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Recent IELTS exam questions 7 June 2014

Recent IELTS exam questions 7 June 2014

ielts exam questions 7 june 2014 I am going to share questions on 7 June 2014 all around the world. Those who have appeared are requested to share their questions to benefit other candidates. Simply paste questions in the comments sections.


Speaking questions


IELTS speaking que card 7/06/14  exam number 1.

Country : Bangladesh

Describe time  you spend with older member of your family

You should say:

  • How often you do it.
  • From when you started doing it.
  • What are the activities.

And explain how you find it

IELTS speaking que card 7/06/14  exam number 2.

Country : India,Pakistan, Srilanka

Describe a famous building you have seen

You should say:

  • When you saw it
  • Where you saw it.
  • How old it is.

And explain why it is so famous

IELTS speaking que card 7/06/14  exam number 3.

Country: England

Describe a country you would like to visit.

You should say:

  • which country it is
  • how long you would stay there
  • who you would go with.

and explain why you would like to visit there

IELTS speaking que card 7/06/14  exam number 4.

Country: Australia, Pakistan, India

Talk about busy time of your life.

You should say:

  • When it happens.
  • Why are you busy.
  • How long you are busy

and explain how you manage it


IELTS speaking que card 7/06/14  exam number 5.

IELTS speaking que card 7/06/14  exam number 6.


Writing questions


Writing exam questions number 1

Country : Australia    Type :General Training   Dated : 7 June 2014

Task 1: Letter to a teacher

Your  assignment was due last week write a Letter to the teacher saying you couldn’t complete the assignment. Tell him what the subject was and why you didn’t complete the assignment and how and when will you complete the assignment.

Task 2: Essay

Culture is becoming more common these days.

  • What are the reasons?
  • Is it a positive or negative trend?

Writing exam questions number 2

Country  :   Turkey, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Pakistan  

Type         : Academic 

Dated       : 7 June 2014


Task 2:

Police having a gun will result in higher level of violence.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

 Class assignment 12 June 2014

The custom of welcoming guests is dying out in most of Asian and western countries.

What are the causes of it?

What solution would you suggest?





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  1. Zulqarnain says:

    Many negative attitudes in children make them leave school.
    What are the causes of this?
    What is the solution for this?

    Schooling for the purpose of education has become one of the basic needs in today’s world. It is mandatory for every child to acquire education. But, unfortunately, there are a number of causes become reasons for negative attitudes in children which make them leave school. However, all those problems can be solved.
    The most basic cause is lack of parents’ interest in children’s education. As the world has become materialistic and to full fill the financial needs of family most of the parents have started doing full time jobs which has resulted in ignorance towards the schooling of kids. Children take advantage of this situation and waste their time in playing computer games, sports or other time wasting activities. These results in buildup of habit of procrastination among children and that resultantly give birth to negative attitude among them towards school.
    In a similar way, second most common cause is the teaching methodology. Although, in many countries teaching methods have improved, but, in most parts of the world old traditional teaching methods are being used which create huge gap between student and teacher and that results in decrease of interest among children towards education.
    However, in my opinion both the above mentioned problems have solutions. First of all parents should pay full attention towards their children’s education and keep an eye on them so that they do not waste their time only in playing games etc. Secondly, teachers should adopt such teaching methods which could create interest among students so that instead of thinking for leaving school children might think of doing well in class.
    Conclusively, it can be said that the reasons behind the development of negative attitudes in children are many fold but they can be removed through proper measures.

  2. reeta says:

    When country develops its technology, the traditional skill and way of life die out it is pointless to try and keep them alive.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion

    Technology by means no doubt has made our life so easy and comfortable, long time ago people live in villages has no idea to facilitate their lives; they tried to invent new things that could be beneficial for them. I disagree with statement that technology could be harmful for traditional skill.
    There are many ways that traditional skills could be modernized by using modern technology; we have been still improving on from previous ways of doing things. Some technologist such as missile, weapons’ cause destruction and harm to human being but they could be easily ignored by seeing advantages of others invented technology like modern technology invented new machinery and medicine be using that one can investigate and diagnosed with full confident and made possible for people to cure from serious illness with proper treatment.
    Technology can positive contribute to keep alive traditional skill and way of life. For example people belong to village or small town, where too small village to have school so that educational authorities arranged internet to deliver online education as children can get education in their home town rather to break from families by sending them outside.
    In conclusion traditional skills are not pointless, traditional skilled people can save more and more time and facilitate their lives by using modern technics, we should not ignore new technology because we are still dependent on it in many ways to support our way of life.

