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Kauser is not happy with results of British Council Karachi


This is an email i got from one candidates who is based in UK. She gave her test in Karachi, British Council and sharing her experience.




I am wondering if you could spread the word about my experience with IELTS at British Council Karachi. I am a doctor and have worked and lived in UK and USA for over 10 years. I took IELTS at British council Karachi on 24 April 2014.

I had read very bad reviews of IELTS examiners in British council and how they give 6.5 to everyone.I wish I had paid more attention to that and gone to Australians.

I got 9 listening, 8 reading 6.5 writing  and 6.5 speaking.I was shocked-my English is very good-in fact the only language I can speak is English and a few words of Urdu.

I sent my exam to UK for remark-they have increased my writing from 6.5 to 7 and my speaking test has been increased almost 2 bands to 8.
Now what kind of person gives band 6 to someone in band 8 speaking.

I have made a complaint to British council UK -they are saying they have asked the regional center to investigate.

Please tell my story and warn them about how they are marking everyone 6.5 at British council Karachi.

I have left my story at some places online like Simon IELTS-but please spread it in Karachi-also tell people to always go for remark as they really are remarking properly.They increased my speaking almost 2 bands



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  1. Alam Alam says:

    Further explanation by Kausar…

    I needed 7 in each for registration.

    So after I sent for EOR and made a complaint with British council UK -thye asked me to send a complaint letter to British Council Karachi and see what they are saying.

    I needed my IELTS results fast so I appeared at British council Karachi again on 17 may 2014.They knew me then as I had already sent them a complaint letter saying British council UK told me to..

    I got the same speaking examiner-she said you are back again.

    I got 9 listening, 8.5 reading, 7.5 writing and 7 speaking.

    I think only reason I got higher marks was because they already knew I had made a complaint.

    Still she gave me 7 in speaking.

    I think if I had not made the compliant they would again have given me 6.5.

    Anyway the British Council UK is saying they have asked the regional center to investigate and to wait for their response.


  2. saad says:

    I scored the following scores on each module

    S 7
    R 7
    L 8
    W 6

    Last time I scored 7 in writing and I was pretty confident this time as well

    Should I go for revaluation as there is a band difference of 2 between listening and the writing module

  3. Saman says:

    My result is late due to some technical error n BC is not replying. I m so worried bcoz one month has been passed . Wht you suggest should i also complain BC uk. Can some one give me their email adress. I email at general enquiries but they didnot repply

  4. Tayyeba Siddiqa says:

    I took exam on 20th Jan 2018 and still waiting for result, I am only receiving notifications with stating extension of dates.. the latest date they are planning to update me about next date is 19th Feb 2018..Furthermore I had good experience at examination center except the inconvenience faced with photographer as there is not any defined rule/specification of photograph for hijab.

  5. MUHAMMAD Waseem says:

    I am Dr.waseem appeared today October 24, 2018 at Peshawar PC hotel IELTS speaking. The examiner my whole speaking section within 4_6 minutes.They asked question but doesn’ gave me time to spoke; even stoped me in section 2. I just got less than 60 second to spoke. The examiner was talking on her phone during my speaking interview section.
    So I am worried how she will marked my speaking section? I will do complain to British council if couldn’t get satisfactory score.

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