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Recent IELTS writing and speaking exam questions 17 May 2014

Recent IELTS writing and speaking exam questions 17 May 2014

ielts exam questions 17 may 2014  Follow post below which contains questions of IELTS writing and speaking exam for the 17 May 2014  from countries all around the world. It is a good practice to answer writing Task 1 as similar questions sometimes result in getting good band score. My my students and candidates are welcomed to write answer and paste in comments box, i will point out mistakes and give you predicted band score.

Writing questions

IELTS writing exam question  # 1

Country :  Australia, Singapore,Mongolia    Date : 17/05/2014

Task 1:

Compare two maps of the same city. Map of 1950 vs map of present.
The park was gone, bar& restaurants were built instead. New bridge and sport center appeared. Business districts took over the land of residential area etc..

Task 2:

Watching TV is an effective way of educating children. Children should be encouraged to watch TV regularly at home and at school.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

IELTS speaking exam question # 2

Country : Azerbaijan   Date : 17/05/2014

Task 1:

Describe line graph showing changes in numbers of 4 fish species separately between 1992 and 2007.

Task 2:

Nowadays more and more jobs and task are done by machines which involve hard physical work. Advantages out number disadvantages.

IELTS speaking exam question # 3

Country :   Bulgaria   Date : 17/05/2014

Task 1:

write a letter to the manager of the hotel. You want to book a room in a hotel for a family party.

• explain what the party will be
• what do you need to be put in the room
• ask questions about the meals and the price

Task 2:

Some people think that the best way to reduce the traffic problems is to build more roads. What do you think about that?

Class assignment 21 May 2014:

 My students and all IELTS candidates who wish to practice for future exam may write essay given below. Comments will be given.

Task 2:

Stress is getting very common in present than past.

What do you think are the causes for it?

what solutions do you suggest?

 Class assignment 23 May 2014:

All IELTSExpert students have to do the essay below as a class assignment. Feedback will be given shortly.

Blogs on the web are very effective ways for people to express their ideas and relieve tensions.

What is your opinion?


Speaking questions

IELTS speaking exam question # 1

Country : Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka      Date : 17/05/2014

Describe a problem that you had with any equipment recently

You should say:

  • What problem it was
  • what equipment it was with
  • how long was this problem going on

and explain what you did to resolve this problem

IELTS speaking exam question # 2

Country : India      Date : 17/05/2014

Talk about the help you do to others
You should say:
• When do you help them?
• Whom do you help?
• What do you do to help others?
and explain what you get when you help others

IELTS speaking exam question # 3

Country : Philippine     Date : 17/05/2014

Describe a time when you saved money for something special

You should say:

  • what you save it for
  • when you did it
  • how long you took to save this amount.

and explain what you did to save this amount

IELTS speaking exam question # 4

Country : Azerbaijan      Date : 17/05/2014

Describe a school you attended in your childhood.

You should say:

  • what was the name of the school.
  • where is it situated.
  • How long you studied there.

and explain what you liked and disliked about it.

IELTS speaking exam question # 5

IELTS speaking exam question # 6

IELTS speaking exam question # 7

IELTS speaking exam question # 8

IELTS speaking exam question # 9


Please post your recent exam questions for 17th May 2014 which can benefit other candidates.





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  1. Naila Aslam says:

    Speaking 16 May 2014, Sulemaniyah Iraq

    Introduction (3-4 mins)
    Cue Crad
    Describe some advice you received (from a friend or family member) which was useful to you,

    You should say:
    What the situation was
    Who gave you the Advice
    What the Advice was and Explain how useful you think the Advice was

    Further the two way discussion was carried out on the same Advice topic.

  2. ufaklik says:

    what about writing?

  3. lo says:

    Same topics in Barcelona as in Bulgaria for Writing.

  4. rabail says:

    TASK 2

    Technology had a great influence in every one`s life. For instance, people are using different types of machinery and gadgets in their daily routines. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages of using these equipment.
    The first and foremost benefit of inventions, that they were friendly user. Moreover, machines were made to save our time. Modern computers and mobiles are the best example that were time savers and easily used by different age groups.
    Furthermore, 100% accuracy and efficiency of machines enhanced its users. These technologies have high ratio of working capabilities which give perfect results, therefore, they play a significant role in today`s era.
    Conversely, there are some disadvantages. Due to modernization, mostly people rely on machines rather than own working abilities which causes unemployment. Simultaneously, working on machine often needs much hard physical and mental work which is, in particular leads toward dangerous disease. Although, all work has been done by machines but humans are required to operate, mange and repair them, respectively.
    In conclusion, multi tasking machine units are very helpful in every field, but they always require an operator, otherwise, they are useless.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Rabail,

      – use “has” with technology to make it a fact.
      – You have used “for instance” in the introduction part which is wrong. Intro is only to let the reader know what you plan to discuss in the body part. So do not explain or give any examples in intro part.
      – in the first paragraph of the body you have two central ideas and in which you have repeated one central idea “saves time”. And you have not explained it in detail.

      Develop every paragraph well with central idea and supporting details to convince reader.

  5. rabail says:

    TASK 2
    Q: Watching TV is an effective way of educating children. Children should be encouraged to watch TV regularly at home and at school.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

    TV has widely spread in all communities, where it gives entertainment to all age groups, especially children. In my country, usually kids watch TV to get entertain rather than to learn something.
    Instead of entertainment, many countries in the world shows educational programs on TV, such as, quiz or IQ based shows, different subject’s classes and many more. As a result, many children gain knowledge and problem solving techniques by polishing their learning skills. In addition, students get opportunities to participate in these shows and win excited prizes as well, which encourage them and further develop their interest.
    Moreover, educational organization and schools telecast different shows, especially planned for disable and special children. So that they easily learn and understand things like other fellows. In these developed countries, kids are encouraged from school and family to watch this kind of informative programs on TV.
    Conversely, many children watch TV for their cartoons, movies and for another source of entertainment. Violence based movies are playing a major role in breaching innocent mind. By doing this, in early age they adopt all negative things very accurately, which may result worst in later his/her life.
    In conclusion, parental guide should be given to children or parents allow their child to watch only PGD rating programs. Also, encourage them to watch learning programs on regular basis. This would lead them towards betterment, without any hesitation.

