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IELTS writing and speaking questions in recent exam 15 February 2014



15 February 2014 exam question

ielts exam question 15 feb 2014

Follow speaking and writing questions which came in 15 February 2014 exam from different countries.



15 February 2014 ( ACADEMIC)



People’s health will be lower in future then now.to what extend yo agree or disagree with this,Give example from your own knowledge.




Uniforms are compulsory in school. Give your opinion about children being given the freedom to choose what they ware in school



India, Saudia, Srilanka, Spain, Australia, Mongolia, Pakistan

Some people believe that success in life depends on hard work and determination, while others believe that other factors like money and personal appearance are important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


IELTS writing and speaking questions in recent exam 15 February 2014




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  1. Trinh says:

    Dear Sir Alam,
    Could you please help me valuate the essay below?
    Essay 1: The two pie charts below show how employment is divided in Tanzania and Ireland. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information.
    As shown in the two pie charts, workforce in both Tanzania and Ireland is splitted up into quite many sectors. At the first glance it is clear that while the main field infuencing the employment structure in Tanzania was agriculture, services attracted most of workers in Ireland in 1999.
    Agriculture accounted for 79 per cent of definite job in Tanzania, however this figure was much less important in Ireland, at 2 per cent. The largest number of paid jobs in Ireland was in services industry, approximately three quarters ( 71.1%), whereas employment at the same sector in Tanzania came second after agriculture despite the fact that this country had a significant tourist trade, at just over 14 per cent. Another significant proportion of employment in this developed country was in the manufaturing industry with over a fifth, however, interestingly, only a small minority, 6.2 per cent was employed in Tanzania.
    The proportions of those working in the construction industry were quite small in Tanzania and Ireland, 0.6 per cent and 4.1 per cent respectively. There was also some employment in the energy and water industries in Ireland, 1.3 per cent, however, this was not mentioned in the Tanzania data.
    Thank you so much !

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