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IELTS reading short answer questions tips

IELTS reading short answer questions tips

ielts short answer questionsIn IELTS reading questions, short answer questions require words between 1 to 3 which you need to follow by reading instructions, given above the questions. Sometimes answer is of two words it could even be one word.

To answer short answer questions in IELTS reading you need to pick exactly the same words that are given in the passages, not your own words.  However,  answers may require grammatical change like changing from noun to verb or adjective or adding article, it could also could be change from singular to plural.

In the short answer questions, answers do not come in question order, they may be anywhere. Look for them be using scanning technique, try to know what sort of word you need, is it a name, number, idea , verb , noun or adjective etc.

Read the following five steps to help you answer short answer questions

Step  1 : Read the instructions to see how many words should your answer be maximum.

Step 2 : Go through all questions , get main idea that what type information you need to answer questions.

Step  3  : Read the questions carefully and underline keywords

Step 4: Identify keywords in the passage which are similar to keywords in the questions.

Step 5 : Once you locate the keywords in the passage, match them with the question if they match, road around them carefully to see which are the right words that can answer your question.

Practice makes perfect 

Reading above steps will not clear you concepts unless you practice real short answer questions. To avail short answer exercises , simply google “IELTS reading short answer questions practice”, you will find many. Keep practicing to have good command on such questions.

 By Mohammad Alam


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    Thank you so much. I had problems in short answer questions but after reading this post i have cleared my concepts.

  2. Kamil Akbar says:

    Keywords concept really helped me solve short answer questions. thanks alot for the post…

  3. Sumaya says:

    Thanks for such a helpful post. Can you write some tips for True/False/Not given please?

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    very informative post… thank you sir

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    i used tips in this post really helped me amazaingly….. thanks

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