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IELTS recent writing and speaking exam questions 24 May 2014

IELTS recent writing and speaking exam questions 24 May 2014

ielts exam questions 24 may 2014  Find recent exam questions from 24 May 2014 exams all over the world. There are two reasons for sharing these questions. Candidates may get an idea what type questions come in real exam. Other reason is so that candidates may try to write answer.

All candidates are welcomed to write your answers and paste them in comment box below.




Speaking questions

IELTS 24 may 2014 speaking exam question # 1.

Describe a moment when you save money for special thing.

You should say:

  • when you saved this money.
  • What you saved it for.
  • How much you saved.

and explain how you felt saving this amount.

IELTS 24 may 2014 speaking exam question # 2.

IELTS 24 may 2014 speaking exam question # 3.

IELTS 24 may 2014 speaking exam question # 4.

IELTS 24 may 2014 speaking exam question # 5.



Writing questions

IELTS 24 may 2014 writing exam question # 1.

Task 2 :       Countries : Azerbaijan, UK

According to the American film editor John R. “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life” How important it is for individuals and countries to think about the future rather than focusing on the present?

Give your opinion.

IELTS 24 may 2014 writing exam question # 2.

Task 2       Countries : Thailand

Many negative attitudes in children make them leave school.

What are the causes of this?

What is the solution for this?

IELTS 24 may 2014 writing exam question # 3.

Task 2      Country : Canada

 Today world has some urgent problems and solving them is possible only by nations cooperation.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

IELTS 24 may 2014 writing exam question # 4.

Task 2          Country : India

Some say that due to heavy traffic governments need to build more roads in metropolitan cities, while others argue this isn’t the right solution.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give your reasons and examples.


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  1. Raana says:

    According to the American film editor John R. “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life” How important it is for individuals and countries to think about the future rather than focusing on the present?
    Give your opinion

    In today’s world, every individual and country has to focused on their future development and progress , whether it is on national or international level . Thus to achieve success in life one cannot forget the present circumstance , as it is true that our future is connected with our present activities we perform daily.

    However, when child born their parent’s will start thinking about their future in which academic institution he/she will be sent for education, as a child grown up parents and child it self thinking about their higher education for instance some children want to become Doctor , Engineer and accountant , as a result they start planning after they finished their o’level , the main reason behind is that due to competitive world it is difficult to get admission in good universities so children has to work hard in present life to achieve their target goal of future life. Mover over people are more worried about their future than present as a result they don’t enjoy their present life , as we have seen in under developed country people are more afraid of their future life, how they save their money for old age and retirement so they are more focused on the future rather than the present .
    On the other hand, under developed country is also conscious about their future , how to handle the problems Firstly, Over population is the biggest issue of third world country like Pakistan and India , therefore government has to take measures and to do five year planning to educate their people about birth control otherwise if they will not take a step now situation will be more disaster in next Ten years, to protect the future of the country. Secondary, Education and Health Care sector is another issue of under developing country , so it is the responsibility of the government to plan now to established more school , colleges and university to accommodate more children in future and provided more job opportunities , Moreover same case with health care to plan to open more hospitals and health care units will be beneficial for local citizen in future. Thirdly , the government should think about the infrastructure such as roads, bridges and HI ways, this will improve the transportation system as well as it improve the economy of the country.

    In Conclusion, I would say that present and future are inter connected with each other and we cannot be separated. Therefore it is responsibility of individual and country to act accordingly to achieve the future goal and success of life.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Raana,
      – After “have to/has to” use first form “focus”
      – ” when child born” in this phrase “is” is missing before child.
      – Most of paragraphs i see that you have not separated sentences. You have mixed them and information is not easily understood in such paragraphs. SO start using full stop after every sentence finishes.

  2. Raana says:

    Many negative attitudes in children make them leave school.
    What are the causes of this?
    What is the solution for this?

    Now a days, due to advance technology in every field, it effects the mind of young children’s especially school going children leads to many negative aspects on their personality. Thus we discuss some of the causes and solution to this issue in detail.

    However, today’s world children has easy accessible of all electronic gadgets like, I pad , I phone , Lab top and computers , where as world wide web has no limitation , so child can easily watch all unauthorized material which is not suitable for adolescence period. As we all knew that , adolescence period is the most sensitive age of any individual life where he/ she can not differentiate between good and bad and they can easily adopt nouns and habits which are not acceptable in our culture and society , as a result their mind will be diverted from studies and take part in other social activities like making new friends circle , specially boys and girls in teenager group and spend much time together, Furthermore some children do not belong to well off family’s , due to financial crises they have to support their family’s so they start working at early age and sharing additional money at home, as a result they don’t get time for study and they know if they will work full time they will earn more money than part time job so they leave their studies.

    On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the parents and teacher to guide them about the goods and bad evil of the society and make a successful member of the society and useful citizen of the country. Furthermore, parents should be aware of each and every activities of the children and guide them about their own cultural values, tradition , religious values and especially respect for elders to have a successful life in future. Thus we says that it is the responsibility of government to have rule and regulation on World wide web to protect our next generation from spoiling.
    In short, I would says that children learn by two ways by his/her own experience or by imitating their parents behavior. So it mean that children are innocent by nature therefore the responsibility of adult to teach them accordingly to became a health member of the society.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Raana,


      – sixth word should be “advanced”
      – no need to use apostrophe with children word simply “children” should be fine.
      – You should use “which” before “leads to”.
      – Rest introduction part is not bad.

      para 1
      – After child there should be “have” not “has”.
      – The appropriate word is “access to” not “accessible of”.
      – You have mixed all sentences by using comma. Use full stop where sentences finish to avoid confusion.

      para 2
      – use “them” before successful member
      – There is excessive wrong use of comma. Wherever sentence finishes, you need to use full stop to end it.

      – Use “say” not “says” in first sentence.
      – correction needed “it mean” should be “it means”

      You will get 6 band for this essay.
      Keep practicing.

  3. Raana says:

    Some say that due to heavy traffic governments need to build more roads in metropolitan cities, while others argue this isn’t the right solution.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Give your reasons and examples.

    Now a day’s, traffic jam or heavy traffic become a major problem in urban areas. According to experts, there are several reasons behind this cause for example, over population and immense shift of people from rural areas to urban areas. Therefore some people are in favor to improve the infrastructure of the country, whereas some people urge against it.