  6. jen says:

    Hi! Please provide feedback on how I answered Writing Task 2: Watching TV is an effective way of educating children. Children should be encouraged to watch TV regularly at home and at school. To what extent to do you agree or disagree with this?

    An approach to effectively educate children is by means of television. It is believed that children should not be refrained from watching TV regularly at home and at school. While other people conform to this idea without certain conditions, I can only agree to this thought provided that the TV programs watched by children are carefully selected and the time they spent on these shows does not compromise their time for other ways of learning.
         Although the television is an audiovisual medium where information are presented in manners that easily captivate children’s attention and TV programs use creative settings and high quality sound effects that make them interesting, it may not always be true that the things children see and hear from the television are all suitable for them. Parents and teachers have to therefore guide the children on what type of shows they need to watch. Exposing children to educational programs such as National Geographic, CNN, Sesame Street, Blues Clues, and Numbers Around the World allow them to enhance their knowledge about science, history, current events, basic mathematics, spelling, vocabulary, colors, shapes, and so on. 
         Another thing to put in consideration when letting the children watch TV is the time they spend on it. Too much TV can break their study habits that may lead to a neglect in doing their homeworks and reading their textbooks and notes. It may also cause them to be passive and unsociable thereby losing the chance to also learn from the people in their surroundings. 
         To sum up, watching television as a way to educate children can truly be effective not only by making it a routine for them but also by ensuring that the TV programs they view include topics or themes related to their school subjects. Moreso, children should not fail to utilize their time to other sources or materials for learning.

    • jen says:

      *are carefully selected and the time they spend (not spent)…

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Jen,

      – Some spelling mistakes like “confirm”
      – information “is”
      – first sentence of first body paragraph has repetition of subject “TV”.
      – and first paragraph of the body does not explain anything in detail and has many central ideas so does not convince reader.

      – Keep topic sentence and supporting details in every paragraph clear. in first sentence write central idea and following sentences should include details to support central idea. This will make it easy for reader to know what actually you plan to discuss and explain.

      • jen says:

        I appreciate your feedback, Alam. I used conform as a synonym for agree so I think that is just fine. As for the first body of the essay, could have it been better if I have these statements mentioned following the sentence saying not all are suitable for the children?

        Some programs may have themes about violence, crime, or sex. Other plots may simply be for comedy or entertainment and do not really impart anything relevant.

        Could you please let me know what’s your predicted band score for what I wrote?

  7. jen says:

    *put into (not to) consideration…

  8. NanoMonster says:

    Task 2: Speaking.( not exact word by word )

    Describe a magazine you like reading.
    – what kind of magazine
    – when you started reading
    – why you like it

  9. karan says:

    Hi All,

    Can you please share the listening answers for the IDP test held on 17th May 2014.

  10. aiman says:

    Nowadays, television has become the most popular media of human kind. It is also the indispensable device in our daily life. Every thing contains good side and bad side and television is no exception.
    I strongly disagree to the statement that children should be encouraged to watch tv regularly at home and at school.Some of the major disadvantages of watching tv are as follows.Wasting time is one of the inherent disadvantage of watching TV. With that time , you can learn several language as well as finish some studying course. On the other hand , television programme are not always suitable for all ages.Sometimes , there are some movies containing sexual material and violence which can affect the stormy phase of growing of children and teenagers and should not be watched ,even by some adults. It will be extremely dangerous if parents neglect their children to discover the TV programme themselves as they will immediately take influence of what they see . To rectify this situation , parents must supervise their children ‘s TV watching throughout their childhood and adolescence period. In the aspect of health , spending hours watching TV is harmful to their eyesight . Children must be encouraged to play games, do exercises and spend more time in doing physical activities rather than wasting their precious time in watching tv.
    In contrast, I do agree to some extent with the fact that watching tv is a good way of educating children. Cable channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, History channel, CNN, BBC are a very good source of gaining information and keeping the children updated, by watching tv children can learn different languages and know about different cultures, customes, religions and traditions.
    The main conclusion seems to be that if watching tv in young age is not under the parental supervision, the negative effects out weigh the positive effects. Although it can be benifitial and educational if one is mindful of all the pros and cons of watching tv.

  11. aiman says:

    Nowadays, television has become the most popular media of human kind. It is also the indispensable device in our daily life. Every thing contains good side and bad side and television is no exception.
    I strongly disagree to the statement that children should be encouraged to watch tv regularly at home and at school.Some of the major disadvantages of watching tv are mentioned below.Wasting time is one of the inherent disadvantage of watching TV. With that time , you can learn several language as well as finish some studying course. On the other hand , television programme are not always suitable for all ages.Sometimes , there are some movies containing sexual material and violence which can affect the stormy phase of growing of children and teenagers and should not be watched ,even by some adults. It will be extremely dangerous if parents neglect their children to discover the TV programme themselves as they will immediately take influence of what they see . To rectify this situation , parents must supervise their children ‘s TV watching throughout their childhood and adolescence period. In the aspect of health , spending hours watching TV is harmful to their eyesight . Children must be encouraged to play games, do exercises and spend more time in doing physical activities rather than wasting their precious time in watching tv.
    In contrast, I do agree to some extent with the fact that watching tv is a good way of educating children. Cable channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, History channel, CNN, BBC are a very good source of gaining information and keeping the children updated, by watching tv children can learn different languages and know about different cultures, customes, religions and traditions.
    The main conclusion seems to be that if watching tv in young age is not under the parental supervision, the negative effects out weigh the positive effects. Although it can be benifitial and educational if one is mindful of all the pros and cons of watching tv.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Aiman,

      It is not a bad try to get 5.5 band. But if you work on organization of paragraph your band score may increase. Try to Keep one topic sentence in each paragraph of the body part and then support it well with other sentences. This will clear examiners mind that what actually you want to discuss. Giving many topic sentences mean that there is not one central idea and as a result paragraph becomes confusing.

