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IELTS task 1 graph – process

IELTS task 1 graph – process

Write your sample answer below it.

Process Chart ielts

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  1. ali says:

    The diagram illustrates different steps involved in the process of collecting weather forecast information and its broadcasting by Bureau of Meteorology in Australia.

    Overall, this procedure is divided in to three parts, reception of data, analyzing & interpretation and broadcast to general public. All these steps together constitues the process of making reliable forecast

    In regards to recieving information, data is collected from three different sources, satellites, radars and open sea drifting buoy. These sources collect information in the form of photos, screen images and charts. The details are then anlayzed and interpreted to yeild a forecast regarding weather.

    Finally, forecasting details are sent to main computer unit. From there the weather is broadcasted through three different sources ( television, radio and telephone) to general population

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