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ielts writing and speaking exam questions on 19 july 2014

 ielts writing and speaking exam questions on 19 July 2014


ielts exam 19 july 2014







ielts writing exam held on 19 July 2014 # 1

Country : Pakistan, Georgia,
Date : 19 July 2014
Type : General Training

Task 1 : Letter

Write a letter to a taxi company tell him about you forgot important paper in taxi.

1. tell him about journey

2. why is this paper so important

3. what should manager do


Task 2: Essay

Some people are sending their children abroad for visit or education.

Discuss advantages and disadvantages


ielts writing exam held on 19 July 2014 # 2

Location : Karachi, Pakistan
Date : 19 July 2014
Type : Academic


Task2: Essay

Technology is making our life too complex today the solution is to live without using it.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Speaking que card came in recent exam 19 July 2014 # 1


Describe the time when yo were most busy in your life.

You should say:

when it waswhat you were busy inhow long you were busy

and explain how you managed it.


Please share you questions

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  1. Alam Alam says:

    Q. It is important for travellers and business people tounderstand the cultures they into contact with . However briefly, what are the main advantagesof doing this . What do you think is main diaadvantge of not foing so.
    This is the question

    The people who travel around the world get the opportunity to interact with different cultures. However, realizing the importance to understand the cultures bring a number of benefits as well as the problems for those who do not understand the importance of new culture.

    First of all, in my opinion , the quite obvious benefit is that the such people do not feel theirselves out of the place . For example by adapting and understanding the walking talking dressing style of local people the visitor feel themselves as a part of their culture. Secondly, by understanding the other’s culture a strong relation ship could be build up because the local people will realize that you are giving respect to their cultural value and as a result they give more love and respect. Likewise, by understanding the local culture the information of host country increases for the visitors For example , if business man understand the local people and their needs . The business man could enhance the business according to their needs and consequently affect positively on the personal income and economy of country.

    On the other hand , if the people do not accept the realty of understanding local cultures it will create the panic and misunderstanding between the people . The chance to get the benefit from other will become less. Moreover , they will not come to know about the what are the differences in their culture and others culture.

    In the conclusion , i must say that the human nature i quite flexible to understand the cultural differences . So , the people should take as mush advantages as they can by realizing the fact.

    Seema, Japan

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Seema,

      Your essay has following grammatical mistakes

      – themselves*
      – there should be comma before “, visitor feel”
      – do not need to use apostrophe with others*
      – could be built* up
      – use present simple tense or it could be made more formal by avoiding pronoun in it
      (that you are giving respect to their cultural value)
      “that their cultural values are respected”
      – full stop is needed before “For example”
      – businessmen* (need to be plural)
      – conditional sentence comma error “On the other hand , if the people do not accept the realty of understanding local cultures, it will create the panic and misunderstanding between the people”

      keep practicing….

  2. Irfan says:

    well this was writing module , I did my writing and reading as well as speaking module good but i was badly confused in listening module. i just remember that there were katie , she discussed about her degree .

  3. Alam Alam says:

    It is better to practice variety of task 1 and task 2 questions from recent exam questions and books or other online sources. Because most of times similar situations come in exam questions. So if you have practiced them well like used good vocabulary , grammar , cohesion/coherence and answered to the point , higher band will be awarded for sure.

    in 19 July 2014 exams task 1 question which came in most of the countries was similar to question which i normally make my students practice. So those who have practiced it , would get better band.

  4. Alam Alam says:

    It is observed that, by the passage of time the contribution in producing the wastage has been increased . Now, Everyone is supposed to be involved directly to raise this issue.

    First of all, in my opinion , the most obvious reason of such wastage is that the people have now started to depend on the ready made packet and canned foods. The most of the rubbish is come out from packaging of such foods. Consequently,the people produces as much garbage as much they consume we also need plastic bags to bring shopping at home. We forget that plastic bags are source of pollution and difficult to dispose of.

    Secondly, the new trend of soft and energy drinks have tremendously increased among the people. Boxes of drinks are available every where . So , the people prefer to get such drinks to get refresh because the convenience is also very important in modern life. As a result , a marvelous increase of bottles and canes in term of wastage have been noticed in few years. Moreover, the people do not attempt to recycle their waste .

    I think such situation could be controlled by the positive and prompt action of the government. However, the government should need to raise the awareness in the general public and educate the children at school about the side affect of such preserved food and how the use of such things are harmful for the environment . For example, the government could telecast the documentary and talk shows on the importance of healthy fresh foods and harmful affect of packet foods. Furthermore, the government should also encourage the recycle services . Such measures could really reduce the amount of rubbish we produce.

    In the conclusion, i must say that we can not ignore the convenience we get by the use of packets , bottles and bags but the poisonous and harmful affects and safety measures are much more need to realise.

    Seema, Japan

  5. Alam Alam says:

    Dear Ms Sarah,

    I am a student at your tuition centre, enrolled in the Business Management course. I regret to inform you that from now i will not be able to continue this course.

