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Should candidates change countries for better score in writing?

Changing countries  for higher band in IELTS?

changind country for higer band in ieltsMany IELTS candidates have question in their mind whether they can get better score for writing if they appear in their own countries preferably Asia. If you want to change examiners you do not need to change country, give in same testing center. By looking at your certificate , it shows clearly examiner ID for speaking and writing and you will find it different most of the time.

I understand writing and speaking exam depends on examiner, but if you do not know marking scheme of writing and can not come up to that requirement so your band will not change.

It also depends on topic you get in exam. Sometimes you are not aware of the topic so can not use good lexical resource, write extended content or organize it well. This as a result leads you to poor band score.

It is ideal to practice all kind of essays. For example, practicing solution, argumentative, discuss both and give your opinion. This will improve your familiarization and get you good band score.

Same thing for Task 1 which could be a letter or a graph, practice all of them one by one.

I would suggest to get used to three types of essays and task 1 whether it is a letter or a graph. Try writing three types of essay and letters or graphs which are 7 types. Every day try one or two graphs, this will improve your familiarization with exam questions.




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