Listening is the easiest part of the IELTS. I can bet British council on that, if my score will be less then 7 bands, I will give them my certificate back.

    * Writing 5.5
    Mostly the cases I have seen in the past regarding the writing tests of IELTS were that if a candidate meets with the minimum requirements like 250words(essay), 150words(letter) , like basic vocabs with few grammatical mistakes, resulted with a 6.5 bands.
    I am a graduated engineer and has been in the english environment since the age of 5. I used rich vocabs/linked the sentences in a right way. In fact, before giving the test I learnt more than 11 essays(6000 of words, 250 contexts) from the IELTS books(prepared by the examiner). Interestingly, one of that topic came in the test.
    Let’s just put this in other perspective, One of my friend had given the same test with me. According to him he was expecting 5.5 because he didn’t use vocabs and also his grammar is too weak. Even after that he got 6 bands.

    Kindly help me what should I have do now ?? EOR fees is 600SAR here and no grantee.


  167. shoaib tariq says:

    hy sir alam i have . i came to know about you from the internet .i am good at writing listening and speaking but is like a difficult thing for me .i want to ask can i just clases of reading ?

  168. aftab says:

    sir you are working on ilets only or English language class are also provided(writing+spoken)

  169. Mansoor Ali says:

    Can you please tell me the about time duration, fess and learning Martial? I want to prepare.

  170. Mohadeseh says:

    Hello Sir Alam,
    How can I send my writings to you and receive you comments on it?

  171. Asif Ahmed says:

    Dear sir. It would be hard for you to believe that i have give ielts 3 times. In my first attempt before applying to australian institute i have got overall 6. 6.5 in writing 6.5 speaking. 5 in reading and 5 in listening. I lived in australia gor 2 years and came back to pakistan. Now i applied for further studies in Australua. As my previous ielts have got expired so i have to redo ielts. I decided to do ielts and surprisingly i have the result which i never thought off I have got 5 in reading. 5.5 in listening. 6.5 in speaking. 5.5 in writing.
    I didnt break my hope. I have dond ielts again. This timd i got more worst than in last attempt.
    I got 5 in reading 5.5 in listening 4.5 in writing and 6 in speaking. Please help me. It is very hard to understand the ongoing situationwith my resulg. Am i not capable of doinb ielts?

  172. Saqib Malik says:

    I need to get my preparation from you.
    I have to apply for Canada Immigration and my target category is CLB 9
    So it will be hard but i need it.
    Can you please give you number or can i meet you personally.
    Also need to know the preparation fee and total time period as i also worked.
    How many classes you take in a week.

    Thank you

  173. Sir,
    Is there any weekend classes available at sharah-e-faisal campus? my required band is 7 each and i already attempt IELTS general and scored 6 band overall.

  174. Noman says:

    Sir, I attempted IELTS-GT on 11th Feb and got L=5 & S/R/W=5.5, Although i prepared for a month from an institute but it didn’t work, ultimately lost money & time. I was really disappointed the way of teaching. My target is to score 7 in each within a month. It seems quite difficult. will you please guide me what to do? should i re-attempt in a month or need some more time?

  175. Anonymus says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hope you are good!

    I am in Kyrgyzstan for work. I want to achieve 8 band in IELTS but before leaving for Kyrgyzstan i attempted for IELTS in hurry and prepared for only 2 weeks without any guidance through Kaplan one book of 180 pages which included certain practice material too. I achieved following:

    Listening: 7
    Reading: 6
    Speaking: 6.5
    Writing: 6.5

    Can you please tell how i can register for your classes and i want to do as soon as possible and can give time after 7 PM each day on working days.

    Please email me your number so i can call you from here and decide for registration, timing and discuss further.

    Best Regards

  176. saad elahi says:

    Good Afternoon Alam sir , i just want to know what are the procedure to start the ILETS classes for getting 7 band in all overall courses and did you have any evening classes program?. kindly provide me assistance on my email address which is mention below:

    I am waiting for your positive response.

  177. mishi says:

    may i have yor introductory class before enrolling in course?

  178. Sabir says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to join IELTS course. But I can be available only Saturday & Sunday.


  179. Sir I would like to get 8 bands overall in academic ilets to apply for international scholarships how many classes do I need to take and what would be the fee?

  180. munayem says:

    sir, i am from bangladesh. planing to have ielts but i am insequre onbm english. how will i take ur class

  181. Alam Alam says:

    14000 fee 4 weeks course 4 days a week

  182. Syed Tariq says:

    Sir need 7 band in writing but stuck on 6.5. rest of the three modules are fine. need your guidance please.

    please email me your fees and timing if you can do it online. thanks

  183. sundas iqbal says:

    4 weeks is enough for ielts preparation ?and your duration of ielts preparation is only one month ?