    As, i have informed you at the time of enrollment that i am engaged in my job on full time basis. Since , i have joined this course my performance and efficiency at work has been affected .As per the requirement of the course i need to study very hard . In the morning i do not have enough time that is why i started to study at night due to this many time i was not able to reach the office at time and also not able to concentrate on my work properly. Specially, this burden is affecting my health very badly .now it is hard for me to continue both things at the same time.

    I realize that it will be inconvenient to you but I will really appreciate if you could manage to refund my fee or give me a chance to continue this course at some other feasible time . Kindly consider one of the suggestion at your earliest and intimate me .

    I look forward to your prompt response .
    Yours sincerely,

  6. romeo says:

    I joined Ielts test on 19 July in Vietnam:

    Task 1: Describe a flowchart about generating old batteries and recycled.
    Task 2: Some people believe that the governments should have a healthy diet for citizens, others believe people need to be responsibility for their health and diet. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

    Describe a place that you traveled in the past.

  7. love says:

    Hi please correct your writing topic it was :-

    Some peaople are sending their children trip abroad for education vist.

    Give advantages and and disadvantages.

  8. love says:

    So it is trip to abroad i.e. to sendig children for educational trip like for month or week not going for study to abroad. Please rectify it.

  9. Nina says:

    I did Academic Module on 19th of July 2014.

    In the Writing part:

    Task 1 – I was given two plots of a museum, one from 1990 and the other from 2010. I had to analyse them and point out the main differences.

    Task 2 – Essay on whether the technology is making life too complex these days.

    Speaking part: Introduction, Talking about a ceremony I attended and discussion on wedding traditions in my country.

  10. Alam Alam says:

    IELTS Speaking interview 20 July 2014 Pakistan

    Talk about money that you saved.

    You should say:

    when you saved it
    where you saved it
    what you saved it for

    and explain how you saved it

    Do you think it is good to save money?
    Do you think it is good to save money?
    People in past used to save money or in present?
    How do you think one should save money for future?

    Shared by Ahmed, Gulshan , Karachi, Pakitan

  11. Alam Alam says:

    Sarosh Bhojany
    Jul 20th, 5:55pm
    Hello sir ALam today i had my speaking test and my topic was: “describe your favorite animal?”

  12. Alam Alam says:


    The Metro Taxi Company

    Transport Mananger


    Dear Sir,

    I write to state that I was travel in your company taxi from Karachi airport to my home gulshan 2nd taxi on 12th These travel documents very important to me. Because, I will leave this country next week without those document is impossible to travel abroad. Possibility is that if I not reach in time to my destination I can lose my job .It effects on my career.

    Kindly check taxi drivers on that night shift on the above date drop me from the airport to my home. You can check from the duty roster of day and ask them to find document and let me know on my phone number 0345-9865479. There is reward money from my side to the driver who returns my documents to me. It will be appreciated .Please do the need full.

    Thanking you

    Best Regards

    Muhammad Tariq

  13. Alam Alam says:

    Doha – 19th July, Cue Card
    Describe a comic actor who is popular in your country. You should say:
    – who this person is
    – how you know him/her
    – what kind of person he/she is * (or, how he/she is funny) *
    and explain why he/she is popular in your country.

  14. nara says:

    Hello! I ‘ve been enjoy watching this website. could you post 26/7 question?
    Thnak you

  15. marian.GreatBritain says:

    Hi Mr. Moderator….

    is there any possibility for you to know if someone here is coming from AZERBAIJAN? Thank you ever soooo much!

  16. imran says:

    In many countries recently young single people have been living far from their parent, from time they began studies or work and until they married. Do you think there are more advantages or disadvantages to this trend?

    Students and workers mobility is ever increasing trend. In current economic climate it has become more common to relocate, this is often due to local circumstance or the desire to gain higher education for their later careers. I believe it advantages outweigh its disadvantages.
    Perhaps, the major argument that is made in favor of this trend is financial. Typically, people travel for better financial prospects and opportunities available in other areas. For example it is often notice and identified that the unemployment rate in rural areas is much higher as compared to urban regions due weak trade and unstable infrastructure, which results in lack of employment opportunities for local residents. Therefore this clearly shows that individuals prefer to travel to different region to achieve financial stability.
    Another, principal argument that is made to support this trend is educational. The reason for this trend involves the recognition that young individuals travel due to lack of educational facilities available in their native town or country. For example many renowned and reputable educational institutions are situated in major cities all over the world, due to which each year millions of students travel to acquire higher education. A further point is that living and traveling to different regions provides the opportunity to learn and mix with other cultures and helps in understanding their customs better. Thus this shows that traveling not only helps us in acquiring higher education but also provides better understanding to different customs.
    To sum up, my views are on par with the idea that traveling not only brings financial stability to individuals but also helps in securing their future careers by gaining higher degree from a reputable institutions and undoubtedly this phenomenon is going to grow in future.

