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sample 7 band essay by recent student


7bandessayFind essay below from my students at Aisha Bawany Academy, They have appeared in exam before in which they scored 6.5 that was because of their weak areas which are coherence and punctuation. Sometimes they make grammatical errors but i believe that won’t affect their on their 7.5 bandscore. What you can do is see how ideas flow , task responded, vocabulary range used in it.


Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world.

What are the some major factors in modern society that cause stress? How can we reduce it?


Sample Answer

Nowadays rise in the mental health is almost touching inevitable. This controversial anxiety got to pretty much every individual in this modern world. Despite the factors involved, i personally feel that the issue can be resovled by properly addressing it.

The major contributor to this hectic lifestyle which is consequent to stress is non other than a busy work life. The desire to have all the luxuries forces, people work more and earn more. For instance, majority of developed countries offer everything on lease, from mobile phone to houses schemes, which looks easy to pay off, but once it is signed in, it is a liability to pay every month. Consequently, these type of tensions bring stressful situations in health issues.

Secondly, unfortunately, we are living in a world where people judge each other on the basis of their appearance. By doing this, every single person is trying to get out of their skin to look like socially acceptable person. However, loosing originality and living fake life is another cause of stress.

Despite of all the factors involved in stressful life, mitigation is still possible. First of all, we need to accept our “fate” and to stop running behind oasis. Furthermore, we need to realize and get ourselves out of this social comparison, embrace ourselves andlive the original life.

In conclusion, i firmly believe that stressful life a factors involved do look irreversable ,but with the help of individuals, it can be achieved effortlessly.


North Nazimabad



 Sample Answer 2

The social, economical and enviromental conditions are badly affecting the mental and physical health of human being. As a resut, there is an increase in stress levels among them. It does not only affect the individuals themselves but also disturb the overall families and cultur.

Nobody can deny the fact that low earning is one of the major reasons. For instance, if a family’s income is lower than their expenditure, the whole family has to go through a mental stress for not achieving their living standards their basic need and wants.

Furthermore, the work related stress itself is another big problem of today’s modern world. The expectations of the society from an individual are increasing by the passage of time. The companies wants more and more from the employer which at times the employees fail to provide. As a result, there is raise of stress level at work.

Undoubtedly, the stress levels need to be curtailed by the individual. For example, by involving himself in different physical activities such as walking or exercise that will help to control the blood circulation, and will leave better effect on the body in controlling stess level. Moreover, we can also get involved in different hobbies such as gardening or fishing that generally help us to control our emotions and teach us to be more patient.

In my point of view, stress is one of the most threatening issue of today’s modern society, However, at the same time , it is also controlable by individual ourselves in different kind of extra curricular activities such as sports and hobbies.

Fahad Siddiqui,

North Nazimabad

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