Assessment and evaluation

It is our distraction that we carry out assessment of students by giving them official assessment test, approved by respective test taking bodies, and evaluate their performance according to official marking criteria/ Scheme. That helps to grade the performance in real time situation.

Three Tier Assessments

At IELTS Expert we follow a three stages Assessment and evaluation program.

1) Stage -1

Pre-Admission Assessment: All interested students are assessed before admission to grade their current level. Our teachers / instructors evaluate incoming to identify their grey areas and formulate strategy to assist them improve in weak quarters.

2) Stage -2

During course preparation we continuously give Diagnostic Test to the students to evaluate how much they have improved, and where there are still stumble blocks; that makes it easy to remove any impediments in preparing for the required score real Test

3) Stage-3

This is the final assessment and evaluation of candidates, after they have completed the preparatory. This gives a true picture of the difference between where they were when they stated and where they are now. If our evaluation assesses the student at lower score we give more time to the student for better preparation.

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