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questions for ielts exam 9 January 2016

questions for ielts exam 9 January 2016

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Writing task 2

In many countries schools have severe problems with students behavior.
What are the causes of it?
What is the solution for it?

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  1. Alam Alam says:

    Sample Answer:

    To date, a lot of studies have been conducted to understand the human behavior and its effects on the societies. There is no doubt that most of the schools in the globe are facing diversity in their students’ nature and behavior. In the following essay, i will outline the certain causes and solutions of changing attitudes of school gong kids.

    First of all, it is indeed to estimate the magnitude of problem and what level of difficulty, the today’s pupils are facing in their behavior. For instance, it is commonly noticed that the students are so rude and careless in their attitudes, so that they couldn’t pay attention to their given tasks and unable to realize their mistakes. They are least bothered about their poor attendance in their relevant classes. At the same time, there is another extreme of students, who are extremely shy and shaky with no confidence on their work or task completion. Likewise, this group will also a major cause of failure to thrive.

    Now , what are the causes of these abnormal behavior? Firstly, lack of parental interest and involvement in the lives and studies of the kids. Being a parent, i sometimes falsely satisfied with the fact that my kids of injustice in society.

    The only solution to a problem is parent should realize their roles. Teachers justify their jobs and take all students equally, keeping healthy and educative environment. Lastly all stake holders of a society needs to take a responsibility to focus on the behavior of their young generation.

    To summarize, it is true there are problems with the behavior of students but these can only be dealt with correctly identifying their causes and right curative measures for these issues.

    Dr. Nauman,
    Riadh, UAE

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