      You need to write 3-4 more essay to get used to structure and effective writing skills.

  12. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    Question 1 (task 2)
    Television is a one of the leading source of information and entertainment worldwide. It puts positive as well as negative influence on every age group. Every individual should be encouraged on regular basis for promoting education in various ways.
    It should be considered that every equipment has drawbacks on one side but rather tv is accepted as a source of education for children can be agreed on various factors . Firstly children of growing age pursue it as a necessity for education, as like many educational programs being broadcasted all over which may surprisingly benefit everyone. Moreover many international conferences being telecasted to enhance the quality of education. Perhaps, however tv has created interest amongst young future generation. Furthermore it has brought up the mindset for getting advanced studies.
    Secondly, it promotes confidence and IQ level of young children as like many quiz competition programs, debate contest and so many research activities being shown to modify the talent of children. Similarly many intellectual competitions held in between different institutions showing the level of best quality education system is helpful as well as informative. Furthermore it keeps alert for new updates regarding governing system of education in entire world. Thus children has access to every educational commercials to get admission in top ranking institutions. As it describes deadline for entrance test and moreover updates about educational career expo that provides wide range of educational opportunities. Also new advertisements for opening job opportunities to bright up career . Thus I agree that children should be provided some time for watching tv to enhance the capabilities of current status of education.
    In conclusion, I personify that government should monitor broadcasting channels for promoting further quality based education for our future advancement in comparison of developed countries so far.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Mahek,

      – Do not use as like use “like”
      – children *have
      – put comma with furthermore and moreover (furthermore,…. moreover,…. )
      – All general points you want to explain in the body part should be explained in separate paragraphs.

  13. Aiman says:

    Dear Sir,

    I read about your hotel in an advertisement in the “Home exress” magazine.The most attractive thing to me is that I want to spend this weekend on a seaside area with my friends, to celebrate my 22nd birthday,and get involved in some water sport activities.
    Because your hotel has a good scope of sea view with plenty of water sports activities, like diving, surfing, water football which is the most I have interested in.

    I would like to know the availability and price for a sea view double room with air conditioner,music player and free internet access, from 24th may till 27th may, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide me with some information on the surrounding area in regards to restaurants, shopping centers, entertainments and other interesting places.

    Also I want you to make good arrangements for the breakfast and luch for 4 people, please let me know your tariff and availability of the dates I have mentioned and a cost comparison with the other week days.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    your’s faithfully

  14. RABAIL says:

    Task 2:
    Stress is getting very common in present than past.
    What do you think are the causes for it?
    what solutions do you suggest?

    Unfortunately, stress is playing a major role in our societies. Moreover, this disease is getting powerful day by day and affects every single human through many ways. However, there are several causes and their solutions to minimize these effects, respectively.
    There are numerous causes, developed stress in our environment. Firstly, unhealthy lifestyles including our daily food intake, fitness workouts and other chores increased stress amount. For example, nowadays, junk foods and soda beverages etc. are commonly used by people, which are instantly made but have dangerously high in calories, caffeine and other harmful nutrients. As a result, obesity and other diseases dramatically increases, which is major factor in producing stress hormones.
    Secondly, technology has influences globally. Even so, by using these machines, individual mind`s become more stressful. Because, people have been addicted towards technology. In particular, computer and mobile users continuously worked on their gadgets. By doing this, their restless mind induces high stress level.
    Conversely, to reduce this silent disease, I think the most obvious solution is to take care of your health, severely. Such as, People should add some exercises of maximum 2 to 3 hours, also take balanced and healthy diet ingredient and, give rest to their parts of body at daily basis routines. This would help them much more. A further step is to avoid multi-tasking, as people are used to work on 2-4 task at a time, thus creating stress sufficiently. One`s should concentrate only on one task which enhance their working quality as well as low their stress issues.
    In conclusion, in today`s busy life stress prevent techniques and exercises should be introduced by general physicians or other regarding sources, so everyone can get rid of this disease and cure itself as soon as possible.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Rabail,

      – First sentence is not logically correct. You may use it “negative major role”.
      – NO need to use Moreover, this would be excessive usage. Simply this is fine as it refers to stress.
      – Do not use comma before respectively.

      – Do not use second form of the verb for facts (“developed”,”increased”). Use first form for facts as you are not referring to past.
      – correction needed in this sentence “There are numerous causes which develop stress in our environment. ”

      Keep practicing Rabail,

  15. Raana says:

    Nowadays more and more jobs and task are done by machines which involve hard physical work. Advantages out number disadvantages.

    Today’s world, due to advancement in modern technology machines has placed the physical work done by humans, as a result unemployment has been increased through the world. Thus there are some advantages and disadvantages of using machinery in industrial area.
    However, the manual work has been replaced by machinery in many industrial sector which in result cause of poverty and increase in crime rate in the under developed countries. Take USA an example, according to their labour department statistic shows millions of secretary job has been vanished from the market due to advance technology as most of the data availability can be kept in computer . Thus it is obvious that their negative impact of machinery in work place.