    However, in developing countries like USA, Canada and Australia where governments spend huge amount of money on the developments of roads, hi- ways and bridges from centuries . As a result, these countries have become economically, socially, politically and financially strong.
    Furthermore, government’s of such developed countries plan about their infrastructure in advance to develop any particular area. Moreover, they plan to control heavy traffic by construct separate roads for public transportation like buses and for heavy vehicles to avoid haphazard during perk hours. Thus,it is true that economy of any country depend on it’s infrastructure and help them to improve their import and export.

    On the other hand, as per under developed countries never keep significant amount of budget for the expansion of roads, bridges, flyover and hi ways. As a result economy get effected. Due to bad transportation facilities in rural and urban areas perishable items cannot reached to the market on time, so it effect the import and export of the country and unable to earn foreign currency. Furthermore, many people have been migrated from rural areas to urban areas for better standard of living for their family’s and better job opportunities. Therefore, area get crowded and congested due to over population. Thus, it is responsibility of government to build more roads in metropolitan cities for the progress and prosperity of the country.

    In short, I would say that government should do planning before they develop or built any area or city , so that citizen get all the basic necessities of life.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Raana,


      – the phrase “now a day’s” needs correction which should be “now a days”
      – The rest of introduction is not bad.

      – this part you have not followed introduction as it says “some people are in the favor while others are against”.


      – Whatever you write in introduction as thesis statement , follow that in the body part.

      Keep practicing…

  4. Imran says:

    Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work.
    How do you think children should spend their free time?

    In the modern world, young generation tend to have a lot of free time largely due to the lack of interest in physical sports. It is argued that how should kids spend their free time. This essay will propose alternate educational activities such as watching TV and educational games as feasible options for pass-time activities for kids.
    Firstly, these days there are heaps of programmes on TV that are both educational and entertaining, so parents are expected to have their kids watch these programmes during their free time as they would be able to gain some valuable knowledge from it. For instance, shows such as ‘Man vs Wild’, ‘I was Alive’ and Myth Busters are highly beneficial as the kids can learn about chemistry, nature, wildlife and more importantly survival techniques in a fun way. Thus, this clearly shows that watching good education programmes on TV can be beneficial as well as a fun activity for the children when they have some free time on their hands.
    Alternatively, children should be encouraged to play educational games during their spare time as most of the games these days are quiet challenging where a player is asked to complete a mission, solve some mystery or come up with a plan to free his allies. These games force the player to use their minds to the fullest and have highly positive impacts on the brain. For example, recent study performed in wellington on school children revealed that playing Nintendo WII regularly increased their brain power by 10%. Thus, this proves that playing educational games can be a good pass-time activity for kids as they will be able to utilise their brain as well as do something fun.
    To sum up, it is evident from the above arguments that there are far more advantageous pass-time activities for kids should be involved in other than school work. Thus, it is suggested that children are encouraged by their parents to engage in such activities.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Imran,

      – first line third person singular mistake “tends”
      – Second sentence as it is not indirect questions so it should be “It is argued that how kids should spend their free time”

      -“expected to” this phase is not appropriate in this situation.
      – the word “quiet” wrong here in the second para of the body.
      – The word increase in the second body para is in wrong form. Need to put first form “increase” as it is a fact not referring to past.
      First sentence after the word “activities….” is not clear message wise.

      – Use referencing like you have used words “children,kids” many times and not used pronoun “they” in some lines where needed.
      – avoid above highlighted mistakes.

      you will get 6.5 or 7.0 band for this essay if avoid such mistakes.

  5. LAK says:

    Being a celebrity – such as a famous file star or sports personality – brings problems as well as benefits.
    Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems.

    Today, many people desire to become a film star or a sport star giving thought only the advantages that go with it. However a celebrity or simply being famous has both the advantages as well as disadvantages.
    In actual fact, the advantages are prominent of being a famous person. One of the very obvious advantages of being famous is that fame generally brings with it tons of fortune. It can be shown in the fact that celebrities and other famous people are generally richer than the average. Another significant advantage is that celebrities are recognized everywhere they go. Further, many opportunities arise when people become famous. In addition, celebrities and famous people have lots of fans.
    Although the common perception is that celebrities and famous personalities have everything in life, the truth is that there are many downsides and disadvantages of being a celebrity. Famous people can’t do things that the average person dose. It is one of the biggest disadvantages of being a celebrity. For instance, sitting on the park bench and reading a book without being asked “Can I take a photo of you?”. Another major downside is that celebrities have lack or privacy. Every celebrity always tries to stay away from the paparazzi’s camera.
    Moreover, people constantly judge celebrities. Every action performed by celebrity and every word spoken to mass media is critically assessed. Another negative consequence of being a star is that their status can attract too many fake friends. From a celebrity’s perspective, it would become really hard to distinguish a genuine person who wants to be friends as opposed to many of the million fake .
    When weighing and considering the pros and cons of being a celebrity, I find that the disadvantages that a celebrity has to face are more than the advantage that he or she has to face.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear LAK,

      – Introduction seems fine.
      – first paragraph of the body has not one central idea. Information has not be organized. It does not have one central idea so lacking unity.

      – in second para of the body, you have repeated “famous people” which you could replace with “they” to show good referencing.
      – repetition of some words.

      Overall 6.0 band Essay

  6. LAK says:

    Some People think that the teenage years are the happiest times of most people’s lives. Others think that adult life brings more happiness, in spite of greater responsibilities.
    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Many people hold the opinion that the life they spent as a teenager is the most enjoyable time of their life. Others disagree, saying that even though there are responsibilities adults’ lives bring more content to their life.
    There are a number of reasons for thinking adulthood is the most joyful period of one’s life than the teenage years. The primary reason is that adults are independent. Unlike the teenagers depend on their parents, adults can get their own decisions and live in their own passion. Perhaps as significant as this is the fact those adults have money. Almost all adults earn money. Even though they struggle a lot in their teenage without having money or without getting permission from their parent to spend money, they can buy what they want and like using their own money. Equally significant reason is that adults have more experience and liberal vision. Therefore, they know what actually make them happy and how to overcome all unwanted issues to make their life happier regardless of their duties.
    Although some people think that adult life is most pleasures time, there are a variety of reasons to claim that teenage life is the most cheerful time of one’s life. The main reason why teenage life is very delight is that teens have enough spare time. Another connected reason is that they bear no obligations. Both of these reasons lead teenagers to have more freedom to enjoy their lives. In comparison, most of the adults have lack of time as they necessitate to work for earning money and they have so many things to take care of. Further, another prominent reason is that teenagers are healthier and stronger than adults. They have the physical fitness to do all sorts of adventures which brings a great deal of excitement to their lives.
    It is true that there are things which bring happiness to adults’ lives. However, when closely looking at the each phase of life, it is clear to me that time we spend as teenagers are the most memorable and upbeat time of our lives.

