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Recent ielts exam writing and speaking questions 10 may 2014

Recent ielts exam writing and speaking questions 10 may 2014


10 may 2014




speaking questions


Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 1

Location : Karachi

Talk about a film you like
you should say:

  • which film it is
  • When you watched it
  • where you watched it

and explain what you liked about this film

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 2

Location : Bangladesh, Kuwait, UK

Talk about a magazine that you read.

You should say:

  • What magazine it is.
  • When you read it.
  • what articles you read in it.

and explain why it is so interesting.

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 3

Location : India

Talk about the help you do to others

You should say:

  • When do you help them?
  • Whom do you help?
  • What do you do to help others?

and explain what you get when you help others

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 4 it

Location : Iraq

Talk about a sport that you like

You should say:

  • What sport you like.
  • When you play it.
  • Who you play it with.

and explain why you play it

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 5

Location : Australia

Describe an occasions when you met your old friend again.

You should say:

  • who the friend is
  • when did you meet him or her
  • what did you talked about with your friend

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 6

Location : New Zealand

Describe your first phone.

You should say:

  • When you got it.
  • who gave it to you.
  • How long you used it

and explain how you used it or like about it

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 7

Location : England

Describe a garden or a park that you visited

You should say:

  • where it is
  • When you go there
  • whom you go with

and explain why you like it

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 8

Location: UK

Describe something that you has shared in your life.
You should say:

  • what you shared
  • who you shared it with
  • When you shared it

an explain how you felt about sharing

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 9

Location : Saudi Arab

Describe something that you recently forget.

You should say:

  • What was it.
  • When  was it
  • Where was it

and explain what happened after that.

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 10

Location : Sri Lanka, Iraq, Pakistan

Describe a positive experience you came across during teenage.

You should say:

  • what experience it was.
  • When you experienced it.
  • Where was it

and explain how you felt about it

 Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 10

Talk about a law that you like in your country

You should say:

  • what law it is
  • Is it new or old.
  • Do people follow it.

and explain why you like this law.

Speaking questions 10 may 2014 # 11


Writing questions

Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 01

location : Australia             Dated : 10/05/14

Task 1

As women and man working full time, household duties should be divided equally.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 02

location : Australia               Dated : 10/05/14

Task 2

The roads in the world’s major cities are a problem, drivers cannot drive freely.

What problem does it cause to individual people in daily lives?

How can individual help to reduce the traffic problem?

Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 03

location : Australia                 Dated : 10/05/14

Task 1

A diagram illustrating process of soft cheese

Task 2

In some countries, women as well as men have full-time jobs. Both should share their responsibilities ( looking after children or cleaning.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 04

location :Mongolia                    Dated : 10/05/14

Task 1

Process for making soft cheese

Task 2

In many countries today, man and woman work full-time. It’s therefore logical that men and women should share household tasks equally. (e.g. cleaning and looking after children)

To what extent, do you agree or disagree in this statement?

Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 05

location : Azerbaijan, Pakistan, India, Russia                 Dated : 10/05/14

Task 1

A diagram (picture, actually) describing the desalination process.

Task 2

Young people are  involved in criminals activities.

What are the causes of it?

what solution would you suggest? 

Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 06

Location : Australia, Ukraine     Test type : General training

Task 1 – Letter

Your children are learning foreign language at school. Someone introduced you the private teacher .

Write a letter to the teacher
-tell about your children
-what sort of help they need
– ask the teacher his previous experience

Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 07

Location : India, Nepal, UK   Type: General Training

Task 1:

Write to the manager of a sports club to inform about the problem you are facing.

  • Why you joined the club.
  • What the problem is
  •  what u want manager to do.


Companies are selling more and more products.

Do the advantage of this outweigh the disadvantage?

Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 08

Location : Nepal       Type : General Training


Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 09


Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 10


Recent IELTS writing exam questions # 11



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  1. Gagan says:

    i appeared in 10 may 2014 ielts General Training test,,

    Taask 1 Letter about complaining problems with sports club to manager of club
    Task 2The essay was on companies selling their products across the world,is it advantage or disadvantage .