    Furthermore , dependency of technology can collapse any business very easily for example auto mobile industries most of the production is done by robots , if this machine collapsed error accrued the whole system can be break down , as a result it can delay the order and production time as well. Therefore it is clear that too much dependency on machinery can bring negative impact to company thus replacing workers by machine is not save always.

    In short it is true that through machinery production will be fast but it can not replace human, moreover as it is increase the unemployment rate all over the world it cannot bring advantage for human being. it is expected that machinery will act as a supplement to human and aid to work properly.

  16. Zulqarnain Awan says:

    In modern World stress has become part of human life and is becoming common in people of every age. It is defined as mental and physical fatigue that one undergoes due to work overload, family problems, fear of different things, uncertainty and insecurity about life or due to any other cause.
    In my opinion, there are two main causes behind increasing stress in everyone’s life. Firstly, the World has become more materialistic now, every professional and worker desires to earn more and more money and that results in increase in stress. For instance, people usually work more than their work hours just to get extra money for their extra job hours that obviously causes work overload and which causes stress in life.
    In a similar way, another reason behind increasing stress among people is their fear and uncertainty about life security due to terrorist attacks, target killings, lack of rule of law and other such ever increasing menaces. For example people live in a constant fear that they might get killed anywhere without any reason or any terrorist might blast himself while they are doing shopping etc. and such fears keep people in a condition of stress.
    However, in my opinion, stress is an issue that can easily be solved by taking a few measures. first of all people should stop running after more money and they should only jobs during their work hours and after that they should relax themselves by spending some time with family or friends. Secondly, government should improve the law and order situation so that citizens could lead a peaceful and stress free life.
    Conclusively, I would say that, although stress is becoming more common in present as compare to past but it is a self-created problem that can be solved through suitable remedial solutions.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Zulgarnain,

      – In first sentence you have repeated statement two times.
      – Use comma after such words (fisrt of all, fisrtly, for example)
      – This is a good try .

      Expected band for this essay is 6.5 Band

  17. Noman says:

    Watching TV is an effective way of educating children. Children should be encouraged to watch TV regularly at home and at school.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

    Time has changed so are the methods of learning and developing. There was time when Television was a luxury item whereas now it is necessity of life. Whether it is used for Entertainment, News or Education, it is one of the best technologies world has.
    I totally agree to the fact, whether it is School or Home, watching TV should be a part of Student’s timetable. Parents at home & Teachers at school should be responsible for making children’s sit & watch TV for some time. There are number of informative channels like National Geographic & Discovery which run many useful programs. From the beginning if children’s are following them under the supervision of parents; it can be very useful for them to grasp knowledge imparted in school. We have channels in different languages; one can make use of it in understanding a new language. Children’s can always follow the news channel to be up-to-date with the World.
    Parents should not leave their children to watch TV alone. They should always encourage them to understand the positive aspect of watching TV and should take care that children don’t get addicted to any TV program.
    Every Technology in the World has 2 sides, positive and negative; it all depends on the individual how they make use of it. Using the TV in a positive way can benefit our children in many ways. Same used negatively can destroy the whole generation.

  18. two and two make four

  19. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    Task 2 class assignment
    Stress has become common problem in every individual’s life. Present situation has various diversity to cause stress depending on your own inducing thoughts, behaviours and feelings. Stress mainly refers to significant negative consequences. If you don’t get a handle on stressful situation , it may become long term, put great influence and seriously interferes with job, family life and health.
    Causes of stress are various depending upon situational factors. Work stress is major consequence which mainly includes increasing working hours, having more workload, poor management, facing discrimination at work and also uncooperative environment . In addition , life stresses has different strategy involving death of loved ones, loss of employment, increasing financial issues, traumatic events and inappropriate sleep mainly triggers the stress. Furthermore , stress level can be triggered depending on personality and reaction of responses such as mood changes, altered behaviours, fear and uncertainty , unrealistic expectations, and so far different perceptions. These all factors put ones life at risk of danger. Consequently one can suffer from physical as we’ll as mental health related problems.
    Although, life provides numerous demands that can prove difficult to handle but to cope up with all stressful events , there are number of ways describing how to get rid of stress and maintain overall well being . Firstly, to avoid stressors and involving yourself in relaxing atmosphere by meeting family friends by sharing ideas and problems, indulging yourself into certain compromises , adjusting high standards and leading best quality life, to be more assertive and positive enough to face the reality of life, controlling emotions prove to be better way out and hence to be happy rather to get worry on small happenings of life. Secondly , to follow the basic principles of life that can be a leading cause of success. For instance, managing time properly results in efficient quality of work, willing to compromise creates inner satisfaction, to be expressive enough instead of bottling then up, always down to the earth creates sense of positivity for everyone, and learn to forgive instantly all mentioned factors become a key role for a successful life.
    Lastly, various health tips and advises being provided by health professionals to cope up the triggering situation of stress such as life style modification including proper balanced diet, daily walkouts for exercises and jogging improves the status of healthy life. In addition to that, daily intake of fresh fruits and juices can help to maintain healthy diet, progressive relaxation by interacting more socially can limit the stress somehow. However , certain psychotherapists, and cognitive therapies aids improvements in personal attitudes.
    In conclusion, I must say that present modern technology has increased the demands of well qualified workers putting them in more stress full situations as compare to past life.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Dr. Meena,


      – There should be article “a” before common.

      – Overall i can see improvement with few errors

      Keep practicing Dr Meena.

  20. reeta says:

    In today fast running and technical dependent world make people’s life in stress.Stress is a major problem that can have detrimental effect on many people’s lives and there are various factors which are responsible for this however there are also many ways to minimize this.

