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Is it good to take ielts classes with group or individually?

Difference between group and individual study among IELTS candidates

advice for group studyOn daily basis i get calls from DHA , Clifton , PECHS , Gulshan , Nazimabad and other sounding areas of Karachi . Some of them ask for individual classes and some with group. I personally believe studying with group gives various advantages.

One of the benefit from group study is that many questions rise. in individual sessions there are not many questions but in a group many students are there specially competent candidates’ questions help a lot . Their questions tend to be more logical that could be based on many attempts they made in past. Most of students who get enrolled in my classes have already appeared minimum 3 times sometimes it increases to 7 attempts, i have one candidate who has made unsuccessful 27 attempts. So it is clear that if you prepare with them, you will build absolutely better understanding from their questions.

Secondly there is competition which pushes you ahead and you can ask them for help if they are good at some skills. Doing it alone becomes a bit boring for a student too when it is time to practice. But in a group candidates at the same level as you who understand situations which if you don’t understand, brings competition. This helps you practice more and clear situations and improve weak areas and increase band score in certain module. Sometimes, there are certain candidates who are efficient in reading , writing, listening or speaking so you may ask them questions to in a friendly way which can help you a lot. you can ask tiny questions , every time they come specially when teacher is not around.

After or before classes you can arrange practice sessions as well. Many groups in my center go for regular practice even after their IELTS preparatory classes finish. In fact, i found them getting more band than those who practice individually. They do many mock tests on daily basis, which improved their time management and familiarization with real exams from different angles specially in reading and listening. In writing they all would write and share with other mates to see if anybody can correct their essay before handing over to Instructor.

But the case with some students is different. i know personally some students who have studied individually and got their desired band that is because they are extra ordinary students. They had better understands in all modules and only required tiny help. If you think you are one of them then that’s fine.

Finally those who have appeared many times with unsuccessful attempts or never given exam before should go for an IELTS institute where group study classes are offered but remember to check they should be of good caliber not dull so that you can follow them too.

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