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ielts task 1 graph – line graph

IELTS task 1 graph – line graph

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Line Graph Chart

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  1. Momal Mishal says:

    The line graph illustrates variations in the quantity and 3 forms of junk ietms consumption among Australian Adolescent age group in between 1975-to-2000
    Overall, the graph represents increased rate of junk food (Hamburgers, Pizza) utilisation and decreased rate of eating chips and fish (carbohydrates & proteins) in early Adulthood age group of Australia from 1975-to-2000.
    The Line Graph Demonstrates a steady increase in hamburgers & pizza from 1975—–2000. And the variant decrease in fish and chips from about 1975–to–2000, but also slight rise demand for fish & chips in between 1980–1985, but dropped again among the years of 1985-to-1990.
    IN the Graph Green Line reveals, how the hamburgers became favourite food ietm among growing children in Australia from the period of 1975–to–2000, as a plateau form.
    Also the pizza demand showed by Blue line constantly increased and became a favorite one as the hamburgers was.
    Now, fish and chips’ as compared to hamburgers and pizzas became no longer choice of food from 1975 upto 1990 or above.
    Demand of fish & chips declined since 1975, but got sudden focus of interest over a period of 5years (1980—1985).
    Unfortunately again less required in between 1985- to-1990 and disappeared like no more longer.

    • Alam Alam says:

      it seems fine apart from repetition that you have made in introducing graph upto 3 times. To improve more in writing work on organization and order of details..

  2. Muhammad Azeem says:


    The Graph reveals variant junk food consumption in the 25 years (period 1975-2000) occurring in Australian pubescent age collection.


    Comprehensively, This figure showed the utilisation of fast food ( like pizza, Hamburgers, chips and Fish), because intake of Hamburger and Pizza constantly increased as well as fish and chips steadily decreased in the times of 1975 to 2000 among youngsters group of the Australian community.


    In the graph, the green line represents hamburger which demonstrated first 10 years from 1975-1985 devoured increase up to 80 percent in youngest and then it steadily goes upward in next 15 years and this food became most preference meal substances in growing youngsters in Australia.

    Pizza (blue line) is also represented same as like hamburger but from 1975 to 1995 slightly upward and intake percentage value up to 85. Afterwhile 5 year its move constantly straight. Generally, pizza ingestion increased commonly in this duration.

    At last (red line in the picture) Chips & Fish demand went downward as compare to pizza and hamburgers from 1975 to 1990. Two of this gradual digestion decreased in this era as alternate pizza and hamburgers which were got most popularity.

    Overall this graphical view providing us information about junk food intake in the period of 1975 to 2000 in Australian rising children’s society.

    Thanks a million.

  3. APRILIA says:

    give me a tutorial please

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