  2. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    Task 2 exam writing question 3
    Due to financial problems , some countries where women as well as men are having jobs for full time, they completely do work outs to overcome the financial crises.
    Both should share equal responsibility to carry out house hold activities can be agreed in this way firstly modern society has increased demands of children for buying good ranking stuff including expensive toys, latest mobiles, I pads and play stations.
    Secondly government has increased the rates of taxes on every either machinery or non machinery equipments, also expensive colleges and universities , their admission fee structure raising day by day. It makes both partners to share responsibility in order to reduce the burden of all activities and children will be experiencing motivational attitude towards both parents.
    In conclusion , I consider that both partners share responsibilities in order to reduce over burden stress of this raising financial issues worldwide.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Mehak,

      Improving following mistakes

      – Word limit is less than 250
      – Do not use present continuous “men have jobs”
      – After machinery equipments there should be full stop
      – Give more supporting details to each general idea in body paragraphs to make it more convincing.

      Keep practicing…

  3. Dr Adnan says:

    global modernization has made it inevitable for either man or women to ignore the importance of household activities. Though, patriarchal mindset still prevails and personifies male dominant society, resulting in women working more at home. However, Personally, I disagree, as household duties should be divided in equal proportion among male and female. 
             First of all, women doing most of house work clearly illustrates lack of sanity in society.As, women’s right is tantamount to men’s right.Furthermore,it exhibits disparity among two genders. As a result, women suffers from inferiorty complex. 
            Secondly, due to competitive working field of both men and women, literally forcing them both to work full-time. So,in the same way the house related work should also be done in similar manner. For instance, husband and wife working outside for 8 hours daily and when they return back home, divides the home task equally as both of them are equally tired. Subsequently, averts the transcending of burden limit. 
             Thirdly and most importantly, man and women sharing house work equally brings the sensation of equality,justice and fairness among them.Furthermore, it also give them an oppurtunity to spend more time together, doing household duties side by side. For example, husband and wife washing dishes,cleaning house and cooking together. Subsequently, bring them more closer to eachother. 
              In the conclusion, gender disparity should be shunned, as inequality and partiallity in doing daily house work are the clear nemesis of home peace, so house members should get rid of them by realising the gravity of the situation. 

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Dr. Adnan,

      improve following mistakes

      – keep man plural “men”
      – women is plural so it the verb should be “suffer”
      – present simple for fact “force them”
      – Third person singular mistake “it also gives”
      – Third person singular “brings them”
      – sentences have not been connected well in the second paragraph of the body “return back home, divides the home task”.

      Keep practicing..

      – some

  4. reeta says:

    The concept of only women can take responsibility of house has become old now. I strongly believe that it is also responsibility of men. There are several reasons which i want to explain in following.
    The most important reason in today modern world, women are also working outside for the sake of earning money as she can help her husband in expenses of house, along with that they also look after their houses in proper way making meals, cleaning, helping their kids in education point of view etc. but on the other hand men only doing his job if men help with women in house work like in cleaning house, washing dishes. This will bring balance duties of both partners.
    Secondly, from psychological point of view. Women who are working 24 hours in day become depressive due to fatigues and they also feel lonely and thought that her husband is not giving time to her, so that if they equally divide their duties with mutually understanding along with working together they can spend time with each other that will bring strong relationship between them.
    Finally from children caring point of view, as women spend large amount of time with their children, it is obvious that child will be deprived of father love, so that children are more dependent on women less close to father.
    In conclusion, in my point of view both men and women should mutually divide their work by doing this they can live happily life.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Reeta,

      Your essay has following weak areas that you need to improve.

      – construction of some sentences is not clear.
      – Do not use present continuous for facts “women also work outside”
      – second time present continuous which should be “men only do their jobs”
      – Second paragraph there should not be full stop as sentence is not complete. “point of view, women who”
      – again there is present continuous which should be present simple tense “women who work 24 hours”
      – do not use past for facts use present simple “think that ”
      – Do not use singular reflexive pronouns like his or her because subject is plural so use “their” instead.
      – child word is singular which should be pluaral “children” as you are not discussing about one individual child.

      overall improve your sentence construction in which ideas do not flow smoothly.