  7. Imran says:

    Hi Alam
    Could you please check my essay as well.
    Mine is posted above lak’s

  8. hatim says:

    Many negative attitudes in children make them leave school.

    What are the causes of this?

    What is the solution for this?

    Education is one of the primary aspect in shaping up an individual life. Developed countries usually distinguished them from the undeveloped ones through literacy rate and education. However it is also important to check and study the negative barometers that force students to leave school. We will divide our study between children of developed and undeveloped countries.

    In undeveloped countries there is a lot of perception among parents that education is not important for their children and from an early age they force them to start working. This thought is transmitted to their children which keeps them away from school. The other negative force which prompts students to leave school is the attitude of the teachers. They get very strict to them, beat them up. punish them and to somehow harass them. An other major problem with young blood leaving school is willingness to earn money at a very young age to fulfill their needs. In developed countries the causes are not different, however, over there the society plays a major role in the child upbringing and its the society which gives negative thoughts in their mind through media and other channels to leave school.

    The solution for the above problem is that the parents need to understand the importance of education and their should be programs in societies which tell parents or newly wed couple that how can they shape the future of their coming child by education. Secondly, we can also educate the teachers at school by calling other successful and experience mentors or teachers so that they can share their experience with those teachers. The government can also play its role by stopping children working anywhere during their school age so that they do not leave school for some money.
    Finally, its the role of everyone from parents to teachers to society too give positive feedback to the children and letting them know the benefits of going to school.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Hatim,


      – Do not use second form of “distinguished” as it would refer to past and you want to discuss fact.
      – Try to avoid pronoun “we”. Either use “I” or passive tense to avoid it even so that it could be more formal.
      – The rest introduction is fine.

      Body Para 1
      – Topic sentence for this paragraph is not clear.
      – “the other” and “an other” repetition of same words.
      – sentences have not been connected well with previous sentences logically.

      the rest essay with minor mistakes is fine.


      – Keep message clear in every paragraph by giving it topic sentence.
      – connect all sentences logically by using appropriate linking words.
      – improve following areas you will get about 6.5 or 7 band in exam.

      6 Band essay

  9. RABAIL says:

    Many negative attitudes in children make them leave school.
    What are the causes of this?
    What is the solution for this?

    Unfortunately, students with negative behaviors often pay for their mistakes. However, there are several causes which lead them toward worst cases.
    Nowadays, modern lifestyles are probably responsible for creating such misfits in our society. Children are using new technology vastly. Moreover, they are well-acquainted with the latest `gadgets`, which at large causing barriers to their education. For example, kids spending most of their time on playing games on XBOX etc., using smart phones and laptops for internet surfing rather than do their curriculum work. As a result, they pay less attention to their studies and get low grades in their classes.
    Moreover, media plays a violent role in our society, especially; children are largely affected by its bad influences. For instance, grownups like to watch movies, TV serials and cartoons which include criminal activities, gangster’s stories and negative aspects. By watching this, they start acting like them and later on attempting such crimes, which always cause hurdles to continue their studies.
    In addition, other factors include psychological issues which occur in children`s life. It is observed that, lack of luxuries and disputed family relationships often increases different kinds of complexes in an individual’s mind which do not promote him/her toward studies, as a result, student face difficulty in attending their school.
    For all above causes, I think the most obvious solution is children counseling. And to put this into practice schools and community officers should provide literature and special classes to children. These classes based on their growing age guide factors and briefly explained by specialists. Therefore, youngsters mange their life obstacles easily.
    To conclude, children are upcoming future of any society, so they should give a positive environment to develop their abilities, and for this parent would help them to overcome on their negative attitudes as well.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Rabail,

      – Do not give example or explanation in introduction part.
      – Introduction is to introduce topic and give your summarized statement in one or two lines which is then explained in the body part.

      Body Para 1

      – if you use “moreover” here it means this is a part of introduction. This is the body part where you need to explain what you introduced in the introduction part.


      – Keep the theme of the essay clear.
      – do not mix introduction with body part.
      – keep 3 to 4 general points in body and organize them well logically.

      Need to practice Rabail

  10. Imran says:

    Thanks Alam 🙂
    Could you please mark it as well when you get a chance.

  11. Imran says:

    Meeting someone for the first time through the internet is
    never a good idea.
    Do you agree?

    Nowadays, there is a growing trend among people to look for a potential partner or a friend on the internet. It is agreed that meeting a stranger for the first time through the internet can have serious consequences. This essay will examine some of the issues associated with this approach before drawing up a reasoned conclusion.

    Firstly, it is virtually impossible for someone to find out the identity of the person they are talking to online. There have been numerous incidents where people use fake identities and personalities to chat with people on the internet. Sometimes a guy poses as a girl or a girl who is unattractive uses fake photos to lure in the opposite sex. Take the example of what happened in Wellington, a middle aged woman posing as 20 year old, used photos of models to attract young boys. She then persuaded them to come to her house and when they did she blackmailed them into having physical relationship with her. Thus, this clearly shows the grave dangers that lurk in meeting a complete stranger through the cyber world.

    Another possible reason why this is not considered a good idea is due to the fact that it is hard to determine how serious the person on the other end is in the relationship. Some people whom you meet through the internet are just doing it for fun and are not exactly looking for a relationship. This can result in emotional traumas and broken hearts for some. Hence, this highlights yet another probable disadvantage of hooking up with someone through the internet.

    To sum up, it is evident from the above arguments that the meeting an unknown person through the internet is not an ideal thing to do and should be avoided.

  12. M.Haseeb says:

    According to American Film writer Johan R ‘Tomorrow is the most important thing in life’.How important is for Individuals and countries to think about their future rather focusing on the Present?
    Give your Opinion .