  184. Badar says:

    Whats your location?

  185. Kashif says:

    Hi Alam,

    learnt a lot about you on different social media groups. just want to ask you that have you prepared those who has already attempted the test more than 3 or 4 times but failed to get desired band and then with your coaching they got targeted score, say 8 or 8.5. My English is not that bad as I get the results generally. Please can you support. I stay in KSA and coming to Pakistan for 20 days after Eid. May be I just need few tips from you and that will be enough. I am planning to appear in test on 21st Sep 2017,

    My number is 00966 597344130. I will send you whatsapp message.

  186. Waseem says:

    Is there any centre in gulsan, karachi?

  187. Ms Naeema says:

    Do you give training in specific modules only. Like i need to improve my writing and reading only. is there any specialised course only for those modules?

  188. Syed Shahriyar Ali Quadri says:

    Sir u Can Come To Private Tution OF Ietls



    I wish to have meeting with you about IELTS Preparation and Examination, any chance a could get an appointment in your schedule.

  190. Intikhab Alam says:


    what is your fees and timing.

  191. Intikhab Alam says:

    Also i want to know duration of IELTS training

  192. Altaf says:

    Is there any weekend only programme

  193. Waleed Khan says:

    Aasalam O Aalaikum, Sir Alam kindly share all the details for weekend classes along with the duration of the course and fee structure. Jazak ALLAHu Khair.

  194. ALI says:

    Sir could you please provide me the IELTS schedual for 2017, and how i can get my desire band 7 while i got 5.5 in 2013.

  195. muzamil says:

    Thank you sir Alam. I got overall 6….
    S 6.5, L 6.5, R 6 , W 5.5 after result I send my essay to sir Alam . After reviewing my essay he suggested me to go for rechecking and today Alhamdullilah I got improved my writing from 5.5 to 6.5
    As well my overall band increased from 6 to 6.5.
    Thank you sir

    • Alam Alam says:

      Tanks for sharing about rechecking as this will help others to get confidence. Examiners are also dammmm lazy as they dont care others and just give first impression score.

  196. Israr Ali Zaidi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Do you have any branch in North Karachi or North Nazimabad?

  197. Abdullah Ijaz says:

    I appeared in IELTS (Academics) last year and I got L 7.5 R 7.5 W 6 & S 7. Now I am planning to appear for IELTS(GT) in May or June. As my aim is to get 7 in each except Listening that requires 8. In my own opinion, preparation listening and reading can be done by myself by accessing lot of material available at internet. However, I want to get guidance for speaking and especially writing preparation, could anyone guide me about any experienced teacher in Faisalabad or online available classes? Thanking in anticipation

  198. Adeel Javaid Shamsi says:

    Hello Sir Alam, I am applying for Canadian immigration for which I need a band score of following

    Listening 8
    Speaking 7
    Reading 7
    Writing 7

    I have appeared in Ielts in the month of december 2017 and following is my score

    Listening 8
    Speaking 8
    Reading 7
    Writing 6

    Can you please help me get the desired bands in writing. I can come and take classes from you. Please suggest

  199. saad says:

    Sir, I want to know that when I was asked question form part 3 in speaking task, the examiner only give few seconds to answer , I hardly completed 2 sentences and she asked another questions . Sometimes , she rephrased my answer and i was saying yes. She was just nodding and then immediately asked other answer . I heard that at least 3 or 4 sentences of answer should be given in part 3 in order to gain good bands.
    I am confuse about is it good or bad sign in part 3?
    Your response will be highly appreciable .

  200. ADEEL AHMED says:


  201. fouzan says:

    Assalam o alekum Mr. Alam
    Where do you conduct training?
    Need you weekday evening schedule and fee structure.

  202. Z says:

    Need help with writing module. My requirement is 7. but I obtained 6.5. tried multiple times. need help.

    Can only take classes on weekend.

  203. Kamran Khan says:


    I have given IELTS General and got 7 score (L7.5, R6, S7, W7). This is not enough as I want score of 8.5. Would appreciate if you can mail me details for classes. I am a working professional and ony availabe on Sat and Sundays. Please share the fee details and timings.

  204. Adeel Bhatti says:

    Can you please send me your address where i can meet you to discuss about Ielts. I wanna apply for Canadian Immigration program and I had given the Ielts test last year but didnt secure a good bands.

  205. Asif Ali says:

    Dear Sir
    I am moving to Ukraine next month , but I need to prepare my self for IELTS classes regarding the migration process of Canada. I would like to inquire as if there is any preparatory classes can be taken before 17th of Jan, 2020 .
    A swift response is appreciated .
    Thanks and regards

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