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Not happy with IELTS examiners

not happy with ielts examinersI am going to share my views over examiners grading in writing and speaking. Every month up to 15 students of mine appear in IELTS exams in Karachi in which I see sometimes marking is not appropriate. Who do we blame it for IELTS examiners or examination bodies?

Recently one of my very good student appeared in IELTS exam in AEO, Karachi who got 6 band in writing and speaking. He has done his O level and A level with good grades and  further secured his masters degree in IR from Karachi University. He is doing an executive level job where he writes on regular basis. He has written many scripts for television program. When his results announced, he was very disappointed with his writing and speaking score. He asked me if he really fits for that score and my reply was no.

I compared him with other students who got up to 7 band in writing and  speaking, though I didn’t find them as competent and logical as him. Whenever I checked his writing , his paragraphs were very logically and coherent. He would always get above 7 band every time. He felt good even in the exam and was quite satisfied with his exam but he didn’t know that it would disappoint him so much. He is thinking to give exam again with British Council Karachi and lets see how better he gets graded this time.

Many people around the world specially in Asian countries depend on IETLS as first and last step for their permanent residencies , work permits or immigration. They get everything they need like funds, skills and education but only lack in IELTS which sometimes is examiners laziness.

There is another student who lives in Australia, has scored 7 band in each after 6-7 attempts. In last 3 attempts he was confident that he would get 7  but somehow he got less in speaking and writing. But finally he got 7 in each and got his permanent residency. He felt satisfied in last 3 tests but in one test he got good score luckily.

So I believe getting good band score should not be luck which would depend on examiners mood.  They should be well monitored and made focus so that they can do their duty well.

I would advise candidates  to go for remarking if there is less score in one and if they are pretty confident. One of my student applied for remarking and got .5 increment in his writing.

 Wish you all good luck with your exams.

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