    It is very important for individuals as well as for countries to make their future brighter and stable but It does not mean that individuals and countries totally ignore the present,so on some extent I’m disagree with this statement.

    It is important for every one if he/she wants to compete with the world in this modern era ,then there should be basic resources available to achieve Targets so it is necessary to have resources in present that will help you to achieve your future goals For example If some one wants to do ACCA qualification which is very expensive with compare to other Accounting Qualification so one should have enough money in present to do it so if there is no money in present then how one can achieve its future study goal.

    Countries Like China,Australia ,Iran etc these all countries are now counted in top countries of world because they are now most modern countries in every field of life economically ,technologically etc they achieve this by working on their present they identify their strength in present and they had started work on that and now in future these countries have been enjoying their success

    Our Cricket team Pakistan’ if it wanted to be on the top of Cricket ranking then first they have to work on their present weakness like our team need improvement in batting and fielding specially their bowling is their strength so by identify Its strength and weaknesses in present and after working on it by hard work in present Pakistan team can become on top of the rank.
    In my opinion that will not be good strategy to only focus on future rather than present ,it is the present only which is Pillar for any one one ‘s future so if pillar is strong then it is due that building will be strong.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Haseeb,


      – Do not use “am” with “agree”.

      body para one

      – first sentence of the body you have used “one” and then he/she which is repetition.
      – There is no punctuation sign in this paragraph.

      body para two
      – in the first line you have repeated word “countries” three times.

      body para three
      – conditional sentence error
      – “by identifying” use gerund after by

      – Grammar mistakes
      – Repetition
      – long sentence structures
      – Punctuation

      Read as many good sample essays as possible

      overall 5.5 band for this essay

  13. Tam says:

    According to American Film writer Johan R ‘Tomorrow is the most important thing in life’. How important is for Individuals and countries to think about their future rather focusing on the Present?
    Give your Opinion .

    My essay:

    Life has a lot of important things to care about and according to John Wayne, it is tomorrow. I do not totally agree with his quote because we should not only focus on our future but present, for some reasons.

    Firstly, present is like a foundation on which future is built. If the former is not firm and well-planned, then the latter will get loose or cancelled. For example, for the purpose of overseas study admission or immigration in a foreign country, you plan to take an IELTS exam in the next month with high scores, you should start practising your English skills right now rather than setting up goals for future intention, i.e. what to do when you get IELTS high scores, travel to a foreign country or only hold a party? which states will you settle down if your application has been approved? etc.

    Secondly, thinking too much of future may make you ignore present. A daydreamer is a person who possesses this attribute. Some school girls often tend to be daydreamers. For instance, when dreaming to be famous singers or artists in the future, they easily get distracted in their study. Hence, their study results fall down.

    For countries, setting up strategic plans should also be based on current conditions. they cannot build a plan to invade a certain country while your country is facing civil wars, in deadlocks or in a shortage of weapons etc. Without tackling present situations, it may not achieve their future intention.

    My conclusion is that present is not less important than tomorrow because they are mutually related.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Tam,

      – DO not use “thing” word specify exactly what you mean to show more competency in lexical resource.

      6.5 band essay

  14. Haroon says:

    Many negative attitudes in children make them leave School. What are causes of it? What are solutions?

    Childhood age is sensitive and any negative attitude could ruin his / her career by being expelled from the School. Causes of negative attitudes and solutions are explained in following paragraphs.

    Causes of negative attitudes:

    1. The most important cause of negative attitude in child comes from relationship between parents that is any quarrels/disputes of day to day may affect the mind of child. The impact of it will replicate in child, he/she will not take interest in studies and remain absent minded. The behavior of student will definitely not be acceptable for teacher as well as fellow students.

    2. Sometimes relationship between parents is perfect but still child develop negative attitude because of negligence from parents specially father. If father is not living with family issue sometimes get worse. Without check and balance from parent’s side child may indulge in bad habits e.g. smoking, drinking etc. which ultimately have a negative impact on child’s image among fellows and school teachers. School will obviously not tolerate such attitude.

    3. Excessive checks and balances over activities of child also develop some negative attitude in children. Due to fear of parents a child may not prefer to discuss problems with his/her parents and sometimes such things result in child may get expelled from school.

    Solutions to Negative Attitudes:

    1. Parents must avoid unnecessary disputes/quarrels between each other on petty issues and try making their environment peaceful.

    2. They must develop friendship with their child and try to fulfill of his / her wishes that are justified. Child must be encouraged to discuss all the matters / issues with parents without fear of any punishment.

    3. Mother and father both are equally responsible for the future of their child. They must give enough time and attention to their child. Ask about daily activities of their child, what he / she did at school, assignments that are given by teacher, monitor result of their child, etc.

    4. Besides parent’s responsibilities, teacher is liable to play his / her role. Teacher must give full attention to each and every child, meet parents regularly and discuss with parents what are strengths and weaknesses of their child, what parents must do in this regard.

    To conclude with I must say that parents must put all of their efforts so that their child not to acquire / develop any negative habit or attitude which may have impact on child’s future.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Haroon,

      Do not give headings and numbers to paragraphs in essay.

      – Instead giving heading, mention it in topic sentence which is the proper way of letting readers know what you intend to discuss in each paragraph.
      – You may use coherence such has “firstly, secondly, thirdly, lastly,….etc” for numbers.

      Avoid above mistakes.

  15. m.haseeb says:

    hi sir,sir u havent give any coments on my essay?

    • Alam Alam says:

      Just improve given problems first…You may rewrite and paste it , further comments will be given. Reason for not doing so is to encourage you to improve weak areas.

  16. kiran karim says:

    According to the American film editor John R tomorrow is the most important thing in the life. How important it is for individuals and countries to think about the future, rather than focusing on the present.
    In my opinion, Future is really important for an individual person, it’s like a dream which come true, where actually you can achieve, what do you want , with a lot of scarifies and hard work. Firstly for future people in a family especially mum and dad, always think for their children, where actually they can save money, for emergency purposes and also give children a good food, clothes and also good education. In the world anywhere else they can go they can survive.
    Secondly what actually Asian people think about the government, they always want better government? Because they want their future to be save as well like western countries, where as citizen of a country you have a good life like a public transport. With good transport system, were you can live life, with your family happily.
    Thirdly, it totally depend on the people of every country, were actually they can see what people are nominated for president positions, and what they are doing for their country, and who is just sitting on a chair.
    In sum up as an individual or as a family with local government always tomorrow is a hope, where actually you can see yourself in a good and better position, where everything is achieve and you feel, after retirement there is a government who is thinking for people to provide them discounts on travel and also on health examinations.

