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IELTS has three speaking parts. Part one has interview and introduction and part two has speaking card on which you normally find a topic with clues to talk , finally part 3 is called two way discussion. Do not be scared of examiners, they are always polite and encouraging.

Speaking – Part one Examiners start with greetings, saying hello and introduce themselves, gradually they start interviewing why you have decided to give IELTS test so on and talks about general topic. Speaking – Part two

They give you a speaking card with a topic, it might be about a favourite teacher, journey, color, movie, game, place, book, hobby or it may be any general topic with no specialized knowledge. You are given one to two minutes to make your notes and be ready to speak. Here in this section , you are expected to speak fluently, show your continuity in speaking, lexical resources, complex structures, coherence, cohesion and variety of expressions. while speaking do not stop in any part, keep on speaking unless examiners stop you. Do not think or give examiners impressions that you are thinking or planning, it gives bad impression as well when students make sounds like hah…hmm…errr….

Speaking – Part three In final part of speaking, examiner and you interact each other, you are normally asked questions related to speaking card.they¬† Ask you in more detailed specific information to see how in dept you can answer or use your ability to answer structured, pronunciation and continuity wise.. Overall i would suggest all you to focus on your questions and be ready to answer instantly once you hear your questions from examiners. I hope all of you would score better…

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  2. KHAN says:

    hello sir i am preparing for ielts test and the date is 26may so plz help me through all possible ways i will wait for ur answer thanks

  3. mfk says:

    salam sir,
    do u have any correspondent in Lahore where i can prepare for IELTS ?
    if any then
    please refer them in your reply.

  4. i`am`preparing`for`ielts`exam`on`7th`sep.`pls`best`idea`for`achievment`of`8`band`

  5. Salman says:

    AOA, Sir, please forward detail for IELTS preparation and fee I am doing job and I could n’t reach at ur location before 8 PM please share class schedule commenced from June 1st week after 8 pm

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