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Listening section 3 and 4 tips


IELTS section 3 and 4 tips


IELTS listening part 3 and 4 become more challenging because of certain listening section 3 and 4 tipsreasons.

I was observing my students in last class and some of them did not get good score in Listening section 3 and 4. When i asked him what was the reason they got low score, their answer was very difficult. When guided them for how to handle section 3 and 4 andĀ  played another test of listening, they did well. They were not paying attention and were panicking , not reading questions and answers.

Candidates must read questions before each sections starts and specially using time given to you before questions and after questions wisely. in last two sections there is not enough timeĀ  and if it is wasted , what would happen is you would not know what the questions are and answer in the recording will pass and confusion starts when you miss some answers , as a result, you get panicked which leads to bad score band.

Having ability to answer section 3 and 4 mainly depends on your reading speed as in short time given to you if your reading speed is average and can not read questions and their answers , dramatic fall comes in your score band. So improve your reading speed by practicing these difficult sections.

Also one more tip that i normally recommend to candidates who feel answer just disappear while listening. They can improve such weak areas by looking at questions and and guessing their answers. What happens in do so is mind activates and picks answers quickly.


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  1. Kumar says:

    Thank you so much for such a nice post. I have same problem in listening, first two sections are ok but las two really don’t go well.
    I will try them.

  2. Sadia bano says:

    Oh yes ! You are right .i will follow them. Thannnk you.

  3. Rabia says:

    Thank you so much for listening tips …..

  4. shahzad says:

    thx alot Sir your post helps me alot……..

  5. Chacko says:

    Sir, thanks for the suggestion. My personal feel is that the first part of section 3 is the most difficult part in the entire IELTS listening test module – the situation demands reading through multiple choices while the audio is being played, you are also not given much time to read/understand all the choices prior the audio is played (too much to read..!). Any piece of advise on this

    • Alam Alam says:

      Get to know questions before questions starts and answer them so you get friendly with the question. predication actually activates your mind and as a result helps you do well in part 3

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