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IELTS speaking exam in karachi 8 January 2014

     Recent IELTS exam questions in Karachi

ieltsspeaking interview 8january2014These are the recent IELTS speaking interview questions in Karachi shared by IELTSExpert student on 8 January 2014. It is good to know what type of questions come in IELTS speaking exam but they should not be memorized.  Practice a lot all Que cards and speaking complete tests from this website which will make you used to questions type and also increase vocabulary range to increase your bandscore. For all questions in part 1 and 3 or Que card, practice by applying structures and vocabulary related to them.

Part 1: introduction and interview

  • May i know your name please?
  • Who have kept your name?
  • Why do you want to give IELTS test?
  • Do you use internet?
  • What do people use net mainly for in your country?
  • How long have you been using internet?

Part 2 : Que Card

Desrcribe a situation in which somebody helped you

You should say:

  • Who this person was.
  • Where did he/she help you
  • When did he/she help you.

and explain what help it was.

part 3: Two way discussion

  • In which situations do people help  one another these days?
  • What kind of help is common in your country?
  • Does religion lay impact on helping people who are in stress or worries?
  • Do you see any organizations or charities which gave any kind of help to needy people in your town or country?
  • Which organization have you foud very useful?
  • Have you ever helped somebody if i what way did you help?
  • Do you think people get peace of mind after helping others?



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  1. ali haroon says:

    i want to get new speaking test for prepare my final ielts test thnx

  2. It is becoming more and more difficult to escape the influence of media on our lives. Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of living in media rich society.

    In 21st century media it is print or electronic media that has grip the world attention toward their program and features .the certain segment of society believe that is upon the people to see media program . However I feel that it is inevitable to divert attention from television and computer technology.

    There are certain factors that enlighten the positive aspect of media broadcasting . firstly , media make people more intelligent with wide knowledge .This can be illustrated with the example of Pakistani media, in Pakistani channel there is wide variety of program weather it is a political debate show, career based shows ,drama and musical show . all these program influence in people life because through this program they can get some information about what going in political filed as well as source of recreational activities . Now a day people are constant viewer of Turkish drama and Kamran khan show which all show enthusiasm toward the media. Secondly medias are sources of awareness. On so many occasion media play significant role for polio campaign and removal of dengue virus .

    Another factor is that media encourage the talent and provide a platform for people to showcase their talent without any barrier. It also has a power to control corruption and human right violation as a result people will think twice before committing illegal acts.

    With the great significant impact it also has several unfavorable features. Privacy is greatly affect due to globalization and in-dependency of media especially famous star because if they commit anything wrong the media present them in large ways. Sometimes media are too judgmental and make their own opinion as a result judicial system are greatly relying on their coverage . On other occasion media add news with gossips. They show unfavorable event more repetitive that is why people and young children are tired and get depressed . Most of their guest on political debate show use unethical word which is not acceptable for society and viewers

    On the whole it is inevitable to stop media coverage or get rid form their influence because their positive stimulation are much more than negative ones .It is sources of awareness .information and education.

  3. Ashraf says:

    is it possible to get answer of the recent exam questions?

  4. MUBEEN AHMED says:

    Dear sir Alam,i want to succes in my life,how can i achieve?
    Please sir help me.

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