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IELTS reading band 7 tips – part 2

 IELTS reading band 7 tips – part 2


ieltsreadingband7lessonpart2In last lesson we practiced basic concepts in which individuals can identify areas where answers can be found and confirm if they are correct. This lesson saves time and help you find answers of tricky questions.



 6. Shorten area for set of questions

Almost all passages include questions in sets for example , when you read any passage questions you see some are in headings  and in yes/no/not given , others are in short answer questions etc. All type of questions are between 4-6 questions and their answers come in sequence. To find their answers you should see where the first question answer is and then locate the area for the last question, once you find answers for both questions , answers for the rest of questions will lie between these two questions. This technique saves your time and energy. This tip could be used for all types of questions except headings.

 7. Focus on changes in sentence order

IELTS reading test applies different type of questions which makes it  difficult for candidates to answer them. One of them is not placing answer in order, text in the passage comes in reverse order , sometimes question may be in reverse order. What one should do is pick main idea which can not break the focus to and can find answers which come in any order. It is challenging for ones who are not used to reading and are basic readers but of course not for those who are regular readers.

8. Types of key words

Answering maximum number of answers in IELTS reading exam depends on your excellent command on vocabulary which works as keywords. They vary in real test , sometimes, they are exactly the same, a bit different or completely different but meaning is somehow same.

see examples of three types blow

type 1  : Question key word :  increases          Keyword in the passage :    increases

You can notice in the first type that keywords are exactly the same in the question and passage so it becomes easy to identify them in the passage.

type 2 :  Question keyword  :  falls                       Keyword in the passage :  drops

In the second type keywords are similar but still it requires less efforts to identify them in the passage.

type 3 :  Question keyword  :  benefits              Keyword in the passage :   good things about

The difficult keywords are type three which requires more efforts and attention to identify them.


9.  Guess and do not leave any answers blank

There are no negative marking for wrong answers. This means you can put possible guesses and they may come true. So do not leave any answer blank.

If you run out of time and have no choice andu get questions like True/False/Not given, you should either answer all with “TRUE” or “FALSE”. If you do so , at least three answers would be correct.

Remember not to do this when you have much time.


10.  types of questions

These are basic 8 types of questions which come in IELTS reading exam. Some of candidates are not used most of them which requires some practice to get used to. Once you practice up to 5 tests, your natural skills will come out through which you can answer most of the questions. Later find questions types which you think are difficult , practice them well specially if still you you have problems , take help from teachers.

8 types of questions in IELTS reading module

*  Matching headings                 *   Multiple choice questions                                           *   Short answer questions
*  True/False questions            *  Sentence/notes  completion questions                  *   Classification questions
*  Gap-fill questions                    *  Table/chart/diagram completion questions


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    Picnic essay
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