  17. Raana says:

    Dear Sir, kindly check below Task 1 for writing. and advise your comments.

    You are planning a holiday in another country. Write a letter asking your friend to join you and explain
    – Why are you taking a holiday?
    – What is your holiday plan?
    – Why would you like him/her to come?

    Dear Adana,

    How are you? Hope you are fine. I am writing you now that, I am planning to visit Dubai this summer for two weeks. I would like to you to make a plan for a vocation during the same time.
    As I have mentioned you earlier that, I was very busy in one of the office assignment for last three months. Now the given task has been completed and my boss is very happy with my over all performance, so he granted me a leave with pay for two weeks. Therefore, I thought that I should avail the chance and have tripe to Dubai for pleasure.
    As we all know Dubai is a shopping paradise along with many re-creational activities held whole season for example musical shows, gymnastics, cultural shows and festivals. Mover over, I am very excited this time to have a ride of night Safari and how one can forget the night life at Dubai harbor which we miss in Karachi.
    I would love if you join me during the same time frame. We really had a great time together to explore many exciting places all over Dubai. It is true; we both enjoy each other company.

    Hope to hear form you soon.

    Best regards,


  18. Raana says:

    Writing task 1 (a letter)
    You recently met a manager of a new company started in your city. After the meeting, the manager wrote you a letter offering a job at this company. Write him back and say
    – How do you feel about the job?
    – Why can’t you accept it?
    – Provide a reference to your friend who might be interested
    Dear Sir,
    It was nice meeting you on that day. I am so pleased that you have offered me a position of manager in your company. But I am sorry to inform you that I am unable to join this company due to some personal reason.
    However, I was first very excited that I have got offered in such a big multinational company which any one can dream. I really feel honored that you have considered to me for this position out of fifty candidates. I would thank full to you that you select me for this position.
    As my mother live in another city, I got a call from my neighbor that she had fallen down yesterday from stairs and fractured her leg, as I am the only daughter and there is no other relative to look after her, so I decided to stay back and look after her. Doctor informed that she need a complete bed rest for a month until she will be able to take care of her self properly.
    I would like to refer one of my very close friends; she is looking for job these days. Her name is Amber Ahmed and very hard working, efficient and dedicated employee. She has done M.B.A last year from renowned university. If you would be interested to hire her, I will mail you her CV and you can call her for interview at your convince.

    Yours sincerely.


  19. Raana says:

    Writing task 1 (a letter)
    You want to book a conference hall at the hotel for a meeting with your colleagues. Write a letter to the hotel manager stating your requirements and say
    – How many days will be required for a meeting?
    – How many people will be there?
    – What other arrangements do you require?
    I am writing this letter to book a conference hall at your hotel. As our company have a annual meeting with foreign delegates from 3rd June to 6th of June-2014.

    However, I would like you to arrange reservation accordingly to void any confusion later stage. Moreover, there will be twenty to thirty people will be attending this conference meeting. Therefore, I would like you to have special arrangements, for example film projector, where we can show our guest our company sale structure and profit. Moreover we want around conference tables where we can seated our guest properly with a writing pad and pencil on each guest seat.
    As you know , that meeting will be held whole day from 9.30 am to 5.30 PM so we need the arrangement of refreshment twice a days first serving at 11.00 am with light snack with cup of coffee or tea than serve the lunches at 2.00 pm and at 4.00 pm sever the snack and a cup of tea or coffee as requested by Guest . This service will be repeated all three days of meeting.

    I am sure that your hotel will offer us the best service, which we are expecting.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Your Sincerely.


  20. reeta says:

    It is seemed to be that in growing children always want to do that through them they can enjoy, Nowadays due to invention of new technological equipment children are more attract towards odd activities and keep away them from studies. However there are many reasons for this and some possible solution.
    Firstly, easiest ways of communication make every one busy in gossips, today’s generation children want to have I pad, I phone, Mobiles, laptop and many more which are out of the ordinary to use in this age. For example not only elder but children keep mobile phone they prefer to us it every time, day night just because to text message, to do chat .play games that is total wastage of time, Children stick to mobile phone, Therefore they cannot give proper time to their studies.
    Secondly, Television has also negative impact on children studies, many cities around the world televise kids programs like dance show, master chief cooking programs and so on. Children are nurtured well by their parents to participate in these shows so that they will come on screen and win the prize as a result they keep away from studies.
    Lastly there is also financial issue many children cannot accomplish schools fee they do part time paid work to support family as well as can continue studies but atlas they prefer to full time work to prop up family than to continue studies
    However to minimize these negative effect of children, first parents should not always accomplish children desires instead of mobile phone, laptops should gift them electronic dictionary, magic painted books, accessories which create interest to study. In addition in Schools teachers should keep busy children not only studies but also extra activities in school like painting competition, annul function as children can study and learn extra tricks.
    In conclusion I believe that parents are first teachers of their children so they should always give consideration to children studied rather than busy them to watch T.V or use other equipments.



    The table shows the quantity of beer and fruit juice consumed per person per year in different countries some prefer beer or fruit juice.

    The beer used in ten countries but the highest quantity of beer is in Ireland 155 liters. In Germany its 119 liters then it decrease in Austria to 106 liters. In Belgium and Denmark are similar in liters beer decrease in five countries which are lowest in liters.

    The fruit juices in Canada is the highest quantity of liters but it seems from other countries is decreasing a while in liters like Germany Austria and Sweden they have a while difference in liters. In Finland, United Kingdom, Netherlands and New Zealand they are in lowest quantity of liters in fruit juices.

    In conclusion the used of beer per person is growing in countries the population prefer beer more then fruit juices.

