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IELTS Listening Module preparation, tips, techniques, hints, expertise, samples, solutions, and examples for Listening module in IELTS section to get Highest 7,8,9 band in IELTS Speaking Module.

5 ways to improve listening

5 ways to improve listening                   what is the actual topic in it? Who are the speakers? Guess what answers really fit for every question before recording starts. Match synonyms from listening with question keywords. It can play magic in your listening bandscore. Practice and share success […]

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Listening section 3 and 4 tips

  IELTS section 3 and 4 tips   IELTS listening part 3 and 4 become more challenging because of certain reasons. I was observing my students in last class and some of them did not get good score in Listening section 3 and 4. When i asked him what was the reason they got low […]

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IETLS TOP THREE LISTENING TIPS   IELTS listening part is sometimes challenging for some candidates because they get confused, do not go with questions and recordings or do not show interaction. In order to get top band individual must get to know the pattern of the test by practicing at least 5 test and then […]

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Enhance your IELTS score in IELTS Listening Test

Majority of people who are weak in IELTS listening skills make variety of shortcuts to get good band which i am not in  favor, all you need to do is practice and work hard as it can not be replaced. Still, you can study hints to clear your  concepts to help you get good band […]

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How IELTS Listening module works

How long does IELTS listening module take? In total you have 40 minutes , first 30 minutes to listen and once recording finishes you get 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. How many and what type question does IELTS listening module have? There are 40 questions and you have 60 minutes. […]

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