    • Alam Alam says:

      few corrections

      – long time ago people lived*
      – ignore* be seeing
      – technology can positively* contribute
      – repetition (small town, too small village)
      – repetition (In conclusion traditional skills are not pointless, traditional skilled people )

      Improve following areas.

      – Producing effective , error free sentences.
      – Repetition
      – Grammar
      – Vocabulary

      5.5 Band essay

  3. BILAL IQBAL says:

    Many newspapers and magazines feature stories about the private lives of famous people. We know what they eat, where they eat, where they buy their clothes and who they love. We also often see pictures of them in private situations.
    Is it appropriate for a magazine or newspaper to give this kind of private information about people?
    Give reason for your answer.

    Yes, the private media pay much attention to the private life of famous men and women from there walking style to their private situation.

    To feed the continuity, it is illegal for print media ( magazine and newspaper) to print such kind of private information about famous people but they have no choice to make their magazines and paper colorful, attractive and informative about the private life of famous celebrities to exploit their affairs and scandals. They do this to increase the excitement of the readers. This information effects society including famous people too.

    Nowadays the print media (magazines and newspaper) are in access of everyone from middle class to business class and teenagers have more attraction towards it rather than elders, print media provides all information about the famous people live about what they eat, where they eat, where they buy their clothes, so, teenagers start adopting these style and complain their families to fulfill their desire. Its create problem for the families especially middle class family to cover these expenses.

    One more reason behind this unfair activity of print media is to increase their earning because it their business. They fed their papers and magazines with the affection of love and the filtered picture of the celebrities. The more the colorful and excited the magazine and newspaper is the more thirst of people arose which cause to attract more toward the magazine and newspaper. The competition demand much for their success and survival.

    There is a way to stop print media for such act. The government should take step to control over such content of newspaper and magazine or banned these print media because it ruined the life of both the celebrities and society.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Iqbal,

      Body para 1.
      – You have given two sides statement in which you only supported one side.

      Body para 2.
      – repetition (the word print media). You could have used reference like (it) to show competency in your structural use.

      Body para 3.
      – first sentence is incomplete.
      – third sentence , there should be break by placing comma.


      – Stick to one idea in each paragraph by explaining it well than going away from the topic.
      – Improve reference
      – Cohesion and coherence

  4. Zulqarnain says:

    Some People think better to focus on future rather than present.
    What do think should be more important for an individual or a country their present or their future??

    In my opinion, the most important thing for an individual or a country should its present rather than future. As it is said that, “a stitch in time saves nine”, therefore, one should focus on one’s present and that will automatically make the future bright.
    History is full with examples of such countries which invested in and worked for the betterment of their present and got their success in future. For instance, the U.S and other western countries built universities and concentrated on their education during 15th and 16th century and that resulted in better life for their future generations means the generations which are living today.
    Similarly, we have a number of examples of great individuals who preferred making their present prosperous. Take an examples of Nelson Mandela, he fought day and night against the apartheid in late 20th century just to make the future of his nation free from injustice, racism and other inequalities. And now World can see that due to His struggle South African black and white people are living side by side.
    In the conclusion, I would say that, the key for success in future can only be obtained when countries and individuals make that present life better, happy and prosperous because a seed sown only in present will give us fruit in future.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Zulqarnain,


      – DO not use “thing” word – specify exactly what you mean.
      – should *be.
      – do not mention sayings or quotations. The reason behind it is to who your structural and grammatical skills to prove your English.
      – one should focus on *his/her present

      Body para 2
      – you have mentioned “a number of examples of great individuals” but you only gave one example

