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IELTS Speaking CUE card

 IELTS Speaking Test has three parts, in first part examiner takes your interview and introduction goes on, in second part cue card is given with one minute note taking, once you are ready you need to speak for 1 to 2 minutes, lastly in part three examiner asks you questions related to cue card which is called Two Way Discussion.

Today we will learn how to plan and answer CUE CARD. It is a card given to you in second part of IELTS Speaking Test to check your variety of skills, in response, you have to answer well by planning and organizing your ideas.


Describe a place you have been to, which you find very interesting.

You should say:

1. Where is it?
2. How you felt about it?
3. Why do you think it was interesting?

Cue card can be categorized in two parts :

  • First part –  as an introduction of the topic
  • Second part – as a question.

You need to make two parts of questions yourself then. First part you have to see what questions can be answered shortly , normally beginning 2 questions and in second part see questions which can be stretched or expanded in detail, for example see last question in cue card above.

Once examiner gives you cue card with one minute to make your notes and be ready to speak  for 1 to 2 minutes. You should see what the main topic is, then make your own story or do not follow question order in cue card but make sure you answer all questions. Once you make your notes, start talking by answer first two or three questions which are short.

Once you give general story answering question make last main questions lengthy by stretching them. You can expand your ideas in detail with examples, explanation, evidence and further details.

Keep an eye contact with examiner and interact and use variety of structures, vocabulary and tenses. Do not think too much or stop unnecessarily, this will make examiner feel that you are struggling or translating and are not competent in conversation.

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