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Reading tips for those who are not used to reading

IELTS Reading tips for those who are not used to reading

reading tips for weak studentsLet me share some reading tips which i think would be useful for those who are not used to reading.

I was teaching one of my student today who didn’t do well so i thought to make a lesson for her which can boost her reading. The problem with her was she just looked at questions and jumped to area where she possibly could find answers. As a result most of answers she attempted where wrong.¬† If you have similar problem, follow 3 steps below for each passage to score most from them.

Step 1

Look at the question to see what type questions they are and where they are. For example if they are multiple choice questions, headings, summary, sentence completion etc. Know question type will help you know what type of details you need from the passage. For example, if passage contains “heading to be matched with paragraphs”, in such case you need to find central idea of each paragraph means identifying what is going on in some of the paragraphs. But if questions are other than them , you would need to work on details. As questions like multiple choice, sentence completion, summary completion, notes completion, diagram labeling, true/false/not given, yes and no, not given assess your skills in following details from the paragraph.

Step two

In second step read the whole passage but quickly if you can. Try to find out what the article is about , what details it follows. Make a map when you read it for each paragraph , like what it is about and details in it. Such practice will make you remember all information it contains.

Step three

In last step, look at the question turn by turn and identify possible area for the answer. Once you find the answer, keep matching it with a question two to three times from all angles. Don’t ignore¬† a tiny word even which might make you miss the answer.

This way you can increase chances of correcting more questions, though you may not be able to complete all 40 questions. Whatever left over questions are there, simply guess and fill them .


I hope this works out for you.



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  1. Alam Alam says:

    For multiple choice please go to reading section and there you will find tips for multiple choice. about singular plural issue yes, answer will be wrong if that is specifically required…

  2. Tanveer ali says:

    sir i requested that suggest me time . how long i should give time to do practice regular ?

  3. khan says:

    Sir, how much time required to score excellent in IELTS Exam.

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