      6.0 band Essay

  5. Ms Pervez says:

    Now-a-days, custom of welcoming guests is dying in most of the countries. The norms and value that our elders use to proud of are obsolete.
    It’s sad, but true. There are many reasons to it, but two most are the main to be listed.
    First of all, in my opinion, the environment we are living in is so stressful and complicated that we losses our most of the energy in facing and tackling them half of the day. Lack of basic facilities, security issues, corruption everywhere, traffic jams, load shadings, class competition, inpatient attitude, effects our mental and physical health. The burden of all these in the result creates lot of negative attitude and restlessness in us that we hardly get a good quality time even for our immediate family.
    Secondly, the part of world we are living in comes under the developing countries, which means we are not economically stable and yet in the process of development and growth. So, the other reason of losing the traditional values of welcoming the guest could be the lack of financial stability. This is so simple and obvious that if you have a limited resources and money, you will think limited and couldn’t afford to go beyond your limitations.
    However, if the government do its job sincerely towards the country development and provide us with at least the basic necessities, like, health, education, and security, then people can live a better peaceful life and able to focus on sticking with traditional values of towards guest.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Fabeha,

      – to be* proud (be is missing)
      – repetition (most, main)
      – this part should be included in intro para(It’s sad, but true. There are many reasons to it, but two most are the main to be listed.)

      Body para 1
      – we loss*

      Body para 2
      – can’t* afford

      – provides*
      – and be* to focus (be is missing)
      – repetition (focus on,sticking with)

      6.0 band essay

  6. Amy Bhupinder says:

    It is predicted that in fiture there will high proportion of old people than youngers in some countries…
    Is it positive or negative development.

    Oue card:-) 🙂 🙂
    Speak about any magazine that u have recently read:-)

    …name of the magzine
    …when u read
    ….what articles u read

  7. Amy Bhupinder says:

    Eh que card and writing task 2 mainu aya c.. 7 june 2014 nu.:-) 🙂

  8. Noureen Ahmed says:

    The custom of welcoming guests, is dying out and soon will extinct from our society.
    There are several reasons which are interlinked but in my opinion, media is the root cause for this. Media being the only source of entertainment for most of the people, has a huge viewer-ship and hence has a great influence in our lives. By providing easy excess to other cultures and creating fascination amongst our youth for those, media has slowly and gradually changed our ideology, norms, values, culture and even the family structure we used to have. Term “Atomic Family” has replaced “Joint family system”. Everyone wants to have their separate unit where there isn’t enough room even for old parent.

    Other reasons may include “inflation”, which has made people bound to cut down their expenses and to design their budgets accordingly, leaving them unable to afford extra burden. People have to work and earn more in order to maintain their social status, which keeps them so busy that they don’t have leisure time to spend even with their children. People living abroad can use social media like facebook, tweeter, whatsapp, skype and many others to interact, chat or even talk live to their families, leaving no need to be physically there.
    Moreover the materialistic approach has made people confined to their own wellbeing. We most of the time, take others as our competitors. We feel jealous if they are enjoying a better social status and try to avoid them if their status doesn’t match with ours. This kind of behavior creates a vacuum.
    There could be couple of other reasons as well, but the question is ” how to revive this custom?” In my opinion, we should promote and revive our own culture, starting from our family. Eldest members like grand parents should be asked to set some rules which should be followed by all members as they mostly are the strong followers of their customs and traditions. Mutual respect, openheartedness and sharing should be practiced in front of the young children as these values can be taught by doing.
    Though it seems difficult, but constant efforts can help us achieve the desired results.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Noreen,

      – You wrong lengthy introduction which should be short.
      – Repetition of word media. Second time you could have replaced it with “it” pronoun.
      – you have mixed body with introduction

      – Reference the word “people” could be replaced by “they”.
      – repetition “people”.

      Overall not a bad try.
      you will get 6+ for this essay.

  9. Alam Alam says:

    Sir Alam

    Dear Sir,
    I write to state that my last week assignment is due and it is little bit late due to the lot of work at my office .
    Some extra activities which occurs and consume lots of my time and I did not complete my assignment in time.and even I won’t have time to sleep because, I was preparing a seminar which is held at my office and we work day night for the subject preparation. I was held responsible for the preparation of seminar and even receiving guest and their accommodation ans facilitate them its also my responsibility.Now its done completed by the greys of god.
    kindly accept my apology for the in completion of subject assignment and in future it will not happen again and I will try my best to complete assignment in time and subject assignment will be mail to on this Thursday sharp.

    Your Sincerely

    Muhammad Tariq

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Tariq,

      – occurred* use past tense
      – consumed* use past tense
      – replace “and” with “so” to show result.
      – was” held at my office
      – worked* day night.
      – You have repeated responsible by using responsibility in this sentence. “I was held responsible for the preparation of seminar and even receiving guest and their accommodation ans facilitate them its also my responsibility”
      – use comma after “Yours sincerely,”

      Not bad for 5 band as you require it. Try to explain every point in detail and organize it well . Stick to one point in each paragraph.