      You will get 5.5 for this essay.

  5. Zulqarnain Awan says:

    Now a days World’s economy is growing at a very high rate and to make both ends meet men and women have started doing full-time jobs. I believe that as women have started sharing men’s responsibility of running the financial matters of house, similarly it is duty of men to share the house hold duties of women.
    In my opinion, if only one of men or women is held responsible for all the house hold duties along with full-time job can have three major drawbacks. Firstly, all domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing etc. will be mismanaged because a person who comes from a full time job cannot handle all these domestic works alone. Secondly, everyone in the family in general and children in particular will suffer because children always need special care and concentration of their parents, however, if parents do their jobs without sharing the children’s responsibility than that will be disastrous for children’s future. And the last but not least drawback of not sharing the house hold responsibilities will be overburden for the person with extra duties and that over burden can cause depression which can lead to mental distress and other health issues.
    Conclusively, I would say that in order to lead a peaceful and prosperous life it is necessary to share the financial duties through full-time jobs but sharing of house hold duties is also that much important because that will help men and women to lead a healthy ,smooth and happy life.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Zulqarnain,

      There are following mistakes in your essay.

      – First body paragraph’s first line you have use men or women plural but there you used “is” which should be “are”.
      – You should use “they” for children than repeating same word.
      – Before However there should be full stop.
      – the following sentence is conditional which should be “if parents do their jobs without sharing the children’s responsibility,that will be disastrous for children’s future”
      – in the last sentence of a body paragraph , you have repeated the word for which you could use pronoun instead.

  6. Reeta says:

    In some countries young people are encouraged to work or to travel for a year between finishing high school and starting universities studies……

    After completing intermediate studies every people want to relax or to enjoy their life before going in to most stressful stage of life. The trend is not only restricted to rich students who have money to travel, but also evident among poor students who chose to work and become economically independent for period of time.

    The reason for this trend may b after passing school, young adult rather to waste their time in unusual activities want utilize it in best way.
    they want to travel seaside as they not only enjoy but also get experience as well as lot of knowledge of world. On the other hand those who spend their time to do some type of job to earn money due to financial problem. earned money can be utilize for further studies.
    As a result they tend to be more independent which is most important factor for academic study and research as well as giving them an advantage in term of to face challenges of students life.

    However there are certain changes are also take place that can take some students in non academic ways like young adult who end up their studies and never readopt studies environment. They think it is better to continue particular type of job or to do business, taking this type of decision again may b financial issues.

    My view is that young people should be encouraged to broaden their life in best time to get clear persecution of what they hope to do with their life and why because by utilizing this precious time in best way
    student may be motivate and achieve their goal..

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Reeta,

      Improve following weak areas in this essay.

      – Use right word which should be “students” not “people”
      – Do not use “to” after rather.
      – After “waste their time in unusual activities” the next statement “want to utilize it in best way” is simply repetition
      – “they want to travel seaside” this statement does not match with supporting details.
      – the following paragraph’s first sentence is not well constructed “However there are certain….”

  7. reeta says:

    some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged other believe that children who are tough to co operate rather than compare become useful adult……
    • The main purpose of education to gain higher studies and achieve goal of life to become a successful, some people think that to make competition in children create them confident while other believe that children who are tough to co-operate rather than compete to become a useful adult..
    There are advantage and disadvantage for this arguments.
    To begin what is advantages? by taking an example competition is always in between two friends or students, both always try to do better from one an other, they develop more and more as they study and learn to win the match. They utilize their whole time in the best way like to hire an teacher to pay extra as they can learn more along with school, furthermore, during vacation time of period students interested to work as an intern voluntarily some where outside, that will be beneficial for them in future. If they have experiment of outside it is one of the greatest opportunity to go famous higher school for study as well as in further job finding.

    On the other hand to much busy and competed life made some students selfish and careless because they only touch with their studies always think to win prize, they do not have time to think about not only about their families but also themselves and live independent life because of this they lose their friends and always live alone.

    In conclusion i strongly agree with that competition in children to study is must live successful life along with that we have to face everything that happen in our life, Parents should encourage their children to cope up with every step of life along with study.

