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ietls speaking interview sample


IELTS speaking test sample

ieltsspeakingtestsampleIf you want to know what comes in IELTS speaking interview here is the answer. IELTS speaking consists of around 14 minutes interview which has three parts and around 20 questions. It is one to one interview between examiner and you. Below is a sample speaking test which contains three parts in details with questions.


Part one

What is your name?
Why do you want to give IELTS test?
Where do you come from?
Who is your best friend?
How long have you known him for?
What do you usually do together?
What is so special about him?

Part two

Describe a hobby you like doing in your free time.
You should say:

What hobby it is.
When you do it.
How long you have been doing it.

and explain why you like it.

Part three

What hobbies are popular in your country?
Have hobbies changed  today than  20 years back?
which hobbies normally people like to do in their leisure time?
Do you think men and women have the same hobbies or different?
Do hobbies describe one’s nature?
Can hobbies be adapted?
Will hobbies change in next fifty years?


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