  10. Alam Alam says:

    City Traffic Problems

    Now days their are lots of problems in this city Karachi.The Karachi city facing lots of abnormalities and problems but the traffic problem is one of them.

    Karachi is now a big metropolitan city.This city having a huge infra structure of roads but the traffic is more then that.which is increasing day by day very fast. The increasing of traffic needs new infrastructure of new roads.
    How the traffic increasing day by day ? one cause of it increasing of population increasing the needs of traffic.Because the ruler’s area and other cites people migrated in the city for the better future.They need convince and the more vehicle registered in the city new models re placings or new cars are Marge in this traffic which increase the basic needs of traffic.The roads are not enough for this huge traffic.The roads needs new infrastructure and new planing for the traffic.
    Now days in the developed countries like America, Canada, Europe, middle east what they are doing to solve the traffic problems? they bring changes in their in the infrastructure of roads and planning of traffic laws,system and new ideas to control the traffic.Most of the country or city economy development base on traffic.Its mean road fast you grow fast. grow fast means your business,development fast means save time by travailing fast by good roads and good traffic system.
    According to basic need of traffic’s.what are basic need of traffic is new roads,old roads modification make them wide, more tracks,more signals,more fly overs,underpasses,more par kings. Because traffic need space and flow.similarly increasing the development s of roads needs traffic laws and awareness of traffic.
    Traffic awareness how come by the implementation of traffic laws.For implementation of law needs to educate the people.Education is the basic roll play in implementation of traffic rules and awareness traffic which decreases the graph of road accidents, violations and dangerous hazards cause by in awareness of traffic laws and traffic problems. for examples of simple parking problems like in daily routine traffic jams due to unavailability’s of parking, Wrong parking ,no parking system availabilities. Most of the people park vehicle irregularly on the roads which cover mostly in crowded places like markets blocks one track of the road cause traffic jam.There are lots of problems of traffic like above mentioned problem cause Jame’s,accidents and lost of live due to traffic.Even deaths hap ping due ambulance stuck in traffic.
    Above examples are the unawareness but the people big educated people did or created by law traffic blocks for protocol of government officials several hours cause worse traffic jams cause deaths and births in ambulances because they didn’t reaches hospital in time.
    Final conclusion is education,implementation of traffic law,awareness and development of new road infrastructure and systems according to the traffic needs.its can be adapted from the any developed country which one smilier to us same environment in past .Traffic problems can be solved in a right way and right manner.Every thing is possible in this world.

    Muhammad Tariq

  11. reeta says:

    Popular events like football world cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tension and releasing patriotic emotions in safe way.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion
    International sports competition have been held since ancient time. These kinds of event are very much important for countries to alleviate their disquiet; it is considered that it helps to maintain good relationship between countries. However some time sports events can increase advert feeling between two hostile countries.
    Concert with football world cup, it is one of the best way to demonstrate the good and friendly relation of different countries of the world. In the football world cup firstly, people from various countries meet each other share tradition and culture that will be beneficial for country to reduce international tension and patriotic emotions.
    Moreover, when players come on playground to represent their country, in this important occasion they try to score as high as possible as make their country top in the sport. It is showed that these types of event should be held every year to bring the player and nation of world close together.
    On the other hand, some international games make the relations worse. For example football match between Korea and japan always big, competatative and full of tension, sometime after match there can be collision among people of both teams, their patriotic emotion express aggressive way, this type of violent behavior can generate trouble for player to be unable to play the game.
    In my point of view international sports event like football, cricket match, hockey ball can assist people to be friendly and shorten patriotic emotion and international tension.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Reeta,
      – completions* have been (singular/plural)
      – sometimes* sports events (adverb of frequency)
      – these kind of events* (singular/plural)
      – concert with football world cup, is one of the best way to demonstrate…(excessive use of pronoun it)

      – Need to work on grammar
      – Get Sir Nisar check your essays grammatically whenever you write one.

  12. BILAL IQBAL says:

    The custom of welcoming guest is dying out.
    What are the causes behind it?
    What should be done to bring it back?

    Guest,one out of four greatest blessing of God (ALLAH). Every religion teaches that “serve you guest in a best way”, but unfortunately welcoming guests have not been remained as good as it was in the past. Moreover, this attitude is more prevent in big towns and cities.

