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Improve Lexical Resource

How to work on vocabulary in Writing module


lexicalI get immense questions by candidates like how to improve vocabulary. Some demand list of words , while, find other alternatives.

As response i would like to share what really can help you to get maximum in it. Obviously you can’t express your thoughts without words means whenever you have ideas words come themselves. In such way words look more natural and meaningful for examiner to give you better score. However , There are some individuals who just make a list of advanced words , unfortunately, they do not use them appropriately, as a result, their band score in writing decreases.

One possibility of becoming good in lexical resource is when you write any essay, check out all adjectives , nouns and verbs. If such words are beginner , practice replacing them with advanced words. Concern dictionary by checking exactly if meanings do not change.

Other idea would be to read as much as possible on topics which come in IELTS exam like technology, health, communication, education, media and transport. Find advanced words, make a list of them and use them on daily basis by writing essays. By doing so one will be friendly with words and use them frequently in examination.



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