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share and view experience from AEO and British Council

share and view experience from AEO and British Council

bc and aeoThis is the post in which i would like students and teachers to share their experience about exams conducted at AEO and British Council, Karachi , Islamabad and other parts of the world.

It is said by majority of students that AEO marking scheme favors IELTS candidates while British Council doesn’t. British Council claims that examiners are same.  however, when some students who experience both sometimes prefer AEO.  It is also said that both centers sometimes have old examiners who do not pay attention to candidates specially in speaking.

My experience says its rather based on examiners than blaming British Council or AEO. Now the question is whether AEO has more lazy examiners or British Council?  Or British Council examiners are more strict than AEO? Does that mean they are less trained ? Do examiners not have team leader or supervisor who can also monitor them?  Overall, how does the marking scheme work that band testing center gives 6 while other 7?   To answer these all questions we need feedback from individuals who actually when through these situations .

I even hear that when candidates go for rechecking , they are told by testing center that it doesn’t bring change in marking. So the questions that candidates have even doesn’t get answered. Should they leave this exam and sit back and forgot their future plans if that is to study, move abroad for work or living purposes . There should be guideline that can guide all to go through this exam.


Please share views and experiences

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