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IELTS Reading Gap-fill summary tips


ielts reading gap fill tips

IELTS Reading Gap-fill summary  tips

What is IELTS  Gap fill summary ?

  IELTS reading gap fill questions are in the form of paragraph summary , sentence completion or notes completion where you find gaps that need to be filled  with appropriate words from the passages. Summary which is in a paragraph shape, may be taken from the entire passage or part of the passage. You need to find out which type it is so that you do not waste time reading the whole if its only one part of the passage.

There are three types of gap-fill questions with different approaches to answer them:

Notes completion

These questions are in notes form, some of them are complete and the ones with questions have gaps which need to be filled.

How to answer: You have to read passage in the way to complete notes that somebody have made.

Sentence completion

They are in sentences form which are taken from the passage.

How to answer:Read the text in order to complete sentences. Find out where exactly these sentences are located by scanning the keyword related to question. Once keyword of each gap is located, read the complete sentence and fill the gap in the sentence with appropriate word.

Summery completion

It is in paragraph shape which has many sentences in it. Every sentence summarizes some part of the passage or taken from different parts of the passage.

How to answer:you need to find out whether the summary paragraph which you have to fill is of few paragraphs or the whole passage. If it is from few paragraphs , mark them , read them by locating keywords before each gap and find answers which should be next to keywords.

IELTS reading test has two types summery gap fill questions.

  • Type A: With a given list of words or phrases to choose to fill in the gaps.
  • Type B: You fill the gaps with words or phrases from the reading passage, no given list.

Skills required for gap fill type questions

To fill gaps, you need scanning skills which means to locate question keywords  in the passage. Fill in the gaps become the easiest if you have scanning skills. Finding keywords in the paragraph which match questions, help fill in the gaps. Once keywords are located in the passage, read around them ,like looking for answers which can be found before or after them then read the question again and make perfect match.

Note : If you find summary questions in any passage , consider answering them first as they help you in other questions. By doing summaries first, you come to know main idea of each paragraph and this way it helps you find relevant information for the other questions. So this can save time which you can use for other questions in further passages.


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