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IELTS task 1 graph – bar graph

IELTS task 1 graph – bar graph

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Bar Graph Chart

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  1. Saadat says:

    The above bar graph shows whether men or women are more eager in Britain for studying their higher education Full time / Part time in the above mentioned three periods

    lets take quick look in the early 70s where men are more eager to get their further education as FT student than PT, where as women are not much engaged for their further education in the same year, when we look at the year of early 80s a slight declining position for Full time education and a slight increase in Part time education for men, and for women comparatively early 80s is better than the previous year for FT and PT education. Similarly in the early 90s the bar graph for male further education has a slight change in PTE whereas FTE is still has the same ratio of progress, on the other hand women bar graph in the early 90s having a great and aggressive inclined as compare to men education.

  2. Momal Mishal says:

    The chart illustrates the rate of male and females for higher studies in England over a period of 30 years, either they do full-time or prt-time study .

    Overall, the male ratio increased in UK for highers as compared to females over a 30 year of period (1970-to-1990), but the level of attaining part -time education was almost equal “200” in both genders.

    Para; (figure detail)
    As the 30 year duration of seeking education in Britain in between men&women explained in 1970, male figure was leading in both cases full-time &part-time training in relation to females, that’s 100.
    And the decade of 1980; there was a slight decrease in no. of men in adequate time of studying but still gave competition to females in studies. While, in the case of 1990; there was dramatic increase in female ratio in contrast to male ratio, but the trend of part-time education remained almost equal

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