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IELTS Speaking test in recent exam December 2013


Recent IELTS speaking test


recent ielts speaking testI am going to share a speaking test which one of my student gave in December 2013. He remembered most of it so i thought to publish it and IELTS candidates can get an idea and be confident for the IELTS pattern test pattern. Go trough 3 parts of the test which are there with detailed questions exactly from the examiner. The test took place in Karachi British Council and took 12 minutes.


Part 1

May i know your name?
Why do you want to give IELTS test?
Do you work or study?
What do you do to be relaxed in free time?
What hobbies bore you?
What do most of your friends do in their free time?

Part 2

Talk about any family business which you have.

You should say:

What business it is.
What it started it.
Who started it.
and explain how it is going.

Part 3

Is family business popular in your country?
What type of business do people have in their families?
What age people normally run family business?
What do you think would the trend be in next 20 years of family business?
How would you compare family business and individual business?



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