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reasons for not getting 6.5 bandscore in IELTS exam

Why do IELTS candidates not get above 6.5 bandscore in writing module?


6.5 writingVery recently a candidate registered in my class was really confused and discouraged. What happened was that while preparing for IELTS writing module he was helping his friend who actually got .5 more bandscore in writing then he got (6.0).

It is because what his friend wrote in writing module was upto the mark what examiner looked for. Though vocabulary or grammar may not be at very good level, other criteria matched and helped him get mentioned bandscore.

Now to know what he has done like where exactly he pointed out what examiner looks for is may be naturally he is good. So in such skill other candidate may be that good which is the actual reason for it.

It is better to hire experienced teacher who knows what exactly marking scheme is in writing module so that you can prepare accordingly.

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