  8. RABAIL says:

    Q #5 TASK 2
    Youngsters are the upcoming future of any country. Therefore, they should have all the positive aspects, which lead them to become successful citizens. But now days, it can be seen that most of young generation are involved in criminal activities, which effect their life in many ways. Consequently, there are several solutions to overcome on this situation.
    Firstly, grown up faces many difficulties because of their physical and behavioral changes. For example, parents and elders are addicted to degrade their youngster through shouting, insulting or made fun of them. As a result, this mark negative impact on one`s mind, which leads them towards crime.
    Secondly, media plays a huge role in spreading criminology among young people, through their violence based movies and other programs, which shows that gangsters or criminal personalities always live a luxuries and magnificent life without any hesitation, which naturally enhance them. And so, they started to idealize these evils, which later on show dangerous results. Furthermore, lack of opportunities which creates career or financial issues, as well as, other social complexes also effect individuals mind towards attempting a crime.
    I think/in my opinion, the obvious solution is that, society should behave in a well and respective manner with their youngsters. Also, some developing programs should be introduced by government organizations, which leads and consult upcoming generations, and, guide them for their problems, respectively.
    A further and most important step would taken by parents, in which they spend most of their time with their growing kids, such as, watching TV or movies, help out children in studies and other curriculum activities and many more. By doing this, it will help to raise them as a good citizen, instead of looser.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Rabail,

      – Consequently word does not fit in the introduction.
      – keep youngster plural “youngsters”.
      – third person singular add “s” with mark.
      – Use full stop between people and through. Comma as a break combines topic sentence with supporting details which mix up information.
      – which show.
      – for facts use present simple “start idealizing”
      – conclusion is very long with many statements.
      – there is too much use of “which”

  9. ian says:

    Housing shortage in big cities can cause severe consequences. Only government action can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    In this 21 century, more and more people migrate into cities in order to find jobs, based on this situation, the number of housing shortage in big cities are getting increase. While the majority of people think that only government can solve this problem, I partly agree with this statement. This essay endeavours to promptly give the ideas from both sides of the controversy.
    There are several reasons why only government action can solve this problem. Firstly, only government can limit the number of migration. Most of the migrants think that they could find some jobs in cities, but eventually they could not find any job, so they continue to stay at cities in order to search for other opportunities. While more and more people doing the same thing, they did not contribute anything to the society but only stay at home, it makes others who have a job but hardly ever to find a house.
    However, companies of real estate could also play an important role in this case. They could build some practical and economical houses instead of building those attractive and high price houses. Also, individuals can solve this problem by themselves. For instance, they can rent a room from landlord to live at there in a short- term period. As we know, renting a small room is cheaper than buying a house, you do not have to afford and pay for your house debt every month.
    In conclusion, even though housing-shortage is not a problem that we can solve immediately, but I believe that if government and individuals work together, this problem will be solve very soon.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Ian,

      – Replace could with can.
      – do not use past tense for facts, use present simple tense. “they did not contribute”
      – “As we know” make it more formal by removing pronoun or use passive voice.
      – last sentence verb solve should be with third form “will be solved”

      Overall it is 6.5 band writing

  10. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    writing task 1 summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relavant
    two maps show an island , before and after the construction of some tourist facilities
    The two maps illustrates an island before and after developmental changes.
    Before an island was not really fully developed and even no any technical improvement or facility being provided to the people at that times. regarding natural greenery ,there were few palm trees not mainly scattered all over.There was no any concept of House schemes, buildings and industries and restaurants for fast food. The island is surrounded by sea and having beech at west side with no availability of boats and ships. Lack of facilities for transportation as vehicles also lacking concept of footpath. People lacking various resources and striving hard to overcome the problems
    As for as current island is concerned it has dramatic as well as developmental changes. Construction being taken place for various house buildings on both sides so no issue of accommodation for increasing population . There is swimming area with availability of boats and ships for transporting goods. Various vehicle tracks being built at the Northern side and following footpath comes reception then the way for Restaurant at the south for people enjoying fast food. It become easier to move from place to place by using proper transportation system. Moreover, Job facilities has been created and thus people live a prosperous life.
    Thus the life after island has many developmental strategies and schemes as before.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Task 1 – Map from Cambridge book 9

      Dear Mehak,

      – last sentence of first paragraph of the body has opinion which should not be given in any graphs. Need avoid it.
      – grammatical errors”construction took place”
      – again second last sentence of last paragraph gives opinion which should be avoided “Moreover, Job facilities has been created and thus people live a prosperous life.”