  22. m.Haseeb says:


    Graph gives information about Australian teenagers who eat fast food like pizza,fish and hamburgers per year from 1975 to 2000.Graph shows different movements for pizza ,fish and hamburger, fish and chips consumption decreased dramatically where as pizza and hamburgers increased steadily and became stable from 1985 to 2000.
    consumption of fish was 100 times per year which is steadily reduce to 80 times in 1980 then again its raised up to near 96 times after that there was huge decline in fish consumption to 38 times where as with compare to pizza and hamburgers there was slow increase from o to 82 times from 1975 to 1985 after 1985 there was stability in consumption of these two types of fast food.
    It is noticed that fish and chips consumption decreased from 1975 to 2000 and there is steady increase in pizza and hamburgers till 1985 then there is constant usage of it

  23. reeta says:

    It seemed that there is both types of people one who believe to live in present rather than to think about future, while other who struggle in present to secure their future, However, I agreed with American film editor john R most of the people emphasis on future and destroy their present.

    I student life, young generation is ambitions about their future some dream to be doctor, some engineer, accountant and so on because of this work hard study day and night, not participate in other activities like sports even in family occasions as a result they abolish their present in the hope to be succeed in future.

    In addition to, elderly people always want to advance their business and go abroad in the search of good job as they can earn lot of money to secure good future for family and children. Moreover, their children can get best education in one of the best institute.

    Furthermore, there are many countries like America, England and Australia are top most in world because; they are success in every field like education, technology and most important economically perhaps they might be acquired all achievement to work in present without any sacrifice and also secure their future.

    In my opinion to be successful in future it is not necessary we discard what is happening today because there in no one what may happen in next moment of life.it is not erroneous to focus on future, both have mutually importance work as one can enjoy both smoothly so that we can live happily

  24. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    writing question 2 (task 2):
    Modern society has brought many changes to growing age generation and influencing educational attitudes of children in various ways causing major conflicts for making them leave school. Many reasons for dropouts can be taken under considerations.
    Firstly, parent-children communication in a cooperative way play a vital role in upgrading the educational skills but unfortunately many children lack interaction with parents as well as society. Then ultimately resulting in lack of self-esteem and poor learning attitude become the major reason of dropout from school. They carry limited understanding for seeking knowledge and children therefore on average had less social interaction. Secondly, the background has many influences on under development of education thus resulting in dropout. As community is unable to bring positive changes in the indwelling society. Illiteracy ratio is increasing day by day. They are not able to convey a good message for seeking education to the children as the whole society is involved in committing crimes and lots of bad activities so growing age of a child is being destroyed by evil doings at the end children don’t realize the importance of education and dropouts occur.
    Although, many other reasons exist but also health related issues affect the life of a child and thus major illnesses become evidence for long term leave from school. Lastly, raising financial issues has created room of space for children that they become involved in negative attitudes such as they consider gambling become the source of earning money to support their family creates lack of interest in educational learning thus keeping themselves busy in indulging such activities . In addition to that they acquire such behaviors and they act like thieves thus giving bad impression on other children too. Simultaneously all mentioned factors become the real reason behind not to attend schools.
    Thus many negative attitudes can be modified by certain rules and regulations. I think the most obvious solution for betterment of society to encourage the parents to have more and more interaction with their kids. For instance the training counselors should be available in every town for promoting importance of education also their motive should be home to home service for educating parents. Consequently, this improves the outcome of neglecting attitudes. A further step is to plan such strategies involving the support of Government and other source of funding for supplementation of such programs to make a clear concept of proper educational standards among the families. As a consequence every parent will focus on upbringing of children’s education and by doing this many children will acquire positive attitudes and thus follow instructions and avoid dropouts from school. And then such steps ultimately have proven to be better for children in reshaping their minds.
    In conclusion, i want to add opinion that strict parents teachers meetings should be prevailed in every school to make aware the parents about weak points of a child. This would be better strategy to rule out various negative attitudes of children.


    Task 1

    The bar graph shows the full time education and part time education of male and female from the year 1970 till 1990.

    Male full time education is increasing in the year 1970 will 1000 people but in 1970 part time education is decreasing and in 1980 full time education remain lowest from the year 1981 the population of part time education is increase full time education its similar from 1980 to 1990 it seems in the end of year 1991 part time education increase from the past year and the full time education its remain the highest in the year 1970.

    In female population of full time education remains till 700 people in the year of 1970 in 1971 part time education remain lowest from the year 1980 it increase to 800 people while the part time education is little higher in 1981 and in 1990 female population of full time education is above 1000 it cross the male full time education in the 1970 and part time education little while seen increase 1991.

    In conclusion female population of full time education is more then male full time education it seem female prefer full time education more then part time education and part time education remain similar from the year 1970 to 1990.


    Task 1

    The table shows the number of four countries transport in year of 2007 in UK and Italy mostly it similar but in USA it remains lower people are traveling from transport is mostly in UK.

    In UK rail transport is increased while in Italy it decreases little while other wise number of people using rail transport is similar in UK and Italy. In USA and Japan transport remain lowest and in UK number of people using rail system is 5.9 and in Italy is 5.5 but in USA it 0.3 Japan 27.

    Passenger kilometers per head of population in UK and Italy are similar but in USA is lowest while in Japan it increases against UK and in Italy and UK passengers population is 770 while in Italy is 780 and in USA its 80 Japan 1,980. Italy increase but it decrease in UK but UK and Italy they are similar Japan passenger per head of population is highest and in between UK and Italy there are difference in numbers USA remain down in population.

    Cargo carried billions of tons in UK is 22.2 and in Italy is 21.9 in USA 2,820 and in Japan 23.01 it seem UK and Italy are similar there have difference in points USA have the maximum in cargo carried and Japan remain higher between UK and Italy.


    Task 2

    Many negative attitude in children make them leave school
    what are the causes of this
    what is the solution for this

    Children are leaving their school because they are not motivated with studies and the behavior of teacher the way they teach children are getting afraid of their stickiness.

    In some school the way of teaching and the behavior of teachers that may cause the children eduction because nowadays teacher are being so stick with their rules of studies they did not motivated they just focusing on studies in school if they do some activity of studies which they can learn some thing new children like to learn new things.

    However children are aware of school just because of media they play the main role by showing what happening in some school teacher are hitting students because of this children get afraid of school there is more solution in school that can motivate children like they can arrange some sports activity this can encourage children to learn in school other wise children are so aware of studies because they do some out side activity like playing cricket watching TV and using computer beside of studies some are working on TV serial they are not focusing on their studies school help to improve them by doing activity like stage shows they might help children to join the school.

