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Is English Important for IELTS

Is English Important for IELTS

englishTo appear for an IELTS examination, one must possess power over English Language.  A candidate with good English can score more in IELTS especially in Speaking and Writing module. If your grammar concepts are clear i.e. parts of speech, tenses, articles, pronunciation, vocabulary etc then automatically your speaking and writing will enhance.  Whereas, much grammar is not required in listening and reading module.

A candidate with a poor English language background cannot secure band like 7.5 or 8.0 in Speaking and Writing module. Using improper grammar will lead him to score a low band.

As it is said that English is not required in IELTS this would be wrong as grammar is important for a good conversation i.e. Speaking and if you speak well it is obvious your writing will be good as well.

I believe a candidate whose English grammar is weak and feels that he/she lacks in speaking conversation and writing skills must attend language classes before taking up IELTS classes because grammar is not taught in IELTS, whereas the IELTS instructor clears your concepts, gives tips and techniques to follow IELTS pattern.


By Cecilia Lobo

Writer is IELTS Instructor in IELTSExpert

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