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IELTS speaking exam Que card topics in February 2014

IELTS speaking exam Que card topics in February 2014

ielts speaking topics in 2014 examsFollow Que cards which came in exams in February 2014 from different countries.





speaking Que card no 1

Describe a stranger you met recently.

You should say:

Who this stranger was.
Where he lived.
Where you met him/her.
and explain what was good or bad about him.

speaking Que card no 2

Describe a season you love so much.

You should say:

What season it is.
When it comes.
What do you do when it comes.
and explain why you like it so much.

speaking Que card no 3

Describe a website you browse .

You should say:

What website it is.
When you visited it first time.
How often you visit it.
and explain why you like it so much.

speaking Que card no 4

Describe a course you have done recently

You should say:

What subjects were there in it.
When you studied this course.
How long this course was.
and explain why you like this course.

speaking Que card no 5
describe a “subject” that most people ask you for information.

You should say:
– what subject is it?
– why people ask you for that?
– how do you feel when people ask you the information?

speaking Que card no 6

Describe a plan you made recently

You should say:
–  What is it.
– When you made it.
– Where it was.
and explain how  you carried out?

 speaking Que card no 7

Describe experience during your teenage?

You should say:

– What were the problems of being a teenager?
– How does society view teenagers?
– How different was your teenage from the teenagers today?

speaking Que card no 8

Describe any water side place you have visited.

You should say:- Where it was.-When you visited there.- Who you visited there.and explain what you liked about it.

speaking Que card no 9

Describe about important letter you received.

You should say:
– When you got it.
– Who sent it to you.
– what was the content in it.
and explain why it was important.

 speaking Que card no 10

Describe a particular website that you have visited the most / you like.

You should say:- Where/how did you come across it.
– What are the contents of the website.
–  How is it useful to you.
and explain what you like most about it.

 speaking Que card no 11

Describe something you bought but have not used very much.

You should say:

– What it is?
– When you bought it?
– Where you got it from?
and explain why you have not used it very much.

 speaking Que card no 12

Talk about an useful hand-made tool that you created.

You should say say:

– What was it?
– How did you do it?
– When you made it
and explain how useful it is in everyday life.

 speaking Que card no 13

Describe a favorite object of yours This object cannot be a phone or a computer.

You should say:
– What this object is.- When you bought it.- Where you bought it.and explain why you like it so much.





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