    In school the way of teaching is not good they only earn money even the principle in some school helping the student by giving them tuition they get the easy way to get good grade school are only fulfilling their class room in which they did not have any technology system like computer or physical activity children always need a activity that can fresh their mind from studies parents can play the big role for their children education they have to find good school where they can get good knowledge and they been active in school.

    in conclusion there are so many good school in which they do some carrier activity which help them in future children get motivated with studies if their are some curriculum activity.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Junaid,

      Improve following areas

      – There is a lot of repetition.
      – Punctuation is not applied.
      – Grammatical errors.

      I would recommend you to write long essays so that you can get 5.5 as you need that at least in writing.

  28. Amber says:

    Many negative attitudes in children make them leave school. What are the causes of this? What is the solution for this?

    Nowadays, the behaviour of children are changing because of negative aspect. They think they can do anything without education. However, they are not focusing on education just wasting their time with friends, in games and whatever happening surrounding them they just focusing on it.
    Firstly, if there is any famous institution. They cannot go for further studies. We are in era where the technology is vast. Most of the work is done by new technology. For example, In our country mostly people belongs to low society for further higher studies they don’t have enough amount because of lack of money they mentally get disturbed. The result, is they remain uneducated and they start smoking which effect on their health as well.
    Lack of education, staying depressed their positive attitude becomes negative. In low society mostly the bad habbits are adopt frequently specially in friend circle. For example, They spend most of their time with friends, playing games and whatever happening surrounding them they adopt it. In result, there is no respect for elder’s and youngster’s.
    Unfortunately, day by day the crime factor is increasing because of negative attitude. For example, children are getting more into crime because of jobless and the reason behind it is lack of education.This is also show that our country educational institutions is not on world top list.
    To conclude, I personally think goverment should focus on children education give them support for their better future because good seed makes a good crop.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Ambreen,


      – Do not use continuous tense for facts. like “they are not focusing on education just wasting their time with friends”
      – avoid repetition “focusing”

      Body para 1
      – First sentence is not complete and you have used full stop.
      – You produced short and incomplete sentences and also some grammatical errors including third person singular “effect”.


      – Improve grammatical mistakes
      – produce effective sentences

      5.5 band

  29. Qestion: Television is dangerous because it destroys family life and any sense of community instead of visiting people or talking with our family we use just watch television.

    Do you agree or disagree?

    My Answer:

    In 21th century the medium of communciaction hold a significant place in our life. it is evident to stay away from television certain segemnt of society pinpoint hte television has imblanced our personal andsocail life. however i feeltelevsion has positive impact on our life.

    Certai people beleve that televsion has negative consequences sometimes society adopts foreing culture because there is no barriers on watchingprogram. For example, In pakistan people love to watch Turksih and Indian dramas. Children education is also affacted becasue sometimes they get so much involved in dramas and cartoons that their studies suffer alot.

    In modern world it has far reaching impact for several reasons. Frirtly ,it is a source of education. in fact, in Pakistan there are a lot of chanels which assist the yougsters to overcome their academic and profession related problems . This can be illustrated with example that i am a constant viewwer of career online which is education based program that helps me in my professional career .Secondly, it is a source of recreational activites because now a days people are so busy in thier work so whenever there is a award program and cricket people invite their freinds and relatives to watch the program together.

    Another factor is that television makes people more mature and sensible . For example, there political debate shows , which make people politically matur. Because watching such programs , they have a clear picture of politician so that they can use their vote in a correct way.

    There are other factors that destroy the social life such as people people busy in their work. Social media is another prime factors that destroy the family bounding because people prefere to chat trough Facebook rather then meeting personally.

    On the whole, television is a viatal source of informationand education. It is unimaginable to stay away with such electronic box because it fulfills our entertainment aspects.

    Saleem Sabzali, Garden West , Karachi

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Saleem, i have corrected some part of your essay.

      Need to work in grammar, singular plurals and specially third person singular.

      Keep practicing….

  30. yusep says:

    Thanks very much for the model answers guys…. it helps me a lot

  31. yusep says:

    Thanks guys…. it helps me a lot…

  32. m.haseeb says:

    sir kindly give comments on my graph

  33. Taha says:

    sir , please see my essay writing and comments for improvements/mention about mistakes done by me.thanks

    TOPIC: Research indicates that the characteristic we are born with have a much more influence on our personality and development, than any experiences we may have in our life.
    Which do you consider to be the major influence.
    Give reason for your answer and include any relevant example from your knowledge & experience.

    Analysis reveals that the distinctive/peculiar we came into the world along a lot of effect/domination at our individuality and progression/maturity than not specified understanding we might have in our continuance.
    concern the personality and development influenced by the inherited characteristic of human or experience have seen one of the major issue now a days.
    The pattern of the characteristic with child born this assumption/claim that every body got certain characteristic from their forefathers.
    it is proved by research that some genes carrying from our parents that explore/analyses the decency, behavior and dignity of our character which is completely differ from others,( example as cloning )further as in child hood life is differ from adult and mature life.in child hood , no responsibility, don’t know about which is harming and which one is better.always busy in playing and some time do harmful activities but no body can judge/say that it will remain same in his future life.
    As child grow up he face lot of experiences, he/she comes into contact with different type of people and experience makes his personality changes.as a result he/she will follow to better side and runaway from bad sides.Human have a ability to learn mistakes and adopt themselves in the situation by using their ideas/thoughts.
    Life experiences usually leads us to do lot of adjustment to our characteristics which play a big role in our character.
    In conclusion nature and experience both are equally important in making process of human personality.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Taha,

      – First sentence is not clear.
      – get* certain characteristics (use present for facts not past as you used “got”)

      – There plenty structural mistakes, you need to improve them specially present simple.


      You should produce error free sentences to show continuity and effective in your sentences.

      5.O or 5.5 essay

  34. Syed Hashim Raza says:

    Describe a moment when you save money for special thing.

    You should say:

    when you saved this money.
    What you saved it for.
    How much you saved.
    and explain how you felt saving this amount.

    Saving is a great habit for one’s life and its really good when you badly need it and if you want to do something good for somebody or for your loved ones. I saved money when I was only 12 years old. I was a school going kid that time and used to get only Rs. 5 for my pocket money on daily basis. It’s nearly difficult to save money if you really want to buy something good for your loved ones that to a good and bit expensive gift. However, I made up my mind to save whatsoever, and buy a good and useful gift for my lovely mother. In this regard, I started saving my pocket money which I used to get it on daily basis. I spent only Rs. 2 for my daily necessities and rest of the amount I saved. Similarly, when a time came which was a “Mother’s Day”, I purchased a a nice bracelet for my mother. By the time I started saving till the purchasing date I piled up around Rs. 6000/- which helped me out to purchased a nice bracelet for my lovely mother.