    Firstly unhealthy life style of people is now a day’s most common cause of stress including improper intake of food, work load, inadequate sleep. For example today generation prefer to eat fast foods and different types of beverages to drink dislike homemade healthy foods which our ancestors liked to eat, as fast food do not complete body’s calories requirement as a result they have to suffer dangerous health problem like Obesity , Stroke, Blood pressure and lifelong running Diabetes.
    secondly work related stress can be established to any employ to any time, As number of workers have pressured to perform perfectly, fairly and profitably by their officers, due to lack of related skills, long hours duty each day.

    Finally there issues of terrorism that are constantly informed by media whether they are real or not we led to believe our lives are in danger to think about whether return to home safe or not.

    Tackling these problem will not easy, but there are measure that can be taken to sort schedule of exercising regularity as this has been seemed to increase endorphin level and lead to feel happy in that progress health as for as concert to work employer should encourage worker to relax and train how to plan their time more effectively, working hours should be reduce so that people can spend time with families .

    In conclusion, I would say that, although stress is more common in today word as compare to past. Strain we face today likely get worse, ignore it is not an option but get solution is better.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Reeta,

      – First sentence is grammatically not organized which should be “Today’s fast lifestyle and technological dependent world has made our lives stressful.”

      – Use comma after coherence phases like Firstly,… Secondly,… Finally,…
      – This is a good try but some grammar mistakes. Which do not effectively express ideas well.

      Keep practicing by writing essays and looking at some good samples

      – you will get 6.0 band for it.

  21. zulqarnain says:

    sir check my task…nd tell me how many bands i can score…….thnx

  22. Alam Alam says:

    This essay is from SOha, Nagan chorangi, Karachi

    Tv is giving a wide coverage about all over the world trough which children, adults are getting knowledge and awareness about everything. Now a days many programs including educational, fun & games activity types programmed specially for children are coming on tv and are serving to children to enhance their abilities and learn about the things. Not only this some programs are specially designed for elder children that gives knowledge how to proceed in their lives after graduation and all such types of programs are playing an important role to educate them.

    But here I would argue that watching tv an extra activity it’s okay that some programs on tv runs for giving knowledge to children but not every program serves the same aim. School is a educational place where a child teaches to acquire the different skills in future, watching tv in school would die the purpose of going to school.

    In conclusion parents should encourage their children to watch tv during their leisure time but to be in certain circle but school is a educational place so keep it value remains

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Soha,

      – You have mixed introduction with one body paragraph.
      – There is over-generalization in your paragraphs.
      – Punctuation is missing in many places.
      – This essay has some grammar errors.

      Over all you will get 5.0 Band for it.

  23. reeta says:

    Now a day’s watching T.V is one of the ways to advance knowledge for children. As it is source of entertainment for all age group everybody watch T.V to relax after stressful work, as for concert for children I believed that children watch to entertain more than to learn.

    Although Television is that source of media through that child can get lot of information that can be benefit in their studies, many countries of word broadcast so many educational’s programs like Quiz, general knowledge, mathematics and many tough subjects so that children can progress knowledge and using these technics in solving the problem of their studies . In addition to this many kids are keen of watching cartoon channels, most of the cartoon channels broadcast by English countries as a result they can improve English language.

    On the other hand there are so many children are encourage to watch T.V specially during school holidays, it seemed that they become stick to T.V and become away from education like they do not want to do homework not interested in other activities therefore they become lazy and remain lethargic. Moreover continues watching has negative impact on health most common effect on eye sight as well as muscular problem.

    Lastly in my view parents and teachers should encourage children to watch T.V in particular time not to spend whole day and should watch those channels which can benefit them in studies purpose as well as extra activities.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Reeta,

      – You have used “as” in the second sentence in introduction part. You could have used “it” than repeating TV in second sentence. before “I believe” you should use full stop to end sentence. In the second sentence there is another reason so you should use addition linking word. Second sentence could be error free if you write this way.

      “Now a day’s watching T.V is one of the ways to advance knowledge for children. As it is also a source of entertainment for all group after stressful work pattern or studies. I believe, children should watch it to entertain more than learn.”

      Body first Paragraph

      – You have used “child” as singular which should be plural as you are not discussing one child but more in general.
      – Do not use “be” before benefit as it is already verb.
      – Comma should be replaced with full stop.
      – The word “word” is missing “L” letter.

      Body second paragraph
      – encourage verb is passage which should be third form “encouraged”
      – after “holidays” there should be full stop not comma.
      – after moreover there should be comma and phrase next to it is not clear.

      Keep practicing Reeta….

  24. Alam Alam says:

    From Junaid, Soldier Bazar, Karachi

    Stress is getting very common in present than past
    What do you think are the causes for it
    What solution do you suggest

    Stress problem is now common because people give lots of time to work they do two shifts for their future and also some new technology in past they did not use this technology but in present they have to understand and used it that way it is common in present.
    People are getting in stress because of the situation facing in present the new technology increasing now a days is hard to learn how to use it in past they are working with their mind but now they have to use the computer it is not easy to understand it take lots of time in working with technology people are working in two shifts just to survey for their future some people have to see their home work also after office work that way people are getting to much stress.
    However their is a solution if people do some activity that can changer her mind from work and get relax for example: They can take part in sports and do exercise or they can join the gym to change their focus from work stress now a days they did not have the working time they have to give full time in past they have their timing for work because of this people facing the stress problem that way they can not get space from work to rest and for chill with friends.
    In the past people get lots of time with friends because they get less work and they get the time for rest and for family in past situation is good people are free to do what they want to and in present people are in force to get lots of stress from work in their life.
    In Conclusion People can easily get free from stress by doing their work in time and involved in sports activity and do some physical exercise in gym because of it they can get less stress in their life.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Junaid,

      – Same case is here, your essay is not smooth to read because of grammar. Somewhere you use past tense for fact, make punctuation errors or have other clauses errors.