    There are so many reasons behind this negative attitude, which discussed below.

    1. Today mechanical pattern life has turns us into machine, follow the routine course of life, even we have no time for our families.
    2. Peace of mind is lost. We are always busy to meet the demand and fulfilling the requirements of a false standard of life.
    3. To attain the fitness for survival, and to win the race of getting ahead of others, has made everyone self-centered and selfish, and we deal with each other according to our status.
    4. In old days, people feel proud to serve their guest in best manners, but the values have changed. The good manners of yesterday are branded as bad. We have been taught to mind our own business.
    5. Distant working places have also left us with no time and energy to keep contacts with the guests.
    6. Last but the most important reason is that we have forgotten and left behind the teaching of our religion, it teach us that if your guest goes from your house without eating anything is like he has visited the graveyard.

    Due to reasons discussed above, guests could not be served good as they were in the old days. However this can be improved if the head of the families for close relatives and associations of resident of area for neighbors do planned efforts for this effect, by arranging monthly get-together, there should take place outings and picnic at regular interval and functions on occasions such as Eid day and Independence Day.

    These activities will sever the purpose even better than it did in the past.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Iqbal,

      – there are many grammatical mistakes

      – You are not allowed to put numbers in formal essay. You could use firstly,secondly,.. but not making excessive use….
      – You have not explained points well.
      – Need to work on your punctuation.

      – Work on grammar and punctuation.
      – Avoid placing numbers in essays.
      – develop points well in each paragraph.

  13. Tooba says:

    “The custom of welcoming guests is dying out.” Q. What are the causes
    Q. What should be done to bring it back.

    Welcoming guests is the most happiest trend in our culture. This is followed by all over ther world and in every religion but now a days,this tradition is dying out in western and asian countries. I think that these two causes are the main reason behind it.
    First of all, the world become so modern and people are becoming civilized that they welcome their guests by socializing like Facebook, Twitter etc. These things are killing our valued traditions and culture. Because of it people become so lazy that they welcome their guests by email etc rather than going airports or stations to welcome or receive their guests.
    I think the second reason would be,people are so busy in their daily life that they don’t get enough time to go nd welcome them. Today life has become so stressful nd senseless. People want peace and relaxation in their lifes they don’t want anyother person to come and disturb them. They started to avoid their guests which effects towards the relationships very badly.
    To bring this back we have to start loving our guests and try to respect our relationship s. Because relations are like flowers the more water you give it will grow beautiful and healthy. So,we have to take out some time and manage it for our guests. We should try not to become lazy and avoid welxoming them through socializing. By doing this, our tradition and culture become stronger and our new generation will also learn to give respect and love. This trend brings happiness and our world would be become peaceful and healthy.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Tooba,

      – reasons* (singular/plural)
      – the world has become* (present perfect tense)
      – nd* (do not use short form)
      – relations could be avoided second time and “they” could be used as reference.

      there are some other grammatical and punctuation errors but ideas organized well.

      Keep conclusion in separate paragraph.


      – work on grammar errors , check well before handing over essay.
      – watch reference.

  14. Alam Alam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am recently moved in your neighbourhood.I received a letter from your side that the noises are coming from my house which is quite disturbing to you.

    kindly first of all accept my apologies for the subject matter.reason of noises that you people know we are new here in this neighbourhood.we take this house on rent from the caretaker.you know as an neighbour that house is too old and we want to do some renovation in the house. according to the our living standards.
    So some carpentry work work left in the house.It should be completed soon.and I ensure to the laboure do not produce such noises and insturcted them that they noisey job do in the back yard fixing the things and wrok gently. however ,I also told them that they must manufacture thing in their own workshop and product only bring to my and assemble here in the house.
    kindly accept my apologies again work should be completed as soon as possible.so their would be no morenoise in the future causing for disturbance in the neighbour hood.

    Thanking you

    your sincerely,

    Muhammad tariq

  15. Alam Alam says:

    Question :

    Answer :
    Some people believe that children given too much free time.Those people thinking like this. I Want to take them in the past ,when they were child and i want to ask them how they spend their time.

    Are they study all the time They Didn’t have free time.why they expect from their children s to they all the time school work. its boring to me as well as children.why? Because in the life children must have some extracurricular activities.Like some sports, hobbies and some creative things should helping to build some personality in show the interest of the children’s.