    It was a moment which I can’t describe as she was not expecting such an a great surprise from my end. I felt it great and decided to make the practice for saving as its a nice habit.

  35. bobby says:

    Some experts believe that is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.
    Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantage?
    Learning a second language is indeed an arduous task. However man has capability to subjugate this difficult assignment with highly adept way. The learning process, as for as foreign language is concern, drop dramatically with the passage of time.

    Children at primary schools have great potential power to overcome the novel words with great proficiency and more pragmatic way. They are often very smart and always eager to learn unprecedented things that delegate to them.

    In contrast to secondary class students, a burden of other compulsory subjects like science, mathematics and social studies, make it hard to retrieve their road to success in learning other languages. They always strive to seek new vocabulary and finally they loose their concentration on all the subjects.

    In my opinion, it is an obligatory to learn a new language in an early age as much as possible. In my country, for instant, the children belong to cities acquire the English language as the second language from their early childhood perform well as compare to countryside’s students who are introduced to alphabets in the sixth standard later in their lives.
    Learning an alien language is highly depended on the environment and the vicinity of the learner. As secondary school student has manifold his chances to digress from his way because he always in more contact with the native public rather than only his teachers and the parents. While primary school children merely in connection to general public giving them an opportunity to learn well.

    It is clear that small children have sharp memory due to fast processing power and some of them have precociousness in their mental approach to cope with auxiliary assignments. With the passage of time, the learning process get slower and slower but mind becomes more intellectual and logical to learn the things rather spontaneously learning.

  36. Patel says:

    Que:- Do you agree or Disagree with the following statement?
    Dancing plays an important role in culture. Use specific reason and examples to support you answer.

    Dance is the art and gift of great god also one of the ancient means of communication. Every country has their own cultural dance and music also it has a unique importance and characteristics. I tend to think that in same manner and support to the question. My preferences are explained further with proper reasons to support my inclination.

    The first and foremost reason is that in old time, people perform special rituals to make go away bad spirits and ask to god to give good health and high spirits. In addition to that they made a group which had performed the traditional dances and dramas in villages. It is must admitted that dance makes life happy and stressful also its works as a medicine to sad peoples.

    There are some persuasive arguments in favor of traditional and cultural dance. Firstly, different country has its own style of dance which has combination of body parts movements this shows one type of communication with smile, expression of face, posture etc. It is indeed true that dance give relaxation and exercise to our body with helps to mind.

    However, some people behave and counter argue that today dance is not reflecting the honesty of cultural and tradition its show just makes fun. But the points which I have elaborate in preceding paragraph is overweight the later one.

    Hence, In the light of above discussion and concluded that dance has a great power to live the tradition of cultural also I belive , there are innumerable benefits in this and no doubt is will go long.

  37. Patel says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have taken IELTS exam on 16th august so please check my essay wheather to be correct for 7 Band.

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Kashif says:

    Some say that due to heavy traffic governments need to build more roads in metropolitan cities, while others argue this is not the right solution.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Give your reasons and examples.

    (Kindly rate my essay in terms of band score)

    Experts have always been divided over the debate whether to build new roads in metropolitan cities or not in order to prevent from heavy traffic problem. Even, people or residents of cities also found themselves confused regarding the need of building new roads to overcome the issue of ever increasing traffic. It is disagreed that building new roads in metropolitan cities can ever solve the problem of heavy traffic. Here, we will analyze this issue and try to come up with a reasoned conclusion.

    First of all, building new roads for the sake of handling increased traffic is not the permanent and viable solution in long run. Eventually cities will run out of space if the governments will keep on building new roads. For example, in a city like Karachi government has already built new roads to to cater the need of heavy traffic problems, but due to absence of alternative means of transportation traffic jams still happen. Such problems can be avoided by creating alternative means of commuting or travelling like circular railway, rapid transit system. Therefore, we can say that building of new roads is not workable before government should look towards other means of transportation.

    Secondly, developing new road network is a capital intensive measure and involves a lot of cost. Government can spend the same capital to build alternative projects of commuting for citizens. For instance, building mass transit system which could better facilitate the people in commuting around the city. Such projects will also help in reducing the pollution from environment which will otherwise increase in result of building new roads encouraging more traffic on the roads.

    In a summarized way, building new roads in cities is not a viable solution and will deteriorate the environment rather than decreasing traffic flows. In this way, it becomes evident that traffic problems can not be eliminated by building new roads in metropolitan cities. Therefore, from the above analysis we can draw out a conclusion that by developing new roads in metropolitan cities in order to fix the heavy traffic problems governments will never achieve the right solution.

  39. Sunil says:

    Question:-Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work.
    How do you think children should spend their free time?
    Today one of the most controversially issue is related to children leisure time, that how children should spend this free time, mostly children have boycotted to the physical games, and because of this the got
    Too much free time in their life, therefore I am going to examine about the activity as an option for them to do in their free time.
    Firstly, children can watch educational T.V programs, where they can learn through the fun way, as we all know that there are so many programs is available on various channel and beside this educational cd’s is a alternative option of this programs, furthermore they can do indoor educational game with their elders,
    These kinds of game will help them to growth their mind, as per the research of world health organization
    This type of game could help in the growth of their mind ten per sent more faster than the normal growth, that is why parents should encourage to their children to watch education programs and play educational game as well instead of spend their all to do school work.
    Secondly, children can also thin about some outdoor activities, in which they have interest as an additional option, for instance, a children have deep longing in computer course then he/she can go for computer classes, similarly we have many option is available like music, boxing, swimming etc., where they can learn different thinks in their leisure time and at the same time they will meet with new children, which make their social like more effective which very essential for their growth, in addition they can do spend their free time with their elders where they can grap knowledge about how to survive and utilize their time more effectively.
    In short, I do believe that children should do that kind of activity which help to children in growth of their
    Physic and mind, thus they can enjoy their free time more correctly, and parents should encourage their children for that.

  40. where can I get an explanation of the questions above? besides scroll through the comment feature

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