      As your exam is on the corner and you need 6 band, do well in other modules. Writing more than 250 may get you 5 band or 5.5. So you are advised to write more words which may show some of your good Vocabulary, grammar or cohesion and coherence.

  25. Alam Alam says:

    From Junaid, Solder Bazar, Karachi

    Watching TV is an effective way of educating children. Children should be encouraged to watch TV regularly at home and at school.
    To what extend do u agree or disagree with this.

    Watching TV is an way of education for children but some channel shows educating activity they encourage children to watch TV.

    However TV watching is not to be regularly at home or in school because children get aware from education and watching TV to much it loss their focus in studies some time TV did not encourage but it give bad habit with their show to children in which they can not learn any thing unless they did not want to studies they always demand to watch TV.

    Children some time get motivated by TV because of some channel encourage by their activity show and for learning English Skills it helps children to understand word to word by it activity in school they can used TV for giving knowledge for education and it give some tips for studies it good to be use in school it help for studies to show some activity children get new ideas beside studies because all the time studies children could not hold with there focus on education it good to be use this kind of activity it motivate children for study.

    Some time i agree with TV because now a days watching TV is benefit for children to learn from it and get confidence it seems they are showing courses of English speaking even they can give some tips for children to get the focus and get good marks. I disagree with TV when they show some bad things that not good for children.

    in conclusion Watching TV is an effective way for children in which they can learn and see some good activity that help in children education.

  26. Amber says:

    Q: In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing.
    What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them?

    People of some countries having problems which is decreasing health and fitness from number of average weight. Most of them eat junk food, some people sleeps on wrong timings and instead of practical work people having everything in new technology at one place.
    The average weight of people is increasing because instead of homes people having junk food from outside. Mostly everyday eating from outside makes their taste buds use to. For example, working parents do not get time they give money to their child or they buy them something to eat.Children get use to it and developed taste from outside junk foods which effects on their health and fitness.
    Some people woke up early for their job. After a day they get time to give themselves, friends or family. For instance, after a day people get tired they need some time to fresh. They watch movies or t.v shows late night. Some of them spend time with friends at home or outside because of it the sleeping time is decreased which effect on them.
    Most of the jobs are related to new technology by the use of internet. People sitting at one place manage their work all over the world. For example, people are working at one place they don’t get enough exercise or movement. Sometimes they eat their food at same place. Most of the time spend at one place which is also cause effect. They should move from one place to another which changes their environment and let them have a exercise.
    People eat junk food from outside, by sleeping on a wrong time and spend lots of time sitting on one chair can effect on health and fitness. The harmons get disturbed. Nowadays in some countries people are use to it their lifestyles are changed and they are just following present. They adopt the lavish lifestyles.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Ambreen,

      – First corrected sentence “People in some countries have problems which decrease health and fitness from over weight.
      – second sentence the word “sleeps” is wrong which should be “sleep”.
      – this phrase can not be understood “people having everything in new technology at one place.”

      Para. 1
      – First sentence you have used “because instead of” which is confusing.
      – First sentence is not clear. You could write it this way “The average weight of people is increasing because people have junk food outside.”
      – “child” should be plural as “children”.
      – Instead of using children you could have used reference pronoun like “they”.
      – The correct form is “get used to” in which “d” is missing.
      – developed taste is having “d” extra so correct form would be “develop taste”.
      Para. 2
      – This paragraph has repetition of “they”.
      – the third last word of this paragraph should be “effects”
      Para. 3
      – first sentence in this para is not clear logically.
      – “people are working” should be present simple “people work” as it shows fact not continuous activity.
      – there should be “is” before spend and spend should be used as third form “spent”.
      – Again third last word of second last sentence should be third person singular “effects”.
      – similarly “let” world in the last sentence should be “lets”.
      – conclusion is not appropriate for this topic. You have discussed details not concluded topic.

      You will get 5.5 for this essay.

  27. imtiaz ali says:

    Topic “Fatherhood ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood the idea that women are solely responsible for deciding weather or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are also responsible for bringing the children” to what extent do you agree or disagree….
    from ( Dr Imtiaz Ali Kalwar),, need you help sir ALAM SAHIB

    I believe that child rearing should be the responsibility of both parents and that, whilst the roles within that partnership may be different.
    In ancient times, when females were more likely to be housewife,they were more responsible for growth and care of a child.But now a days, scenario has been completely changed,mother as well as father are equal responsible for taking any decision regarding their children.
    To a child the mother is the image of love and security, because the mother is the giver of life to child and child is totally dependent on the mother both biologically and emotionally.on other hand to a child the father is the image of love and strength, because every child looks up to his/her father, regardless if the father is strongest guy on the block.
    Both parents have roles there fore in the faith formation of their child.more over ,in most of the families both parents are working. subsequently its their duty to look after each and every thing required by child and they have to manage their working time along with the child care.so fatherhood showed also ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood.
    The idea varies from person to person, from family to family depending upon the environment and culture they live and have grown up.
    some people think that mothers duty is just bounded to look after their child at home and father duty to take care of other things such as education,finance etc. but i am totally disagree with this view,since we could not divide the responsibilities of a child according to their convince.
    My personal openion is that both parents are equally responsible for raising their children. A child need both his/her father and mother while growing up.
    I n conclusion , I am of the openion that both the parents are equally responsible for bringing up their kid.this will help to avoid conflict between the couple and is good for the child psychologically.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Dr Imtiaz,

      – Few grammatical mistakes.
      – Reference is lacking.
      – Need to improve Coherence and Cohesion.
      – Vocabulary needs to be improved if you are looking forward to 7 or 7+.

      you will get 6 Band for this.