    Its the total responsibility of Parents where they taken to their children.this is the free time where the children learn more faster then the school.this free time is a creative time most of the parents don’t know. Most of the Parent did that they seen children are enjoy free time .so they said to them go for school home work and do more.So what happen these order is fatigue to them that all the time study.After orders given they went and watch TELEVISION. which shows wrong impact to them.

    This free time having too much importance.In this free time children having free mind or fresh mind, they learn fast,they observed surroundings.This the time that children adapt good things and bad things.which effect on whole life of them.How same in above mentioned example that parents gone and watch TV.So children adapt from the parents what are they doing in free time.

    However this the responsibility to the parents to guide their children.what to do in the free time.Guide them towards healthy activities,like sports,Because Healthy body having healthy body.

    So come to that level what they think and you must pretend or Because the child mind like canvas whatever child seen he/she will adapted.So try don’t do the Because the parents are role model for the child.this is the duty of parents guide their children what to do in free time.if you want that you ask for it in free time you must do it in front of him or guide him/her for making interest.

    Girls learn from the mother and boys are from the father. So.in my view encourage the children to do some game,studies,sport and some healthy activities should be good for the children. Conclusion is that don’t take it very easy. its impact on the whole life

    Tariq Siddique , Dubai

    • Rasul says:

      Television has negative effect on society .What is your opinion ?

      Perhaps the idea of television has become a widespread one in recent decades ,with many individuals holding different beliefs on it .Some regard that TV has more drawbacks rather than benefits .There are those ,however ,deem society would take advantage of TV .Herewith ,it is believed that TV plays crucial role on society ,because many people can be aware of the latest news and vital events .Moreover ,they are able to have a rest through watching TV films.

      Needless to say ,there are many people who enjoy sitting in front of screen and watching new movies .The reason why people prefer watching TV films as romantic ,comedian and action films is that it can help people to be cheerful , relieve stress out , relax after hard working and to get more information about new movies .In addition ,watching films can help people learn new language very easily ,for instance ,people who are learning English and consequently the need to watch English films on TV in order to improve the skills of English as listening ,speaking and pronunciation.

      There are those who argue ,on the other hand ,that the vast majority of people are able to be conscious of the world latest news as technological innovations , changing in the globe and other urgent incidents as never before .More precisely ,being aware of daily news can support people to broad their outlook .Hence ,TV channels are one of the best ways to know about the world news.

      Over all ,it is argued that TV has a lot of good aspects rather than downsides .Watching TV is recommended for people in order for having a good fun through watching TV and to be aware of the word news .Further ,it is predicted that in the future TV will dominate throughout the sphere.

      (around 280 words)

      Rasulov Rasul ,Uzbekistan

  16. Salim Sabzali garden west

    When country develop its technology, the traditional skill and life die out it is point to try and keep them alive .

    In 21st century technology hold the significant place in our life .It makes our life more easier and accurate. certain segment of society argued that it has destroy the content of forefather skill and life . however I feel that it has further enhance the skill and tradition.

    Certain people views that because of technology flourishment people are using modern way of doing thing ,such as using electronic mail for sending message rather relying postage letters. In medical term they are also using advance method to cure diseases and give least preference to herbal medicine.

    I feel that technology that has open up ways for people to follow their traditional skill more easily and effectively. The art and crafts which has significant culture importance gained immense popularity among youngster that many of them are running their boutique and outlet with technology assistance.

    Family and social bonding is increase because people are using social websites like face book and voicemail. In present era where everyone is busy in their life that it is because of technology people maintain contact on regular basis.

    On the whole it is wrong myth that technology deprived the people from traditional value, in fact it make easier for people to keep it alive and continue to future generation.

