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Improve writing bandscore

I am pleased to check all candidates’ writing for free.  Many IELTS candidates in Karachi and other cities wish to have somebody check their writing essays. It is because they can not evaluate and check mistakes. Only3 essays will be checked per candidate.improve writing

Before posting any essays write it first on piece of paper, proof read it and then finally type it and post it below.

Keep in mind four criteria that examiner checks. Firstly, Task Response(TR) responding the question well like not going away from actual topic. Write enough to convince the examiner to give your better score. Secondly, place all ideas in good order and link them well by linking words. Thirdly produce error free sentences and ideas wise as sometimes sentences with not complete ideas are produced for which candidates get less marks in grammar part. Lastly , vocabulary is very essential for band score above 6 or 6.5. So use advanced words at least 6-10 , you could do it like using “catastrophic” instead of “harmful”.



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