  28. Haroon says:

    Topic : According to the American film editor John R. “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life” How important it is for individuals and countries to think about the future rather than focusing on the present?

    Future is immense importance in one’s lif. I beleive that individuals as well as countries must focus on future rather than present.

    Obtaining better education must be aim of life. One who’s education is not upto the mark should try to do effort to get his / her children best level of education. Although, people have lack of resources but with little effort can explore many ways like help from doner agencies, charities, government scholership schemes. Disappointment of today can be a major hinderance in changing the future. One’s thinking should not be bounded by present.

    Second most important agenda must be to achieve better life style as compared to present. If one thinks that where he is born, grows up and lives is the only place and does explore better opportunites is actually wasting time. One must think beyond the borders and explore other evenues through which life style can be improved. Countries must spend on develpment of the best infrastrucure, ensure best health facililities and better life style for its people.

    Coping with change is an important element of tomorrow. Advancement in technology and resulting changes in working style needs to adopted. One admant to change may survive at present but future is not guarantee. Organizations may prefer to hire young people ready to accept any changes in technology and ultimately one may have to loose his / her job. The benefits of technolgy could be saving in time, cost and energy. Similarly, countries that have adopted the technology changes are getting benefit in the from economies of scale, producing goods / servies at low cost and competing with other countries e.g China, India.

    To conclude which I would rightly say that future is your actual destination and one shoulc put efforts to attain maximum advantages from it.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Haroon,


      – Letter “e” is missing in first sentence.
      – thesis statement is simple.


      first para.
      – word “who’s” should be “whose” showing possession.
      – spelling for the scholarship is wrong.
      – spelling for the word Hindrance is wrong.

      second para.
      – Message in second sentence is not clear.
      – Opportunities word has wrong spelling.
      – other four words’ spelling is not correct either.

      third para.

      – this para has spelling mistakes as well.

      – conclusion is OK.


      – work on spelling mistakes
      – Keep practicing to get used to effective writing skills.
      – When you write essay go for proof reading.

  29. tazeen says:

    Pls share the answers of listening and reading questions of 17th may idp test

  30. mariam says:

    dear sir i intend to appear in july for ielts exam and need to score 7 band,so would you please check my easy and guide me.
    “Prevention is better than cure”
    Out of country’s health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and prevention measurement.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
    You should use own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidences
    One highly controversial issue today relates to whether to spend all national funds for impediment rather than treatment of illness or not. In this easy I am going to examine this question from both point of views and then give my own perspective on the matter
    On one side of argument there are people who argue that the benefits of use up finances for avoidance disease considerably outweigh its disadvantages. The main reason for believing this is that it is likely to cost effective to educate the peoples and specialized nationwide publicity campaign than spending huge amount of money for treatment of illness at advance stage. one good illustration of this is public awareness and education against active and passive smoking not only prevent highly morbid diseases like diabeties,cardiovascular,lung and bladder and also social and economical crises for sufferers, their families and state.
    On the other hand, it is also possible to make the apposing case. It is after argued that in fact funding more to preventive measures may worsen the condition like developed countries already have deficiencies of resources for the basic and life saving treatment for emergency situations. for instance, blood loss ,due to major trauma,accidents,pregnancy related complications ,hospitals have lack of medical staff ,life saving medicines so fixing less budget for cure will act like adding fuel in fire
    In my opinion, both arguments have their merits. On balance, however, I intend to believe that Government not only implement properly modeled programs for prevention but provide facilities for unpreventable diseases as well by keeping balance in budget allotment.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Mariam,

      – words “use up” and “avoidance” is not in proper form.
      – “peoples” should be “people”
      – “prevent” needs to have third person singular form “prevents”
      – many other long sentence structural mistakes.


      – Need to improve complex sentence formation. when you make long sentence some of the phrases do not make sense or are not logical grammar wise.

      5.5 Band essay
      Keep practicing….

  31. mariam says:

    i really appreciate your prompt answer.i eager to know weather my way of answer is correct and covered all aspects of answer or not.can you please guide me regarding complex sentences .i have been working my this weak pont but have failed to do so.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Find a teacher near you to cover such points. i can not explain them much much in this platform. If you live in Karachi , come to Aisha Bawany..

  32. Jenny Long says:

    Topic: Blogs on web are very effective ways for people to express their ideas and relieve tensions.What is your opinion?

    My essay is below.Please give me comments in case my target is 5.5 .

    Blogs have been popular recent years thank to the increase of users. There is a true fact that people use Blog as a place to share their opinions.Meanwhile, it is utilized to reduce tensions . In fact, some people believe that it is not a safe way to do such these things on Blog. In this essay, I will examine two points of view and then give my own perspective on this matter.

    It can not be argued that Blog enables netizens to indicate their ideas easily.For example, people who are shy have more chances to show their thought without embarrassment on Blog. Furthermore, users have more time to give out their thinking as well as opinions .They can not express their stories for long time in a meeting where time is limited. Another reason makes Blog become effective manner to share stories and receive care from the others is that It is quite convenience. By this I mean, people tend to be so stressful and then they do not have time for their families as well as friends while they are living in a hectic life. Therefore, Blog is such a convenient way to care about their beloved friends instead of travelling to somewhere else to meet them.

    On the other hand, there is some facts that need to be considered, besides Blog’s advantages. The most considerable point that people concern about sharing information on Blog is safety. To be more specific, Internet is very sensible place where netizens’s information ares easily hacked by Black Hackers. Moreover, users might receive non-verbal abuse from strangers on Blog.Consequently, It causes lifelong damage to victims’s lives.

