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What is in IELTS Speaking interview? 


ielts speaking testWhat is ielts speakign interview? how long is it? is it easy or difficult? how many parts does it have? many more questions like this remain in many candidates mind.  IELTS speaking interview which is of 11-14 minutes interview taken by examanier not computer based as TOEFL , is easy. Examiner is very polite and encourages you to speak more and more so that he can assess your conversation and presentation in depth.

Many candidates think that their answers should be limited and short which results in poor band. Speaking alot may show your all natural expressions which examiner can assess with asking you by further questions. If you give short answers , there would be more questions as asking more quetions simply means , examiner wants you to speak and speak. Some studnets have shared their experience that examiners encourage them by different gestures which does not mean examiner is cheating or doing something that he shouldn’t do. Such practices are carried to help you come up with more ideas and speaking .

There are about 20 questions in total but if you give extended answers to make answers long , there would be less questions for you. So it is advised not to stop your self , and keep speaking naturally and freely , examiner would stop you himself and ask you next question.

There is a major advice which helps you boost you band. Always rephrase questions and it would be much better if you do not even repeat quetions because examiner knows what the questions is so repeating it would not be impressive for examiners instead if you focus on answer. Second important point is when you answer questions, try to rephrase keywords to show competency to examiner as that is what examiner checks whether you make limited use or have good command over lexical resource which means vocubulary.


 IELTS speaking test has three parts 


Part One  ( Introduction/Interveiw)  : Examiner introduces and asks few questions to see whether you are the original candiate. Further you are asked general questions about your job,study,hobbies or any general interest topic.

Part Two  ( Que card ) :  In this part , examiner give you a Que card with a paper and pencil to make some notes. you are given one minute to prepare and then speak for two minutes. Once one minutes is over examiner would ask you to start speaking. However, you need to speak for two minutes, examiner may stop you before.

Part Three ( Two way discussion ) : This part carries complicated and complex questions in depth checking you skills in giving soluctions, developing arguements, describing something, camparing two things, disucssing advantages/disadvantages.


By Mohammad Alam


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