      – You need to practice more graphs to improve making effective and well grammatical sentences.

  11. Amber says:

    It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sport or music, and others are not.However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musicians.

    The new generation is working hard to become something. There are some people who are born talented and some people have talent but need more support and help to show their talent. The people who are born talent are those who have interest from the beginning they stick to it and wants their dreams to come true as an sports person or as an musicians. People who have interest and they are not sure about themselves need help and support to decide to go to institute for training in sports club or as an musicians to improve themselves.
    Those who are born talent are the one’s who are God gifted in which some people dream to become something and some of them don’t show their talent those who have talent even don’t know about themselves. After participating or having time in friend’s circle the remarks make them think about their hidden talent. In today’s era everyone wants to be something. Even parents have dreams for their children. It is very important to have support from parents and teachers otherwise the child will not have interest instead of stress. The help or support by parents,teachers,friends or guidence plays a very important role for people to show their talent in future. There are some people who get inspired by others they even don’t know about their hidden talent.They are figure out by their friends, family members or by giving auditions.
    There are some people who are talented by birth in which some of them make it and some cannot do it. Parents teachers support is necessary for better future.

  12. Peggy July says:

    Write a letter to the manager of a hotel. You want to book a room in a hotel for a family party.
    Explain what the party will be.
    What do you need to be put in the room
    Ask questions about the meals and the price

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am writing with regard to the issue of booking a room in your hotel for my daughter’s birthday party.

    As June 1st is my daughter’s ten year birthday, we are planning to hold a party to celebrate with all our family members at that time. I believe that it would be a happy time for all of us to reunite and enjoy ourselves.

    Since there will be around twenty people at the party, I will appreciate that you could provide us with a spacious room that could accommodate so many people. Besides, we would be grateful if you could offer us a microphone, a white board and several chairs.

    In addition to these, we also want to know whether you provide a series of selection of meal at your hotel and we prefer a buffet as hour dinner. Could you offer us a price for it since we hope to have the budget under control?

    I look forward to receiving your response.

    Yours sincerely
    Peggy July

  13. Suman says:

    Nice essays but if I write a essay can u give me reply

  14. Sai Venkata says:

    Young people are involved in criminals activities.What are the causes of it?
    what solution would you suggest?

    In general, criminal activities are the most haunting problem in all the developing countries.This activity is more executed and implemented by the younger generation’s .There are numerous reasons why youth get attracted to this kind of activities and I would be discussing few causes which mainly draw the people towards it.

    People believe that “money has the power to buy anything”. Firstly, money is the major modem which draws younger generation towards it.For example a poor person who is very much frustrated with his life and don’t have any source to earn his bread and butter. If this person is offered a huge amount of money to kill a famous personality, he would accept the offer without any second thought because he is in need of it. Here his necessity outweighs the consequences they face if they do activities which are against the law.

    Secondly, the government approach towards punishing this inmates is not up to the mark. For instance, the accused person who was involved in the recent Mumbai blast has been imprisoned for many years and was hanged to death few months ago. Upon this few people get rid of this punishment by offering money or by politicians interference. So younger generation would be very keen to do this type of traits because the are several ways to escape out.

    One solution is the government should infuse,instant and brutal treatments to the criminals who are involved and the thought of involving themselves in illegal activity should be fearful. The law should treat everyone as a common man and punish them accordingly.

    To conclude, criminal activities are seen and practiced by the younger generation. Government should pass strict laws against this as these are contagious. In my opinion, criminals should be punished in such a way that everyone should be afraid even to get involved in this type of activity.

    Alam please let me know your thoughts on the above essay.
    Thanks for your help

  15. m88 says:

    I aam fairly sure he was flawed…

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