    In conclusion, although problems still exists in using Blog, however I am convinced that Its merits outweigh drawbacks.So I believe that If Blog users pay adequate attention to security in the Internet, this social network will bring them more chances to bring up ideas and share events.

  33. […] IELTS in Karachi, ielts in clifton, ielts in DHA, IELTS teacher preparation in. Pages Navigation Menu. Home · IELTS Articles · Classes Schedule … IELTS writing exam question # 1. Country : Australia, Singapore,Mongolia Date : 17/05/2014 ….  […]

  34. Jenny Long says:

    Can anyone help me out with my essay? I’m gonna take Ielts on June 7, 2014. I would greatly appreciate your help.

  35. Fatima Naz says:

    Some people say success can be achieved through hard work and determination. Others argue it is reached by using money and personal appearance. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Some people grumble that success can be achieved through hard working and self determination whereas, others contend this belief and strictly argue that success is a recipe of money and physical appearance.
    In our daily life, we have so many examples from the past and present as well related to the life of national and international heroes who achieved a lot of fame and recognition through work, determination and consistency. I want to throw some light upon the successful journey of American President, Mr. Obama. No one knows that this man, who has not a great political background will become the president of the United States of America. When he was asked to share his secret of success, he said only one sentence; try, try and try again. Hard work gives human personality a confidence in real life which he cannot gain by using money or personal appearance.
    Due to political instabilities and lack of infrastructure, some people have changed the approach of success. In many countries, influential hypocrites took advantage of the system flaws and introduce their own way of reaching a target or goal. We can see many examples of such cases across the globe. Governments are equally responsible for the expansion of this approach.
    In my opinion, there is no alternative to hard work and self determination. We should keep our focus in the right path and ignore system flaws. I believe, a hard working individual will always be awarded in real life in terms of success, target and achievements.

  36. noman ashfaq says:

    It is certainly believed that movies and games play an important role in personality development and nowadays it is very common to watch or play games on daily basis. Almost 90 percent of the entertaining stuff are coming with a violence which considerably affects an individuals’ mind.As a consequences, many of the people are against it existence.However others think that it is just a great way to spend time and it should not be banned.

    on the one hand , violence in movies and games play a major role in increasing crime.For instance, before the advent such movies and games the crime was only 25% as compared to now this survey was conducted by one of the best terrorism agencies of the world.Movies makes the criminal a hero and a role model which encourage people to adopts them.

    furthermore,violence movies are the main reason for racism and discrimination because such movies and games teach young generation to treat someone badly due to their and origin.In addition to this, violence movies often convey a message of treating people aggressively is great thing.
    In contrast games and movies allow to do activities what cannot be done in real life.Importance of games cannot be denied because it is the main source developing creativity in an individual.it also has uncountable advantages. such as ,sighting seeing of those places where an individual cannot go and great of relaxation after hard day.
    However, in general,i consider violence movies should be banned due to it severe affects and i also believe i does not make any difference in anyway.Banning violence movies and games would really decrease level of hatred among people.

  37. amber says:

    Unfortunately, majority people are in science and technology and minority are working as an artist. Nowadays, artist also plays a important role they share their thoughts and ideas. However, they also shows their internal feelings from different perspectives.
    Firstly, when an artist writes a script or an article they write the reality base which they have seen or gone through from those stages. However, people who can not express their feelings watch the same situation get attract to it. They feel relax when their internal feelings is conveyed. For example, After getting married some youth do not listen to their parents. They give value and respect to their wife in place of parents. When they watch the same situation on T.V then they get to know about their mistakes. In result, they try to improve their mistakes which they have done in past and apologize their parents for their misbehave and learn from it.
    Secondly, there are few artist they do not share about their personal life but they convey their message indirectly. However, some people who are crazy fan find out the internal feelings because of it they get impressed and try to adopt. For example, a painter expresses it’s thoughts, ideas and messages on it’s own painting instead of saying it they express it in painting. Nowadays, you cannot share your problems with any one because some of them take advantage of it. So, there is a other way of sharing. In result, people can capture the picture but they cannot take the advantage of it in words. It is an easy way of sharing securely in indirect way which is appreciated by people.
    To sum up, I personally think, In this vast era still scope of arts is alive. It is slightly less then science and technology but other way of conveying message is still appreciated by people.

  38. Rohan says:

    Hi all,

    I am planning to give IELTS GT from IDP Singapore in August, kindly give me some tips or topics i can expect for writing and speaking.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Well, practice topics given on my website for three months. You can find them in “RECENT IELTS EXAM QUESTIONS” which contains all previous exam questions in different countries. Do not worry about country, just practice them and get used to the pattern.

    • Alam Alam says:

      you can write and post your essay here, if i have time , will check it.

  39. NS says:

    Healthcare for children.

    One of the parameters that define quality of life in 21st first century is the availability of healthcare. One of the most important section of the society which should be within the reachability of healthcare is children as this section not only determines the future of the society/county it also plays vital roles in continuation of the human race. In today’s world where we have very high child mortality rate it should be every government and society’s responsibility to make sure each child receives required health services as an essential right and not a luxury.

    In most of the poor and developing countries where healthcare is very expensive and in very difficult to obtain due to less number of effective hospitals and health institutions we often witness high child mortality rate. In such countries it authorities should perceive Health care as one of the very basic necessities for living and work towards providing effective healthcare to its citizen especially the children who suffer the most due to such deprivations.

    Child health care is not only important in poor and developing countries rather it is equally important in developed counties. for example if we look at few western countries like Germany where population growth is depreciating in such countries providing effective health care to each child is very important as the growth of population is already declining.

    Hence no matter which part of the world it is, Health care for children should be the top most priority for any government.

    can you please asses this.

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