  17. Alam Alam says:



    Most of the people love to send their children abroad. There is big reason is behind it. We must should be to go in the past when after the downfall of Mughals empire. The British Empire takes over the sub-continent. That was the big change in our society. Sub-continent people got influence form the British culture. That was the time the people who have the ability to send their children abroad for education or visit.

    Most of our leaders are got education from abroad and till now we like those people who are educated from abroad. Even employer prefer them offer them good jobs on good salaries .Till now days this trend still we follows. Because of dual education system, politics, bad education policies.

    Forced people to think about that to send their children to abroad for education. This type of education having no direction. Just wastage of time. We are lacking behind because of our education system.

    People now that there is good future for their children they must got something better achieve from a develop society like value of time, leadership, discipline, self-confidence and responsibilities in life.as well as got new future their good jobs in abroad and in country also.

    The disadvantage are mostly some people lost their values and cultural things and very much difficult to adjust in the same society. And also got problems in to adjust in this corrupt society as [per the current situation they don’t want to return country.

    Tariq , Dubai

  18. Shafaq Aamir says:

    In today’s world, people are sending their children to abroad for studies and higher education for the betterment of their future. Moreover, children also get the chance to face challenges and meet different people around the globe.

    Quality education is the necessity to built good personality and for professional life. This is the main reason that parents are sending their children abroad for education. They get the opportunity to learn from the experience and qualified teachers. Personally I believer, children get more involved in studies and also get the exposure by meeting with older people from different countries. However, some students also face problems as they never lived alone before and in abroad, they have to manage things on their own. Moreover, language problem can also become uncertain issue for students. But, it can be contrive by spending some time and molding one self in that particular environment.

    Thus, if someone think that the education level in their country is not upto their mark, they must take a step to send their children to foreign countries for studies. As a result by having education from abroad, it can be found and noticeable change in personality. It wills also helps a lot to get a good job in companies.

  19. Kashif says:

    Some people are sending their children abroad for visit or education.

    Discuss advantages and disadvantages

    Answer: (I wrote the answer almost in the same manner and got 5.5. I want to file EOR for my writing exam. Please advise.)

    Nowadays sending children abroad on educational trip is considered as good than getting local education. Some parents think their children would get better educational opportunities abroad knowing the fact that it is a capital intensive task.

    Going abroad for educational trip has both advantages and disadvantages for children. People tend to send their children abroad for the sake of better education which they don’t get locally. They can learn and acquire new skills and get to know prevailing practices.

    Further, their children have more job opportunities when they return after foreign education or even in the case if stay in the same country.

    Getting education abroad broadens their vision and mental capability and make their children independent. They become more self confident and self reliant.

    Moreover, when children return after foreign education their professional skills and abilities are more brighter than children who get local education. For instance, in the case of foreign qualified doctors who earn their degrees from abroad have more professional approach than their counterparts.

    Further to above, when children return after foreign education then they can even impart their knowledge to children getting local education through schools, universities and colleges.

    However, there are some disadvantages of sending children abroad when they don’t prefer to return to home country but that doesn’t affect the over all scenario.

    Therefore, in my opinion, sending children abroad for education has more benefits/ advantages then disadvantages. We should encourage and motivate parents who want to send their children abroad for education.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kashif,

      You need to improve your “TR” and “CC”. Don’t need to go for rechecking…
      Improve these two areas and attempt again…

  20. Faisal 1 says:

    Q. Some people are sending their children abroad for visit or education.
    Discuss advantages and disadvantages
    Learning and life are like the railway track, it always runs in parallel and terminates when life ends. Interacting with different people and travelling give us more exposure and better understanding.

    Children might be exposed to certain things which have no acceptability in our culture, but these can be handled by counseling. Keeping in view the benefits of these things parents should send their child to learn more and gain global exposure, which will groom their personality.

    Parents who can afford the expenses, prefer to send children abroad for completion of their studies. This is not limited to the rich people, foreign countries also announce scholarships for the brilliant candidate to avail the same type of facility at limited or no cost. Due to the availability of advanced technology, latest equipment, with experienced trained staff these countries are attracting more students.
    Individual going abroad for studies have more advantage on student studying locally. It doesn’t mean local students are not brilliant enough, but due to the global exposure and understanding of different culture they have an edge on local students. They are not limited to learn from studies but they also learn to handle different type of situations independently. Personality plays a vital role in our day to day life, when you interact with more people your confidence level is increased. Handling different type of people, with exposure to multiple languages develop the ability of understanding people and create more confidence, and these things are very much helpful in professional life.

    There might be certain things which might disturb, during the time they spend abroad, and these things can be handled by self-confidence and by taking guideline from your parents by any trustworthy person. Living independent and far from relative is a difficult task but once you start accepting the things and focus on your goal, life becomes more easier.

    In my opinion, sending children abroad has many benefit and parents need to be encouraged for taking this bold decision. Because if they will sacrifices now, it will benefit them and their child for having a good future.

  21. Tauseef Ahmed Siddiqui says:

    Can you please confirm me the process of ILETS Test preparation from you.

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