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IELTS test center in karachi

IELTS test center in karachi


Let me guide you about IELTS exam centers in Karachi. There are only two centers in Karachi which are British Coucnil and AEO. Follow details for both test centers below


AEO karachi  AEO, Karachi, Pakistan

Address  : C-151, Block 2 Clifton, Karachi 75600
Contact   : (9221) 111-236-000, 5879645/6/7
Website  : www.aeo.com.pk

(AEO conducts speaking interviews in AEO office and other three modules (listening , reading and writing) in Beach Luxury hotel.)


british council karachi  British Council, Karachi

   Address   : PO Box 13811 Karachi
   Contact    : 0800-22000/ +92 (21) 111 425 425

   Website    : www.britishcouncil.org.pk

(British Council conducts all four modules in Regent plaza.)


There is a confusion in people that whether AEO is better in giving good band score or British Council. This is not true but AEO is more friendly in services than British Council.

British Council has been offering poor services for quite a while.  That is either because of shortage of staff or unprofessional. I personally tried to contact them for business but no relevant person answers instantly.  If tiny question is asked them , the lady on the phone normally replies that they would get back to us within 3 days. Similarly, there have been complains about almost every second candidate registering at The British Council. They don’t satisfactory reply once they register. No confirmation is given to them and normally it takes about 10 working days just for a registration. There are many other complains about Poor Staff of British Council.
On other side, AEO has got better business Than British Council. They provide instant registration by vising them in person or online. Their staff frequently updates candidates and show flexibility in speaking tests if one for some reason can not make on certain date. If you visit them for registration , it will literally take 10 minutes and registration confirmation will be in your hand. But this is not the case with British Council, you need to wait for 10 working days which is similar to test results.

I hope British Council improves its services by giving them more friendly registration.



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  1. A Adnan says:

    Not true, took test twice (Feb and March) recently and went for oh so fame aeo, their office is so far away which was very difficult for me to go being a female student. at office they are alright but very casual attitude. For test they asked us to come at 1130am and the test started at 0100pm. i reached early at 11 and there were long ques and again very casual attitudewas very stressed when test started. by the time i got writing exam i was really tired and exhausted. i was infiormed by a sticker on the desk that my speaking is immediately after exam. and i had to run to their clifton office from pc. the result i got was 6.5 and i needed 7. about the interview. i do not know how this is good service!

    I booked next test with british online. received instant email after online registration that my seat is confirmed for test on 14 march. this was sooooo simple and took me not more than 10 minutes compared with long travel and finding office at the corner of city. i was happy with this. 10 days before test i received details about my complete test. i was happy as i knew exactly when my test was. One thing was that they asked to come at 12pm. I reached regent plaza hotel at 1145 and there was a help desk at the gate which was really good and they told me about the process. the whole process was very professional. at the photograph que they had seats for waiting candidates which was respectful. the exam hall was nice with desks placed at a distance compared with congested exam hall at aeo. british do not give water bottle on desk but it is available in the hall so it was ok. and i did get my target of 7 band.
    Overall my experience with british was better as the environment was professional and respectful. others may have different experience but this is mine. I think for female candidates british is more better.

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