  17. RABAIL says:

    Task 2:
    Police having a gun will result in higher level of violence.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    In my country, police and other security organizations are allowed to show their weapons (i.e. guns, bullets) also use them at worst, which enables to create a violent environment. However, locals of our country and international forces law are against of this rule.
    Mostly people think that nowadays, abusive uses of guns are increasing just because our local forces use them openly. For instance, in some foreign countries their local police use tasers or metallic rods instead of deadly weapons, by doing this, they create a weapon free culture which benefits their people, whereas, in our country new generation is becoming unafraid and addicted to these dangerous material because these guns were usually visible to them easily.
    Moreover, sometime local forces appear in common man dresses for some reason and they are weaponry loaded which is a big danger to our society. For example, private guards, police civilians and agency agents are widely expressing their weapons. Sometime it is hard to identify whether they are civilian police or criminals, as recently in `Airport attack incident`, they bluffed our security forces and create violence on a huge scale.
    Though, there are some people who agree that police and ordinary people must have some weapons to cope up with criminals at emergency basis. In particular, due to critical situation in our country mostly people keep them for their personal security, consequently, many of them faces bad experiences.
    To conclude, everyone has its own opinion. Nevertheless I feel that, if disarmament is applied to our country than there would be more chances to low the violence rate on a large scale.
    (268 words)

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Rabail,

      There are few errors which require more practice. I have checked this on paper and it is ready to be collected from reception.

  18. Quang Hoa says:

    Task 1: Letter to a teacher

    Your assignment was due last week write a Letter to the teacher saying you couldn’t complete the assignment. Tell him what the subject was and why you didn’t complete the assignment and how and when will you complete the assignment.

    Dear Mr. Trung,

    I have received your assignment to study consumer behavior of watching television and today I would like to report you status of my job.

    I started right after receiving the assignment two weeks ago with four focus groups , two groups are gentlemen, two groups are ladies with two ranges of ages, from 18 to 30 years old and above 30 years old.

    Unfortunately, I found that their behavior is not significantly clear. Then I had to split more ranges of age, they are three ranges, from 18 to 25 years old, from 26 to 35 years old and above 35 years old. So, I need more time to do again the survey.

    Last week I came to see you for the report but I had accident on the way come to University, when I was at the University, it was late and you were not there.

    By this letter, I would like to say sorry for late of appointment and late of report. Please give me more time, I will finish the report and send you 3 days later.

    Kind regards,
    Quang Hoa

  19. Quang Hoa says:

    Task 2: Essay

    Culture is becoming more common these days.

    •What are the reasons?
    •Is it a positive or negative trend?

    In this lecture, I do not try to define what culture is but in general, culture impacts behavior and the thought of people. Today, we all know that culture become more and more common between people even though they live very far each other.
    This is a common trend caused by some following reasons:
    1. People travel a lot let them to have an interaction of culture. This morning, we are in Vietnam but tomorrow, we can be in France, America,… The more we go, the more we learn. This also impacts our behavior and let us to understand people
    2. The fast development of communication likes internet, television, social network,.. help people to be closed together. Whenever you want, we can chat with your friend who lives so far from us, we can know well about the change outside. This also leads your change of thought and behavior.
    3. The moving of people also makes a big interaction of culture. It is not difficult to find out one Vietnamese living in Australia or America and of course their culture is Vietnamese culture with some changes for the impact of local culture.
    Culture become more and more common is the inevitable trend. It help people to understand each other and learn together to be better. But in the other sides, we often hear about the loss of traditional behavior of people by the interaction of culture.
    To me, learn from people to be better is the good trend but we must keep our traditional behavior f we do not want to be dissolved into others people.

  20. Lutfiha khan says:

    Q:police will having a gun result in high level of violence?
    Do you agree or disagree?
    Ans: voilance occurs when someone use their body or an object to stop others actions .There are many types of voilance like physical voilance ,emotional voilance ,psychological voilance ,domestic voilance and so on .All over the world police having weapons increasing in the voilance yes I do agree of this statement .
    According to science people are more agressive than past .violence is very common in this universe .They are many causes of increasing violence ..Some people are very sensitive especially children that’s why violence is very common in children.They easily get attracted towards bad things and become passimistic .
    Two basic conditions that people get influenced by violence One is that a person dis hurt from their family.Disappointment ,frustration emotional ,sensitivity are the basic factors that can build violence inside a person .Second condition is that person is less well understood by the people .They don’t have confident to share their feelings to others in fact their parents .
    It is concluded that the best solution to erase this violence is that we should realize feelings of those people who are very sensitive ,aggressive .so we can stop this violence in large scale .

    Lutfia khan,
    DHA phase 6,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Lutfia,

      Your introduction is not to the point.

      first two paragraphs contain over generalization. However the last two are better explained than them.

      Keep practicing…

  21. uzma says:

    hi ..i need ur help in essay writing on western norms and values represent personal freedom while orthdox teaching are outdated and no longer rquired


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